Marcos buried at Libingan


FORMER strongman Ferdinand Marcos was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani at noon on Friday in surprise but carefully planned rites befitting an ex-president, three decades after his ouster and subsequent death in exile.

FINAL WISH Members of the family of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, led by former first lady Imelda Marcos (in black), watch as military officers salute at the coffin containing the remains of the late former president. It was the supposedly the final wish of Marcos, who fell from power in 1986 and died in exile in Hawaii in 1989. AFP PHOTO

FINAL WISH Members of the family of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, led by former first lady Imelda Marcos (in black), watch as military officers salute at the coffin containing the remains of the late former president. It was the supposedly the final wish of Marcos, who fell from power in 1986 and died in exile in Hawaii in 1989. AFP PHOTO

Protests erupted in campuses and across Metro Manila and major cities hours after the burial at the military-owned “heroes’ cemetery,” which was attended by about a hundred mourners led by former first lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

Members of the media were barred from entering the Taguig City cemetery at the request of the Marcoses to keep the burial a “confidential” affair, a military spokesman said.

But Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos let social media in to what she described as a “simple, private and solemn burial,” posting videos and photos of the event on her Facebook page within minutes after the wooden coffin containing the remains of her late father was lowered to an underground chamber.

Flown by helicopter
A military helicopter, escorted by two choppers, brought Marcos’ remains to the Libingan past 11 a.m. from his hometown of Batac, Ilocos Norte, where they had been preserved and put on public display after being flown home from Hawaii in 1993.

The pine casket was brought by honor guards to a black hearse, then transferred to a caisson for a funeral procession to the gravesite just beside those of three other former presidents – Elpidio Quirino, Carlos Garcia and Diosdado Macapagal.

Artillery fire was heard at exactly 12 noon as officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) provided the former president and World War 2 veteran military honors during the rites that lasted for about an hour.

“Upon arrival there [of the remains]the last rites were heard, led by our chief chaplain, and appropriate final honors were rendered, which included a 21-gun salute,” AFP spokesman Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla told reporters in a news conference at Villamor Air Base, near the cemetery.

The casket was lowered as the last taps were sounded, which Padilla said was a final salute to any soldier laid to rest. The flag flew half-mast.

Marcos’ 87-year-old widow Imelda, a member of Congress, received the folded Philippine flag that draped the coffin from acting AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Glorioso Miranda, accompanied by other military generals who served as ceremonial pallbearers.

The area of entombment, which had a “simple marble finish,” was sealed, and the mourners left behind a flame lit from a cauldron, Padilla said.

Marcos’ tombstone read: “Ferdinand E. Marcos, 1917-1989, Filipino.”

Security was very tight in and out of the Libingan, with 2,000 military and police forces barring “unauthorized people” from entering the cemetery and desecrating the Marcos grave.

Short notice

Marcos loyalist Cherry Cobbarubias said details of the interment were withheld to prevent a violent a clash between anti- and pro-Marcos groups.

The police and military were informed of the burial at 5 p.m. on Thursday. The military however is capable of providing a funeral service on short notice, officials said.

Work on the late strongman’s final resting place was completed weeks ago, the military said, even before the Supreme Court’s order to temporarily suspend the burial and eventual decision last November 8 to allow it to proceed.

The Marcos burial at Libingan came 27 years after his death in Honolulu, Hawaii on September 28, 1989.

President Rodrigo Duterte, during the election campaign, vowed to overturn his predecessors’ decision not to allow Marcos to be interred at the Libingan. He ordered the military to proceed with the burial last July 11.

Duterte’s verbal order was questioned by victims of Marcos’ Martial Law regime and militant groups before the Supreme Court, which ruled 9-5 in favor of the Marcoses.

Court spokesman Theodore Te said there was nothing to prevent the burial as the petitions against it were dismissed and the status quo ante order was lifted last November 8.

“The legal status is that there is no order that stops the act at the moment,” Te said.

At Villamor Air Base, Marcos’ eldest child Gov. Imee Marcos, accompanied by siblings former senator Ferdinand Jr. and Irene, read a short statement thanking the President and the Supreme Court. They did not take questions.

Governor Marcos apologized to their supporters who were unable to get into the Libingan.

“At last our beloved father Ferdinand Edralin Marcos’s final instruction to be buried alongside his fellow soldiers was carried out today,” she said.

President Duterte, who was in Lima, Peru for a summit of Pacific rim leaders, urged anti-Marcos protestors to forgive the late strongman.

“Well, it seems to be a very raucous issue for the nation but I would like to pray that everybody would find a space in his heart for forgiveness,” he said in a video message.



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  1. Dear Marcos Family,

    I may not agree with the burial| I fully don’ t like it: BUT my family and I are of full support for BongBong Marcos. If in case he will still run for a government post in the future| we will be voting for him.

    I have a chance to view one of Marcos’ grandson: Borgy in a few Fashion Events in Makati and BGC| He is fully polite and proper. I didn’ t see anything wrong with the Marcos Apo and I am even thankful that I got some pictures on Magazine/ s + Newspaper/ s in the same page where Borgy Manotoc was at FABRIC Fashion Events. I think the young Marcoses are and can be decent, far from their OLDs.

    I am giving the Young Marcos Family a Chance to give a good change to our nation.

  2. To the family of our late beloved President FERDINAND E.MARCOS, his excellency the President and you the family need not apologise for anything, much more to the thugs that lead the protest. The President did what he had to do for our country, saved us from the tentacles of communism. The likes of The Aquino Cojuangco clan, should they had succeeded would have placed our country on its knees. We should realise the truth now, we have sampled the rule of the two idiot and incompetent Presidents Cory ang Boba and Abnoy the retard. I for one can leave these world knowing that President Marcos has finally achieved his just wish. He is rightfully laid to rest where he belongs. In righfull hearts and loving people you will never never die. And finally to all you yellow loving turds…ISANG MALAKING PASULOT!!! HAHAHAHA

  3. Death is something that will happen to all us eventually. Whether we are funeralized in a specific place or not will not change the status of the departed.For the family, the ceremony is necessary to bring about closure. I think that this something that all of us want for our family members and even for ourselves. Amen.

  4. The students are fools, easily misled by the “yellow” professors. The fact is that the Martial Law period is remembered by many as a time of relative peace and the absence of crime. Many Filipinos liked Marcos and Imelda and did not see them as the self serving thieves they are made out to be. Duterte has revealed the true character of the “yellows’ as the thieves they have been all the while they condemned Marcos of the same crime.

  5. 4DSakeOfDCountry on

    Look at how the YELLOWS ARE USING THESE YOUNG STUDENTS to become ACTIVISTS, they weren’t even born during the Martial Law era and obviously are being used by THE YELLOWS, OLIGARCH’S, DRUG PROTECTORS, CORRUPTS, AQUINO’S-COJUANCO’S….

    Shame on these UNIVERSITIES DEAN/PROFESSORS, what are they teaching their students? Or they gave these students some reprimands to become ACTIVISTS?

    Same style during EDSA, they paid/brainwashed Students/People using CHURCH, PROPAGANDA, MONEY, PROMISES that went down the dirt.

  6. God has passed his judgment to finally bury the remains of the former president. The Anti Marcos should get over their anger and hatred and move on with their lives. It is God’s will that prevailed and no man should question that will.

  7. This was a good burial without all of the political noise that has been going on. May the man rest in peace. May the country put this chapter of our history to peace.

  8. It was funny to see these old activists yesterday on tv. Nakatulog sa pancitan. Hay naku… tapos na ang relevance nyo. The only thing you can do is tie up with losers like Leni and Kiko. Nagsisigaw pa ng people power. E wala pa yatang 50 ang nasa EDSA at nag uwian din after 8pm.

  9. The burial of the late president Ferdinand Marcos is over. What remains now is the lust for money and power of the oligarchs, drug lords and yellows. They are now using the burial as an excuse to organize rallies with the hidden agenda of ousting President Duterte so that they can resume their interrupted acts of stealing the people blind and burying the Philippines in drugs and EJK. I pity the young and impressionable students that they are using for their selfish purposes.

    • Very true, hey are testing the waters, but they will fail this time…..the AFP/PNP will no longer allow themselves to be used again… and again…. and the people will rise any attempt again just like in Yurkey….

  10. Maribel A. Calanda on

    LNMB is the the resting place befitting a president who was also a soldier, who fought for the Filipinos during World War II. Although Ramos is a soldier, his actions were not that of a soldier that fought for our motherland. He is terribly responsible for the abuses of the Philippine Constabulary or PC, Hence his actions can be considered as the abusive torture and disappearance of his fellow Filipinos. He was the implementor of martial law. Hence, the abuses should be directed at him and not to the former president. Finally, my dear president Marcos, the millions of Filipinos who are your supporters are happy to see you finally laid to rest. To the Yellowtards, we can see how dense you are. You brought the matter before the SC and when they rejected your petition, you acted like little children, crying and throwing tantrums. Little yellowtards, grow up.

    • Ignacio Balbutin on

      FM has done more good to the filipinos in the time of martial law. I can still remember that before martial law Philippines was just like a wild, wild west. Gangs were killing each other in the streets of Manila everyday, politicians has their own armies and they always engaged in shootings even in public places but when martial law was announced suddenly there was peace everywhere. Gang leaders were put in prison, the first victim of martial law was the chinese drug lord who was executed by friing squad. Peace and prosperity reign over the country.. We became militarily and economically the most powerful in asia second only to Japan. We became the center of learning in Asia. Those were truly the nappy moments for the filipinos. I travelled around asia at that time and they look up to us. It was a pride to to be called a filipino then