• Marcos camp claims early ‘win’ in fraud case


    The Marcos camp declared an early victory in its cybercrime case against Smartmatic after the Manila Prosecutor’s Office did not allow the election software and hardware provider to conduct a clarificatory presentation in the continuation of it’s preliminary investigation.

    Deputy City Prosecutor Rector Macapagal on Thursday turned down the request of Smartmatic led by Valenzuelan Marlon Garcia, head of technical team, and instead ordered him to answer one by one the 37 questions raised by the camp of former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

    “This is a victory for us because the prosecutor did not give in to their delaying tactics. The main argument here is if indeed Garcia touched the server without the consent of the Commission on Elections en banc which he admitted when the 37 questions were read to him by the prosecutor,” Vic Rodriguez, lawyer for Marcos, told reporters, referring to the Comelec.

    Garcia admitted the existence of “meet me rooms” where servers were placed.

    The Marcos camp earlier revealed the existence of a “fourth server” or the “queue server,” which had been kept secret from the public by the Comelec and Smartmatic.

    Rodriguez pointed out that instead of being transmitted directly to the three servers, namely the Municipal Board of Canvassing server, the Comelec server and the transparency server, the results of the May 9 elections were instead coursed through the “queue server.”

    But when Information Technology expert Ethan Angeles, on questioning by the panel, defined what the Queue Server was as being a system where all data are consolidated and processed, Garcia immediately denied that there was a server, which had such function, in the automated elections system or AES.

    Rodriguez said the admission on the existence of several other servers in the AES validated their earlier contention that Smartmatic was not forthright in the system it employed during the elections, putting the integrity of the polls under a cloud of doubt.

    Charged for violation of Section 4(a) of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 or Republic Act 10175 were Garcia, Elie Moreno, an Israeli and Project Director; Neil Banigued and Mauricio Herrera, both members of the Technical Support Team; and Comelec IT experts led by Rouie Peñalba, Nelson Herrera and Frances Mae Gonzalez, who are all assigned at the Information Technology Department.


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    1. Just1patriot on

      When you lose the big one, mini victory satisfies the poor loser. Keep wasting political capital BBM. Return the Marcos plunder loot first to the Filipinos, then healing can start. Macoy’s burial to Libingan will deepen the wound your family inflicted on the country.

      • amado dumaguin on

        so shameful that you delved on other issues when the only issue is electoral sabotage…

      • Regino veridiano on

        You are out of topic!!! The subject is about electoral fraud or cheating, NOT plunder. Show us any Court Records stating that Marcos was convicted of plunder in a Court of Law, instead of speculating and acting like a Circus fortune teller!!!

    2. This is a clear conspiracy of the Comelec, Smartmatic, PPCRV and the LPs!…Shame on these organizations!…Comelec Chairman Andress Bautista should be the first to resign and to be followed by his commissioners. Magkano ba ang komisyon?

    3. thank you oh Lord for keeping the election in the philippines sacred you give the way and lighten all the people concern . . .

    4. Elmer Parica on

      There are so many expert Engineers in the Philippines better than Marlon Garcia and his Valenzuelan Mafia. Why the comelec computerization was not awarded to a Filipino Company? Money talks.

      • Ma/04/05/2016 on

        Consider that the fall guys will play bargain so to pinpoint the tinkering sources then the petitioner lawyers would enter a marathon legal confrontation which if there is an ending the verdict would be inutile. A morale victory notwithstanding that there were smokes but no cigars found.

    5. Marlon Garcia holding the monkey business and 100% paid by admnistration of millions by doing illegal technical cheating in action.

    6. With all the many evidences of cheating reported by INC members and many others, where pre-shaded ballots were fed into the Voting Counting Machine in a separate building in Lucena City, Quezon ,that is unlawful and in gross violation of election rules and laws.It shld be the person casting the vote to feed his voting card into the VCM , not anyone else.Many noted bribing of many Filipinos led by LP during the May 9 election including prohibiting many Filipinos to cast their votes in Mindanao .

      • Pusong Pinoy on

        Actually, yung ‘cheating reported by INC members sa Basilan turned out to be a fabricated lie. Kasi according to INC directory, isa lang ang INC church in the whole Lamitan City, sabi naman ng INC member 3 daw sa isang baranggay, thus, a lie.

        Yun pre-shaded ballots naman, fabricated lie din. Kasi ni isa, walang nag-reklamo during the election na he/she voted for this candidate pero ang receipt, ibang name ang pinakita.

        Dami talagang fabricated stories.

      • base sa INC directory – 2 po ang locale sa lamitan city. Sa weekends 2 po ang pagsamba on each locale. Meaning po, marami ang members kc hindi maaccomodate sa isang pagsamba lang.

    7. Should include Comelec as their accomplice since they could not of accessed and inputted a script without Comelec’s password.