• Marcos camp to scrutinize VP count


    THE camp of Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Sunday said it will not be a hindrance to speedy canvass of votes and immediate proclamation of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as the new President.

    “Filipinos have spoken. Their choice of Mayor Duterte is clear and unequivocal. Respect for this mandate is of primary importance,” George Garcia, head of Marcos’ legal team, said.

    Garcia, however, added that their camp will closely guard the counting of votes for Vice President, the post being contested by Marcos.

    “We vow to scrutinize each and every COC [certificate of canvass]for Vice President and highlight the impossibility of the partial unofficial result,” he said in a statement.

    The Senate and House of Representatives will on Tuesday convene as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) to count votes in the presidential and vice presidential races.

    Garcia said their vigilance is not meant to delay the canvassing but an exercise of a right and their solemn obligation to the millions who supported Marcos and those whose votes were not counted and were disenfranchised.

    He added that they also plan to run to the Supreme Court if there are scenarios that will come out during the official canvassing.

    “Any legal issue without precedent yet, we will surely elevate to the High Court for guidance and for the protection of our rights,” Garcia said.

    He added that they may ask the NBOC to defer the proclamation of the Vice President until all legal issues are resolved.

    Marcos’ camp earlier asked the Commission on Elections to conduct an audit because of the introduction of a new computer script on the evening of May 9, 2016 into the Comelec’s transparency server where election watchdogs are getting data for their quick count.

    The introduction of the new script, Marcos’ camp said, is suspect because it may have altered results of the polls.

    It was later discovered that the change was done by technology provider Smartmatic’s project head Marlon Garcia without asking permission from the Comelec.

    Sen. Juan Edgardo Angara said the official canvassing of votes for President and Vice President will put an end to all issues regarding the May 9 elections.

    Angara, a member of the Senate’s nine-man panel at the NBOC, said there are processes in place to address concerns that will be raised by candidates during the canvassing.

    The other members of the Senate panel are Teofisto Guingona 3rd and Loren Legarda.

    The Senate majority leader and the minority leader are automatically part of the panel but since Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano ran for Vice President, he is barred from being part of the NBOC.

    Angara said Cayetano will be replaced by Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, who is the president of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) while Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th will be an alternative member.

    But even if the NBOC is yet to officially start counting the votes, Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo’s camp asserted that she is the presumptive Vice President because her lead in unofficial counts is unassailable.

    Robredo’s lead counsel Romulo Macalintal said in a statement issued on Sunday that the Comelec website “reports that the nationwide certificates of canvass [COC] from all provinces and highly urbanized cities showed that vice-presidential candidate Representative Leni Robredo garnered 14,322,666 votes while Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos was credited with 13,963,767 votes or a difference of 358,899.”

    While Marcos won 188,959 votes from Overseas and Local Absentee Voters and Detainee voters against Robredo’s 92,669, deducting his lead of 92,669 votes from Robredo’s 358,899 vote-lead from the nationwide results still gives Robredo “a very comfortable margin of victory” of 262,609 vote lead according to her camp.

    “As of this writing, the results from the Municipality of Rizal, Laguna were not yet reported with a total registered voters of only 11,615 votes which will not materially affect said 262,609 vote lead of Robredo,” Macalintal said.

    He added that the results reflected in all copies of COC received by Robredo’s legal team tallied with those shown in the Comelec website, with a slight variance in three areas, which failed to transmit three secured date (SD) cards but which the poll body properly accounted for during the senatorial canvass.

    “Thus, on the basis of said results, Ms. Robredo is the “presumptive Vice President-elect” in the same manner that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is referred to now as the “presumptive President” on the basis of the results from the same Comelec website although not yet officially canvassed by Congress as the National Board of Canvassers for President and Vice President,” Macalintal said.


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    1. kashin banks on

      Mahirap sa tao ang kapiraso ang utak.congress woman pa naman. Kahit ang comelec cHindi pa sya dinedeklarang winner nag celebrate na . what a shame !!!!

    2. Walang ibang kandidato sa national level ang nagsabi na nadaya siya! (Isang sore loser lang).

      Si binay ba nagsabi na nadaya siya? HINDI.
      Si Poe? HINDI.
      Si Roxas? HINDI.
      Si Santiago? HINDI.

      Si Cayetano? HINDI.
      Si Escudero? HINDI.
      Si Robredo? HINDI.
      Si Trillanes? HINDI.
      Si Honasan? HINDI.

      Bakit? Kasi alam nilang lahat na naging MALINIS at TAPAT ang eleksiyon.

      boingboing marcos lang ang nanggugulo at sa media pa nag-iingay. WALA naman evidence na maiharap sa Comelec! marcos tigilan mo na ang pagwasak sa Pinas!

    3. matino na pinoy on

      Mr. Garcia, what legal issues that could possibly occur during the COC? All your bitches and complaints cannot be classified as legal issues because they do not have merits. Your whole dumb ass team cannot even explain how cheating could have possibly happen during the transmission and counting of votes. As of now, you cannot even tell the difference between your ass and your mouth, and most of the time, your team is confused, and not making any sense. You cannot make something out of nothing, and this means that you must prove that cheating has occurred, instead pointing your finger everywhere that makes you look like another stupid lawyer.

    4. This is not about Leni and BBM one winning the election but rather the sanctity of the people’s will. It’s no secret that Pres Aquino had been voicing out his anti-BBM feeling from the very start. BBM surge of popularity on pre-election surveys made Aquino worried to the point that something has to be done hence the notorious PLAN B!. BBM did not create this plan B but told to him by one of the Aquino insiders. And in fact if one uses his/her Intelligence one could easily detect the unusual numbers coming out of the VP results. Aquino used billions of pesos bribing the senators to impeach CJ Corona. If he could do it once before, he could do it again more so against the guy he hates all his life. Bribing using peoples’ money is easy for him. Who knows he might have done this again bribing those responsible for the electoral process- smartmatic and some guys. Roxas has only over 9M votes while Leni has over 14M! If the votes for DU30, Poe, Binay, and Santiago are to be looked into, one could easily sum up these people wanted change in Government. And if that is so, why then would people be voting Leni for the VP knowing full well she belongs to the Government? If BBM won in the National Capital Region, how much more in the provinces? You be the judge but judge intelligently. For me, a Filipino abroad who sides nobody in this election, I saw something fishy is associated in the VP counting. For one who has no track record and whose name is new and not popular, Leni’s votes is an absolute defiance of LOGIC!

    5. Maribel Calanda on

      Aquino will ensure everything that BBM will not be proclaimed as Vice President. Only God can thwart the evil plan of Aquino. He will sacrifice the integrity of the polls as long as he get what he wants. Robredo is a political nobody. She is not a political giant, yet she is too ambitious to be proclaimed as VP.

      • Why do you say Robredo is ambitious ? How about Duterte, from mayor to president ? Do you call Duterte ambitious ? How about you ? Are you a nobody ? I guess so because I do not know you so you are a nobody ? How about me, you do not know me , so do you call me a nobody ? To tell you the truth, every human being is special and every person is a somebody.

    6. ernie del rosario on

      As usual Atty Mac is speculating. Given the mess which attended the electronic canvass in this election, we don’t know yet and maybe even will never be able to know the truth as in those of the 2010 and 2013 elections. IF WE DON”T DO ANYTHING ON COMELEC NOW ! Maybe the new President can prioritize the massive re-DNA-ing of our entire electoral system for good. The crimes committed there election after election has come to the point where it is at par with the criminality in the streets which the new President committed to resolve during his term.

    7. Chico Ibarra on

      Only a system audit and a recount of votes will put to rest all allegations of massive fraud that hounds Leni’s slim lead over BBM. Comelec and Leni should join in the search for truth, and let those involved in the mockery of the elections be exposed and be made answerable if found guilty.

    8. Juan T. Delacruz on

      Senator Marcos himself, and his family, cannot believe the result of this election and he has been contesting the result ever since. This type of failure is very difficult for Senator Marcos and his whole family to accept because all his life, he used to get anything and everything he wanted, regardless of the price or consequences. However, he failed to understand that he is now living in a different generation, and the Filipino people have more freedom, and are more vocal about what kind of future they want for their country. The majority of the population have spoken and they voted a person that has been tested and proven, helping the poorest of the poor, giving free legal services to these people and fighting for them as well.

      To be fair with Senator Marcos, election cheating probably occurred, but NOT by the machine that transmitted nor counted the votes. Votes inputted to the machines are transmitted to the transparency server to be counted, and this type of computer operation is rather plain and simple. I would advise Congressman dela Cruz, the short, dark, and ugly guy, working for Marcos, that don’t make a fool of yourself anymore by filing motions about the COMELEC AES, and it seems like you don’t even know what you want to accomplish, just blowing hot air. If I were you, I just go ahead and collect my consulting fee from Marcos and disappear from the limelight.

      • I would suggest read one of the articles of the Manila Standard Today, and perhaps you’ll be enlighted…

      • BBM is trying to survive his political career. He s thinking that Duterte will not serve the whole 6 years and as VP , he is next in line. Marcos name is a curse to all Filipinos. BBM might be a good person but his father made a mockery of the whole Filipino people. I do not personally know both father and son. But one thing I know , the father is the biggest thief of all time. Nobody can beat this guy. He is not a genius, he is notorious.

    9. Mr. Garcia, allow me to refresh your memory about one RIGHTS, during the days of Marshall Law, the only rights the filipino have is the air they breath.

    10. You are just prolonging the agony of your defeat.Why not accept the honest truth that a mere unknown political novice stopped your idols march to malacanang and forever washed to the dustbin the golden years of Martial Law with Bongbong’s shocking defeat!

    11. Hindi ba nakakaintindi yang si Robredo? May duda nga sa counting, ano tina tally niya?
      Magka class ka naman ng konte. Maghintay kang matapos yung investigation bago ka mag selfie-proclamation!

      • She has never self-proclaimed since… you must be referring to BBM. Your comment backfired at you… wag comment ng comment ng wala masyadong alam ha.

      • The counting ends. BBM lose, Leni wins. What are you saying na Hindi pa tapos ang bilangan. For you BBM supporters, counting will not stop till BBM wins, kaya it will be forever.