• Marcos’ campaign headway explained


    Are you wondering why the vice presidential campaign of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is making significant headway despite his being the son of a former authoritarian President?

    This phenomenon, according to University of the Philippines (UP) professor Popoy de Vera, has an explanation. He said 70 percent of the voters are 34 years old and below who were born after martial law or toward the end in 1982.

    “These voters do not have the element of the present. They can’t relate. Most of all there was no dramatic change. The same problems during martial law are still here. It appears that martial law is not totally bad. It appears that there is no martial law narrative. You cannot paint black and white because the same problems are here,” de Vera, a political analyst, said on Friday.

    “It is difficult to demonize martial law because poverty is still prevalent. People realized that [it]is not the root cause of all problems we are facing now,” he said.

    De Vera added that  people have separated Bongbong from his parents.

    “He has +68 approval rating while Imelda [his mother]has -62. People have separated Bongbong from the atrocities of martial law.”

    The professor said he witnessed this attitude of the millennials when he organized recently a forum at UP on the proposed Basic Bangsamoro Law (BBL).

    “Students were taking selfie photos with him. And the venue is UP,” he said with eyes wide.

    The University of the Philippines has been known as a hotbed of activism.

    While the young Marcos is etching his own identity, old folks see in him the image of his father, one with  charisma to a point that they embrace him and cry in his arms like what happened last Thursday in a poor community in Malabon City (Metro Manila).

    “Your father was the one who reclaimed our sitio,” Thelma Arias, 67, said.

    Martial law was declared by  the elder Marcos 1972.

    Retired military colonel Alex Noble echoed de Vera’s observation, saying people then were disciplined.

    “Thirty-years after [the]Edsa people power [revolution],nothing has changed. In the early years of the presidency of[Corazon] Aquino we realized that ‘kamag-anak’ [relatives]incorporated was in place. We were so frustrated,” said Noble, one of the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) coup plotters which staged eight uprisings against the late President.

    He is now campaigning for the party-list RAM, which he renamed Rebolusyonaryong Alyansang Makabansa (Revolutionary Nationalist Alliance).

    “We are supporting Bongbong because we see in him the sincerity to serve this country,” Noble said.

    When asked about the atrocities committed during martial law, he replied that it was necessary to arrest the Left and “to clean the society.”

    “The only problem was those who handled them were not properly trained that’s why they ended up torturing them. The Reds were in the brink of taking over the country. We were then intelligence officers,” Noble said.

    Meanwhile, Marcos also on Friday continued his sorties in Pangasinan, attending the event of 2,000-strong Barangay Health Workers (BHW) in Alaminos City where he was accompanied by former congressman Mark Cojuangco, who is running for governor, Mayor Arthur Celeste, and First District Rep. Jesus Celeste.

    He went to Bolinao town to meet the 200 barangay (village) chairmen to whom he explained his pet law on establishing a retirement pension for barangay officials and volunteers.

    In a morning radio interview over dzRH, Marcos explained that once elected Vice President his first job is to “report for work” to the elected President.

    And one of his first acts is to consult traders on a program he calls “Business Directed Infrastructure” wherein he will ask the investors of their immediate plans for the next five to six years, in such a way the government may know exactly what roads to build.

    “This will have a positive domino effect. Their business will improve, their operations will expand, more investments will come in, they will need to hire more people, we will have more jobs for our countrymen and this will alleviate our unemployment problem,” Marcos said.

    This way, he added, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) will have an option to return home since there will be jobs waiting for them.


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    1. President Ferdinand Marcos was the BEST PRESIDENT, our country had. I am an OFW then, the dollar rate was 1$ to 7 pesos, and everyone were law abiding citizens. Bongbong kami!:-)

    2. Felix Servidad on

      In my opinion Bong Bong will be a good choice for vice president I can see his sincerity to serve the country and the people. Why not give him a try, as our vice president and in 2022 as a president. If he got elected as vice president, then we’ll have a six long years to see if he is capable of running our country. May God Bless Our Country.

    3. Bravo… wala na akong masabi, dahil nasabi na ninyong lahat sa itaas, GOD BLESS FILIPINO PEOPLE AND OUR NATION WILL BE GREAT AGAIN…BBM will unite our people for prosperity..no vengeance and no vindictiveness in his heart…He want to be the servant of the people….

    4. The young Marcos is the most hardworking of the candidates and he has the awakened attitude that give him the ability to work with all kinds of people in the society. He harbors no ill feeling towards critics and the past enemies of his parents. Most importantly, he sees no political motives but to serve the people and redeem the family. The Marcoses were already very rich even before the presidency of his father because the old Marcos earned thousands of metric tons of gold from servicing the Old Maharlika nobles who have accumulated gold for 900 years. They cannot talk about their riches in public because it is cloaked with secrecy. But they have never been found to have amassed wealth illegally in any court battles because they have the documents to prove their wealth as legitimate. The young Marcos I believe is the key for the upliftment of iur country from poverty.

    5. I guess some people – young or old – are thinking of voting for vice presidential candidate Marcos because they’re so disgusted with the presidencies of Tita Cory and PNoy. They believe that as vice president, Marcos would become president in (or even before) 2022 and hopefully lead the nation to prosperity.

    6. haaaay… kahit nmn ang mga matatanda si marcos ang iboboto! ang totoo gising na ang mga tao dahil sa social media na di na kayang imanipula ng mga dilaw!!! yon yon! di na nila maitago ang katotohanan kung bakit nakdiklara ng martial law at kung bakit nakulong si ninoy na isang kumunista at totoong traydor!!! ang totoo ang mga simpleng mamamayan na matatanda ang nagmumulat sa mga kabataan kung gaano kahusay si MARCOS! na hanggang ngayon wala pa ring nakakapantay!

      that once upon a time we are called TIGER OF ASIA!

    7. I was aware of the Martial Law years and it was the best time for the Philippines. We were disciplined, we were proud to be Filipinos cause that was the time when we showed the rest of the world that we are cultured, we had a beautiful first lady who has class and taste. Our president was brilliant and worked harder to make the Philippines the best in Asia. With the intelligence and patriotism of President Marcos and the charisma of the former First Lady, Imelda R. Marcos, the silent majority of Filipinos would be proud once again to have Bongbong Marcos as the country’s Vice President.

    8. A very very well done job BONGBONG MARCOS JR..I salute your sincerity and honesty to help and to bring peace & unity the people of the Philippines ..time for a better change.all the best & good luck.god bless our country.???

    9. Bravo….Bongbong ! now solidifying the vaunted SOLID NORTH…..Ilocos, CAR and Cag Valley. Next he will attack Central Luzon, where he’s strong in Pampanga plus the hordes of Ilocanos in Nueva Ecija, Tarlac and Zambales. And in Bulacan, he’s lots of local officials backing him. At NCR, he beats Escudero by a mile.