‘Marcos deprived of almost 4M votes’


050516_bongbong2_dilanSenator’s camp presses search for missing votes

FOR the camp of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the fight is not yet over.

Marcos insisted Saturday he was potentially deprived of nearly four million votes through cheating and malfunctioning vote-counting machines. Congress, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC), finished counting votes on Friday and declared Rep. Leni Robredo the winner in the vice presidential race.

George Garcia, head of the senator’s legal team, said they are gathering evidence for a potential “election protest.”

“The search for Senator Marcos’s missing votes did not end with the canvassing,” Garcia said in a statement Saturday.

Garcia said 3.9 million votes for Marcos were not reflected in the official count.

“We suspect that these votes were credited to other candidates…. We believe these votes belong to Bongbong Marcos,” he added.

However, he said any legal action to question the result of the election will be made after Robredo is proclaimed vice president.

Garcia said among the grounds that may be raised if a protest is filed is the unusually high number of undervotes that stood at a final figure of 3.902 million, considering the high turnout in the hotly-contested 2016 elections.

“We deserve an explanation on this matter,” the lawyer said.

Garcia said they are in the process of collating affidavits of witnesses on alleged incidents of cheating as well as reports on the malfunctioning of the Canvassing and Consolidation System and some Vote Counting Machines.

He said their information technology experts presented technical information that may be used in the filing of an election protest. At first glance, this information seems to be “convincing,” according to Garcia.

However, he said the rules of the canvassing do not allow these “evidence” to be presented before the NBOC.

If Marcos will file an election protest, Garcia said it will likely focus on the election returns from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and the Visayas, where most of the undervotes allegedly occurred.

The official canvass showed that Robredo won by just over 263,000 votes.

But Garcia said they will continue the quest for truth not only for Marcos but for the benefit of the entire nation.

“At napaka-importante, for future reference, dahil kung nangyari ito ngayon may posibilidad mangyayari sa mga susunod na panahon [And most important, for future reference, because if it happened today there is a possibility that it might happen in the future],” he said.

Garcia again pressed the Commission on Elections to allow a system audit of its servers to determine whether or not the unauthorized script change in the servers produced more than just cosmetic results.

Marcos said the script change, done by a Smartmatic executive, may have eroded his lead over Robredo during the initial counting of ballots.

Robredo and President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will be proclaimed on Monday, Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel 3rd said.

“The projected proclamation would be afternoon of Monday. It’s good we ended on a Friday so our staff could have the weekend to finish the Joint Committee report,” said Pimentel, head of the Senate panel in the Joint Canvass Committee.

Pimentel directed the Joint Committee Secretariat to prepare the joint panel report and present it by Monday for the signature of the members.

Another run
Marcos had aimed for the family’s biggest political victory since 1986 when a “People Power” uprising ended 20 years of the family’s rule.

“I think this election was arguably the best and probably last chance for the Marcoses to wrest back control of Malacañang,” De La Salle University international affairs and political science professor Richard Javad Heydarian said.

“Six years down the road, (the) Marcoses could face a very different zeitgeist with the shadow of defeat hanging over their shoulders,” Heydarian added.

“It (the loss) would make it that much harder for the Marcoses to regain power through elections,” Ramon Casiple, executive director of the Institute for Economic and Political Reforms in Manila, said.

Barring a reversal of the May 9 result, Marcos would have to wait for the 2019 mid-term elections to try and regain his senate seat, Casiple added.

Despite the loss, analysts are not ruling out Marcos’s presidential run when President Rodrigo Duterte’s term ends in 2022.

Heydarian and Louie Checa Montemar, a De La Salle development studies lecturer, both said the Marcos family would remain a major force, at least in its traditional bailiwick of Ilocos Norte province but also as a presidential contender.

“The only way now to banish any immediate future threat of a Marcos comeback would be to live up to the promise of raising the (economic prospects of the) marginalized,” Montemar said.

This month the dictator’s widow, Imelda Marcos, swept to a third term in the House of Representatives representing Ilocos Norte province, while daughter Imee Marcos became provincial governor for the third straight time.



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  1. agnesvictoria on

    haynaku nagkaroon talaga ng dayaan…at pinagtulungan ng mga kaalyado ni pnoy kasi nman kung magbgay ng pera si pnoy …as in 50 milyun CJ Corona remember?

  2. Ronald Chamos on

    I pray and encourage Bongbong Marcos to file his protest. This is not about not being able to move on. This is about ELECTORAL REFORM. His case can well spearhead the long awaited reform needed to improve our electoral process. The Filipino people keep spending billions of pesos to conduct a clean and honest election. Even the COMELEC has the intent and understanding of the long overdue electoral reform needed. What have we learned from the “hello garci” controversy? And what have we learned from this Smartmatic controversy concocted by their election cosmetologists that earned the ire of COMELEC Commissioner Guanzon? Do include the huge discrepancy of undervotes that cannot simply be ignored. The number is too big to dismiss as negligible. What happened technically and physically? In addition, reports of irregularities, testimonies from witnesses, surfacing evidences, more discrepancies, and many more blunders and errors noted only add to justify the call to ELECTORAL REFORM. File it Bongbong for the sake of electoral reform and also justice for those whose votes were deprived, a right and power of the electorate mandated by the Constitution.

  3. Leni Robredo is a clear winner. Its time that the people decide and put an honest and dedicated person like Leni Robredo as the voice of the masses. We are indeed optimistic that our country will be great again.. Long live Duterte and Robredo…..

    • Why are you going to say Robredo is the clear winner when her winning the race is highly questionable? There is nothing clear with that.

    • Correction : Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. a “Cheated” 2016 Vice-Presidential Candidate. not “Defeated” 2016 Vice-Presidential Candidate.

    • Don’t you read & listen to the news…until it is not clear that there is really a massive cheating, you can’t say she is the rightful vp, even she was proclaimed already. If she is with dignity, she must ensure that her way to the VP , is clear and fair. UNLESS, they say she is a power greedy woman….. look at all the evidence of cheating that is surpassing…don’t you THINK TWICE!

  4. Ang gusto ng taong bayan ang katotohanan,so go BBM fight for truth for the sake of the filipinos who believe and trusted you..God Blessed you and more power!!

  5. The article above states: “Marcos insisted Saturday he was potentially deprived of nearly four million votes through cheating and malfunctioning vote-counting machines”. The operative word here is “potential”. It does not mean “actual”. BBM and his team have not provided, and will not be able to provide evidence to support their claim. As his lawyer Atty Garcia has said, they are still “gathering evidence”.
    In other words, they just don’t have any concrete evidence right now. “Panay daldal lang silla” to establish the myth that BBM lost the VP race because of “cheating” and machine irregularities. They are still in the first stage of grief: denial. It is time for them to skip to the second stage: acceptance. Cong. Leni Robredo has won. No hemming and hawing will change that fact. Going to the PET or Supreme Court will just be useless as the Supreme Court has already ruled previously that the presence of under-votes does not mean that cheating or fraud has occurred.

    The irony of all ironies is that BBM, the son of the late F. Marcos – known for his longevity as president of the Philippines because of martial law and election cheating -, is now accusing his opponent of the same offense! As they say: “Karma is a bitch. What goes around, comes around”.

  6. There are no undervotes. There are people who just vote for the president or the senators or their own local officials. No voter is obligated to fill up the whole ballot. Two vote countings have been done that show that Robredo is the VP-elect. Marcos should just concede if he wants to do well in his next try either for VP or the Presidency.
    People will remember him as a sore loser, and they don’t like that.

  7. The sovereign people shall take action. The election is a mess and we need some action that we must file a complaint against the people who manipulate the cheating of the result. Comelec shall be held responsible for this mess, why until now they don’t want to audit the system. It’s seem they are hiding something. We have to file a complaint against Comelec for the Obstruction of Justice, because they are hesitant to audit the system.

    • Concerned Pinoy on

      We had a CLEAN and HONEST elections, at least at the presidential and VP levels. Only one sourgraping loser, is trying to destroy the trust of the Filipinos in our elections.

  8. Where did the 4 million votes come from ? Tell me and if you cannot , you are not telling the truth. You should not be writing a column in this prestigious newspaper. You can also be sued for slander.

  9. File a complaint BBM and fight for your right. Majority of the people know you won the VP post. We will support you forever…

    • Concerned Pinoy on

      No, majority of the Filipinos voted of Robredo. We do NOT want an unrepentant arrogant son of a plunderer-dictator. We wanted an honest public servant – Robredo. We do not want another marcos!

  10. Hector David on

    The Filipino people spent billions only to be deprived of their true votes ….viva yellow army

    • Concerned Pinoy on

      Another one who does not want to respect the decision of the Filipino people.

  11. Hector David on

    Marcos you were cheated and more than that deprived of the opportunity to clear your father’s good name.and reerie hI story of sinsurance never done …… move heaven and earth ….have faith ..your time will come…if you have faith and persistence

  12. Hector David on

    This Smartmaic guy is lucky to still be alive ..he has made fools of the filipino electorate and Comelec thanks them?…we live in Disneyland obviously…… where poverty hunger is so obvious except to our government leaders who toot their horn of growth and sit with those who abuse and use the common man ….in places like the Peninsula and Shangri-la and run table discussions in the Makati Busones Club .. talking about griwth that will trickle down while they fatten their economic status
    …Are we beggars. …

  13. Frank Fernandez on

    Neither I had voted for Robredo nor Marcos. But one thing a politician need to learn is acceptance of defeat in election.

  14. It is indeed very convenient for yellowtards and those who greatly benefited from yellow belzebub to say that Leni won. Let me remind you that your God the Abnoy told the whole world that he will use all his power to prevent BBM from winning yet you paid hacks are consistent in defending his very evil move.

    • If your hypothesis is right, how come Mar lost. VP position is really nothing. It is more of a cabinet position. If President do not want to give you anything, that is what is going to happen. President position is everything. VP position is nothing.

    • It’s really sad and hopefully and praying that at the end still BongBong Marcos will win after the election protest, hopefully people works in the election protest are no Pro Devil and praying that the truth will come out. We Filipino asking President elect, President Duterte to intervene this Fraud Election for Vice President and Senators. You don’t like your Government to be Marred with a Rigged Elections.

    • So what if PNoy said that. If you know anything about the history and background of the Aquinos and Marcoses, PNoy’s statement is justified and should not surprise you. “Magbasa basa pa more, huh”. As they say: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Start with “Google Search”.

      By the way, labeling people who say that Leni won as “yellow belzebub” (consult a dictionary: the correct name is “Beelzebub”, not belzebub), and “paid hacks” only reveals your lack of arguments. Maybe you are the one being paid by BBM?

    • The only way to won is CHEATING,nakakahiya po!!!!disgusted and shameful to the whole world…

    • Better a yellowtard than a supporter of the remnants of the corrupt and brutal regime of Ferdinand and Imelda.

  15. Allen Llamar on

    In response to Mr. Cura, it`s hard for Mr. Marcos to accept the verdict when a certain prescient in Mindanao had him 0 votes inspite of Iglesia voters n that place who cast for Marcos.
    Then what Leni will call that probably the iglesia forgut to bring their eyeglasses instead of marking marcos they mark robredo..

    • INC are not stupid. I do not believe there is a block voting from INC. the bottom line, BBM lost, Leni won, accept it or not.

    • Did it ever occur to you that the INC voters that you are talking about decided to think for themselves independently and not follow their leaders’ endorsement of BBM? How do you know that there were INC voters in that place, and what made you expect them to vote for BBM? Are you confirming what most people think of the INC – that it is a cult made up of blind followers?

    • sultan castro on

      hahaha, correct! but not all iglesias are that stupid that they would just blindly follow what their corrupt leaders tell them to do. there are enough silent INC defenders who are against their insatiable greedy leaders.

    • VP Leni’s lawyer pointed out that the vice president-elect herself got ‘0’ votes in many places in the Ilocos region. Atty Macalintal pointed out that getting a zero vote is not at all impossible. He even named some of the precincts where VP Leni got no votes.

      Senator Marcos lost fair and square. He is claiming he “lost” 4 million votes. Is he implying that he got more votes than Pres Duterte? It seems that this is what the Senator is implying. He got 14 million votes and if you add the 4 million he says he lost then he would have had 18 million when Pres Duterte got only 16 million plus votes.

      The contention of the Marcos camp is illogical and preposterous.

    • Concerned Pinoy on

      Malabo yang sinasabi ng INC sa Mindanao. Sabi nila may 3 churches daw ang INC sa isang barangay, na puros Muslim?

      Di ako maniniwala diyan, malamang fabricated story lang.

  16. Systems audit should be pressed, if only to determine that the system was not compromised. Automation indeed speeds up the process but it could also be used so effectively to hijack the the elections.

  17. Paolo De Ayala on

    I don’t know how you can sleep Leni thinking that you won due to a massive cheatings!

    • Wala na syang konsenya,she even used The Foreign Aid Money with Roxas and her Kaalyado for Campaign, that money supposed to be for the typhoon victims. I am really sick of my stomach of what they did to the money. Where are your Concience.

    • Are you so intelligent to know there was massive cheating? Where was the cheating ? Why are you blaming Leni for the cheating? Do you know who the cheaters are? These are use tigons you need to answer. Do not be use by anybody to say things that has no basis.

    • She is sleeping very well, dont think about leni,think about bobong marcos, his murmuring something and talking alone,,and could not sleep..Leni is at peace na at naka smile pa! at di dinaya si bobong marcos,,sanay kasi sa dayaan noon pa,kaya kala nandya,,Di po dinaya si bobong marcos, kundi TINALO po!!! yun ang tutuo

    • @ max…those videos from the autonomous area showing, are the not cheating to you ,it is very clear that one is giving order to shade all the ballots in favor of LP candidates. If those are not cheating… what else is cheating to you?

  18. It is a Shame and Dishonor to the people of the Autonomous Region Of Muslim Mindanao that they always fall prey to greedy national politicians whenever there is need to manufacture electoral votes. However let it be known to all and sundry that any such electoral machination can never be made operational without the tacit hand of the incumbent national leadership and directly manipulated or to some extent handled by COMELEC elements.

    On the instant Vice Presidential election results, there is no doubt that ARMM officials were part of the operation in collaboration with regionally assigned COMELEC officials. Of course, under the direction of an “observer” COMELEC from the Intramuros HQs who knows the knick knacks of the new Smartmatic voting machines.

    There is no question in the hearts and minds of the national electorate that Senator Marcos won the Vice Presidency. A “puppet” has now been put in place to the post that is just a heartbeat to the Presidency. President-Elect Duterte must be totally on guard on whatever devilish plans for a repeat performance of EDSA 2. This is what all these developments seemingly implies!

    • How can you say there was cheating right away when even the Marcos lawyer is saying they are collating evidence! Let us not put the cart ahead of the horse. Present evidence before the proper authorities and make your case. You cannot submit evidence to the media.

  19. For Bongbong who was so confident of winning partly due to strong name recognition but defeated questionably to a low profile woman by a small margin, It does hurt so bad that he might be experiencing some severe depression at this time. Please consider putting him under closed watch for possible suicidal ideation, thoughts or plan.

    • Martial Bonifacio on

      Bong2x Marcos psychological state of mind is still in order unlike your ex president Pnoy who for the last 6yrs has presented a lethargic and somewhat autistic mindset and physical attributes. Maybe this is the right time for him to undergo psychological rehabilitation.

  20. Abaa, eh bakit tahimik si Pnoy na mandaraya, dapat tulungan mo ang pinsan mo, kaya lang huling hul ka sa iyong sariling bibig, di ba?

  21. Trivia: Representative Robredo’s margin of 263,000 over Senator Marcos is about the number of votes that she got from the so-called Solid North.

    • if she is proclaimed as VP, she will not be recognized as true winner, and the stigma will be ingrained to many Filipinos thinking of her being as fake VP and it will linger on forever. Karma , karma, karma.

    • Martial Bonifacio on

      Yes but take away the padded votes and let’s see if she still has that same number of votes

  22. Senator Marcos’ accusation, if it were true, would have given him more votes than Mayor Duterte, the overwhelming winner. Given the senator’s actual votes of 14 million and the additional 4 million he claims, he would have gotten 18 million which would be around 2 million more than Duterte.

    This scenario I think is impossible. Marcos may have been the favorite in the Ilocos region and Eastern Visayas but Duterte was the favorite in almost all places except the bailwicks of Secretary Roxas.

    Senator Marcos should just concede and accept the people’s verdict.

    • Marcos shld not concede, for the very good reason , this election is rigged , period.. which is equivalent of pagnanakaw ng boto, na isang malaking karapatan ng bawat Pilipino pero inalisan ng karapatan ng mga. sakim sa kapangyarihan

    • It is posible that bbm got 18 million,why? Bec. drillion got 18…so explain to me how did drillion got 18 million votes…are you saying that more people voted for drillion as senate but did not vote for pres and vp

    • You do not understsnd. The undervotes may be the votes for Marcos which were thrown to undervotes by the system to erase his lead over the nearest pursuer which is the LP candidate. It was already programmed by the machine especially when the script was changed. A comelec employee who is the latest whisleblower revealed in an interview that they changed the COCs of 12 ballot boxes brought to them in sta rosa 2 days after the election. Soon these witnesses will testify to bring out the truth.

    • Dick S. O'Rosary on

      Those votes could also be a mix of votes of other candidates, even Leni’s. They all deserve and explanation.

    • Have you considered that Duterte would have had more votes if the were no cheating involved?

  23. It is very presumptuous of Senator Marcos to assume that the undervotes would have all gone to him. He got only 8 regions and the overseas votes. Representative Robredo got 10 regions. Furthermore, he still collating evidence and already he is hurling accusations.

    The senator lost and he should just accept the people’s verdict.

  24. Eva darmanin on

    This is no longer about bong bong Marcos it’s about the basic human right of every Filipinos to chose whom they want not the comelec. If it is true that comelec are selling their services to manipulate the election results then what’s the point in conducting an election in the first place, why spend money on conducting an election let comelec do the voting.

    • Where is your proof that Comelec is selling their services to anybody ? Chairman Bautista is a very trustworthy honorable person. In fact he is more honorable than any president we had, 2 is currently charged with corruption, 1 is in jail, another one coming, so there are 3 of them.

    • Concerned Pinoy on

      It’s our basic human right not to be subjected to your lies. We voted in an honest and clean elections, but you are trying to destroy our trust. You are violating our trust on elections. Shame on you!

  25. I am not fun of politics, however, what I only like is to have a clean election in PH. The way I have observed is that, Marcos suffered from a low blow from those who are very concern of the last name “MARCOS” . In an electronically operated software, functions can be programmed in within. M to no.delete at gross total from regions 12,19,etc. . Legal software when you fill up certain item, that item is being carried over to another part then none to some other parts. The way taxation is being done electronically. What is more to a sophisticate software like the election software? That makes the election stink to far and beyond the truth. Hope Philippines will be one reliable country.

  26. luzviminda Solis on

    No matter what happens I will always stand for BBM and forever a MARCOS Loyalist

    • Kung bakit nagbubulag bulagan ang comelec kitang kita naman,di bulag at bingi ang taong bayan,so tama c BBM dipa tapos ang laban,hirap tanggapin na natalo cya dahil sa pandaraya…ang mga kampo ni leni cla ang ayaw tanggapin ang katotohan na cla ang talo kaya gumawa cla ng paraan ang PANDARAYA nakakahiya sa buong mundo..

    • We who supported VP Leni are very grateful that not all Ilocanos are Marcos loyalists. VP Leni got around 270000 votes from the so-called Solid North. That is almost the same number as her lead against Senator Marcos. Thank God for these Ilocanos who voted for the truth. Thank God that they were not blind to the brutal and corrupt rule of Ferdinand and Imelda.

  27. Yan naman talaga ang totoo, sa dami ng ebedensiya nagbubulagan lang ang COMELEC, pati mga Pulitiko gaya ni Pimentel at Monsod, hindi natin kailangan ang mga taong ito dahil hindi lang malabo ang mga mata nila pati pag iisip ay malabo din iisa lang tingin nila sa mga marcos masasama at sila lang ang mabubuti. Kaya wag na kayong mag aksaya ng panahon sa mga taong iyan.

  28. The evil that has beset the Marcos family is evidently showing. Bongbong is trying to steal the proclamation of VP-elect Leni Robredo. Bongbong had been raised by dictator Ferdinand Marcos in such a kingly way: whatever King Bongbong wants, Bongbong gets. Watch how this political family dynasty builds up their out of control lust for power, which has begun a political empire in Ilocos Norte. Imelda Marcos, the mother, has been re-elected as a representative in Ilocos, and sister Imee, is the governor. They reign and control Ilocos Norte. And now BB will grab the Philippines’ VP post (God forbid) from the widow Leni Robredo.

    BB is just like his father, who declared the Martial Law ,and not only ruled the country but treated the Philippine Treasury as if it was their own bank account. BB’s behavior is going beyond the rule of law. He is not respecting the outcome of election, and by any means he will not end his quest as VP, one step to presidency. How about that? Sue the Marcos Family to get back ALL of the looted blood money, and have a RECOUNT, an inventory of ALL PROPERTIES the evil family acquired through graft and corruption during the heinous regime of Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. May God help the Philippines to rise from dark power that these corrupt politicians like BB Marcos is committing against the Filipino people. The Marcoses are such a disgrace: they bring curse to the whole country because such spirit of evil from them lingers when a Marcos speaks LIES!

    • And what had this Abnoy done but vindictiveness, and corruption in the highest form using illegal DAP and PDAF to many Congressmen in order to impeach a sitting CJ who legally awarded the poor farmers. to regain their legal ownership of Hacienda Luisita ..And Where did 164 billion pesos remittance check handed to Aquino by GOCC during his term spent , when there were zero infrastructure done to create jobs for many Filipinos who remained poor and jobless and had to seek jobs away from home just to survive. tell me who is a liar and cannot be entrusted to do his job as President . Enough is enough.

    • You are ignorant of the truth. Try to research more so that you will know how to differentiate the truth from propaganda.

    • You are really full of Shit ..your yellow blood that is running thru your veins is full of hatred and despair… you cannot even fathom why was Martial Law was declared …because if not of it..you won’t be enjoying your freedom now. open your mind and understanding if any of these Aquinos has done any significant contributions for the welfare of the needy Filipinos… what a shame that you cannot underline even one major contribution.. and if you say Democracy…hahaha…you are just butt head..a dimwit dummy

    • Pnoy publicly stated that he will do everything to prevent BBM for VP, for that matter is clear that the election manipulation was done by his instructions, but still in the end…I believe “GOD NEVER SLEEPS NOR SLUMBER…God bless Philippines…

    • Martial Bonifacio on

      Wow Power you sound like your LP and Pnoy. All greed of power with vengeance and vindictiveness. Your plans and intentions are as Clear as the forehead of your Xbox Pnoy. Pathetic oligarchs

  29. Maharlikang Pilipino on

    It is the handy work of the power greed in the Palace! What do you think, who could be?

  30. So, naramdaman rin n’ya ang naramdaman ng mga dinaya noong panahon ng tatay nya. And now his team are looking for loopholes in the canvassing process. The very loopholes the Marcos family used to cheat the entire nation. People of the “solid north” should stop supporting the political ambition of this family.

    • Diyan ka nagkakamali, wilf, dahil hindi nandaya si Presidente Marcos noon… Talagang ibinoto siya ng mga Pilipino at I voted for him dalawang beses. At hindi lubos na mali ang Martial Law. Maraming oangyayari ang nagudyok kay Marcos para i-declare noon ang Martial Law. Nasa history na ng Pilipinas yan. Pero WALA ring nangyari after Martial Law. Lalong nasadlak sa dusa ang ating bayan at ang mga Mayayaman at oportunista lamang ang nakinabsng. Napilitang mangibang bansa ang milyon-milyong Pilipino at isa na ako roon… Para buhayin sng pamilya. NASAYANG LANG ang suporta ko kay CORY AQUINO noon! Si Robredo ay tadtad ng utang na loob sa buong angkan ni Aquino. Kaya hindi niya jayang manindigan…..

    • true. Marcos Sr. was the people’s choice when he ran for presidency. I’m pretty sure all politicians have their own political ambition. No one should live under the shadow of the past.

  31. Based on the reports, I believe there’s cheating done. Just hope the camp of Sen Marcos will continue to find the truth. It is very disgusting to accept that we have a VP who’s identity is not real. Cheating in every election must end, if Sen Marcos won’t seek for justice, when will this election cheating lasts? There are evidences, please continue to seek the real truth for us voters. Not only in VP position but also in Senatorial…our votes are sacred, it should not be cheated.i pray that real winners proclaim.

    • Marzan Rodesan on

      Anong report? Mga allegations ng bbm camp lang yan na walang ebidensya. Bakit naman deprived o almost 4m votes, baka nga kung boboto yung almost 4m under votes eh 99% noon kay Leni ang iboboto.

  32. Leni was Deprived of 4M votes. Her margin with BBM should have been at least 4.2M

    • Marzan Rodesan on

      Correct! Assumption kaagad nila na kay bbm ang almost 4m na undervotes.

    • Martial Bonifacio on

      If President DU30 heard you say this his response to you would sound like this, putang inang buang!