• Marcos endorsed by big labor blocs


    Vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Sunday got the endorsement of two big labor groups, namely the Philippine Trade Group Workers Organization (PTGWO) and the Federation of Free Workers (FFW).

    Marcos, since Day 1 of the campaign period, has been saying that if ever he will be successful in the May 9 elections, he will ask the new President to give him a Cabinet portfolio as Labor secretary.

    The Ilocano lawmaker in the Senate had filed a bill for the establishment of a Jobs Creation Council to provide more job opportunities and better working conditions.

    He is actively campaigning against contractualization, aside from urging immediate increase of the daily minimum wage.

    PTGWO has over a hundred affiliated labor unions and reputedly the largest labor federation under the umbrella of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP).

    Also on Sunday, PTGWO secretary general Hernan Nicdao and national president Arnel Polendo raised the hands of Marcos at the group’s general assembly held at Rajah Sulaiman in Ermita, Manila.

    “Once appointed [Labor] secretary, I will put an end to contractualization, which you also call 5-5-5,” Marcos said.

    In another labor assembly at the Lyceum of the Philippines in Intramuros, Manila, leaders of the Federation of Free Workers Philippines, which boasts of over 200,000 members, also endorsed Marcos’ candidacy.

    “He is fighting for job security of all workers,” said FFF national president Sonny Matula.

    Marcos is batting for policies that will encourage better partnership between the private sector and the government as a means to encourage and generate more jobs.



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    1. Antonio Droneski on

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      Imelda Marcos Net Worth

      $5 billion of net worth in a poor country like Philippines. Have the Filipino voters forgotten about the People’s Power that ousted Marcos Sr.? Stpid Filipino voters!!!

    2. Minti Calso on

      Contractualization is a shame promoted by corrupt politicians together with OLIGARCHS cohorts to line up their pockets and secret bank accounts with immoral money from the shoulders of the poor people.

      I hope those running for office in support of ending the practice of contractualization will win and win big including BongBong Marcos.

    3. Cholo Vista on

      Goodluck and we support you BBM. I hope the Oligarchs would cooperate with BBM.