Marcos fights for political future


The son and namesake of late Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos is fighting for his political future as the nation awaits the outcome of a cliffhanger vice presidential race against a novice politician.

A win for Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., 58, would have been the family’s biggest political victory since its humiliating downfall in 1986 after a “People Power” uprising ended 20 years of human rights abuses, election fraud and the plunder of state coffers.

It was also widely seen as part of a long-term strategy to become president.

But the count for Monday’s vote has dragged, and on Friday Marcos was 217,000 votes behind Rep. Leni Robredo, a widow thrust into politics after her well-regarded interior-minister husband died in a 2012 plane crash.

With a million votes left to count, Marcos has refused to concede defeat while he accused President Benigno Aquino’s government of manipulating the results for Robredo.

“If you add up all the votes that had not been transmitted, it would show that I won by a large margin,” Marcos said this week as his near-one-million lead early in the count evaporated.

On Friday, Marcos’s camp said the Commission on Elections (Comelec) should explain why hash codes in vote counting machines were changed in the middle of the counting.
It said the Comelec’s failure to guard the Automated Election System has “cast a cloud of doubt over the integrity of the entire process.”

“We call on the Information Technology experts to help us make sense of this very serious issue. This is not just about guarding the votes of Senator Marcos but the integrity of the whole electoral process,” it added.

It slammed Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista for saying that he did not know about the changing of new hash codes.

“This is a matter of grave and immediate concern. We do not agree with Chairman Bautista’s claim that the change was something innocuous,” the senator’s camp said.

It cited Section 28 of Republic Act 8436 which provides that “any form of utilization without authorization or tampering with electronic devices or their components used in the automated elections is prohibited and punishable by law.”

“Were there other modifications made? By whom and upon whose authority? Why were the changes done by a Venezuelan Smartmatic technician rather than a Filipino Comelec-authorized personnel?” it added.

Nearly 96 percent of the votes have been counted.

Some polling booths failed to function properly on election day Monday because of violence or technical glitches, causing delay in tallying the votes. About 2,000 precincts have been allowed to conduct new elections on Saturday.

In Monday’s elections, former first lady Imelda Marcos won a third term at the House of Representatives, representing the Ilocos Norte province.

Her daughter, Imee Marcos, was also elected governor of the province for the third time.


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  1. Chico Ibarra on

    Systematic is now put on the spot. I would rather wait until all votes have been officially counted, (and by Congress), before any future action could be made. A recount for sure is in order, and Smartmatic may be gone for good in future PH electoral event.

  2. As with his father, Marcos Jr. is fighting against the rising tide of a widowed heroine. He is fighting a losing battle whose script we have all seen before and pretty much know the outcome. If the script from Cory vs. Marcos Sr. holds true to form the lioness Robredo will not be denied her storied role in the history of the republic and will also ascend to the presidency either thru succession and/or (re)election in 2022.
    Robredo’s story, like Cory’s before her, is just too powerful to derail. The only way to alter the script is either by the demise of the soon to be VP’s well being or by Duterte following the Marcos Sr. playbook from the 70’s and proclaiming himself a second coming of sorts – which I don’t believe Duterte to be that megalomanical.

    In short, Marcos Jr. and his wealth hiding family will continue to be exiled from Malacanang for at least another dozen years which effectively means there will be no resurrection to the palace for Imelda and her footwear. The Marcoses will at least have a consolation prize in finally seeing Marcos Sr. buried at the country’s heroes resting place – deserved or not.

    Amazing how Philippine history seems to repeat itself…

  3. And also why Delima is in the magic 12.???. Impossible… This hocus focus machine Pcos make the THIEF Liberal Party backs again… The majority of the filipino doesnt like any one from the Liberal Party to be in the government position… Shame on this administration.. BBM is the real winner as VP of the Philippines. We will not recognize Leni as the VP of the Phils. She lost her credibility…

  4. Pusong-Pinoy on

    the marcoses don’t have a political future in the Philippines.

    No way to these old plundering families!

  5. Concerned Voter on

    Marcos is trying to fool again the Filipinos by making all these wild allegations.

    Show evidence, not heresay, conjectures, opinions, etc.

  6. Concerned Voter on

    marcos, pls stop destroying our trust in our clean and honest elections. Don’t be a sore loser.

    RESPECT the decision of the electorate!

  7. Marcos fight is not only for political future but for the people who voted and trusted him.

    Secondly, to show to the people who voted him, he has a courage to fight the evil scheme as he did in opposing alone BBL.If he did not oppose BBL, Mindanao is another nation today.

    Thirdly, demonstrated his sobriety even in the midst of the storm.

  8. BBM is on an uphill battle because the lead of Leni still grows by the day. It is now more than 200,000 votes. The remaining votes are now being guarded and no manipulation will happen when the votes are this close. It is hard for BBM to accept defeat knowing they put in a lot of resources in this election and be beaten by a novice Leni. The voters still remember Martial Law and BBM cannot shake the monkey off his back. That is the life in politics, there are no guaranteed winners but there are sure losers.

    • Majority ng Zamboanga Peninsula bumoto Kay BBM dahil sya lamang Ang tumutol Sa style BBL ni Pnoy Kaya Hindi na tuloy yan BBL. Kaya bilang pasasalamat ng mga taga Zamboanga Peninsula si BBM Ang binoto Nila. Kaso nung bilangan Na si Robredo Ang lamang! Ni Hindi nga kilala ng mga Tao si Robredo at bukang bibig ng mga Tao ay si BBM! Tignan mo Sa BASILAN Roxas-595 at Duterte-2! Ano paniwalaan mo ba yan? Dapat gawin manual counting para malaman Ang Katotohanan!

    • BBM is not aware that the D.I. (Divine Intervention) is alive and well from above and it will not allow the Salamagun Dictator, Plunderer & sefl proclaimed FLIPS Royalty Son of the slaverer rule again the PHILIPPINES second time around. No way Jose he BBM will be sen t back to Hawaii. for good.

    • Every candidate put in a lot of resources in this election, the question is about the insertion of a script without authorization during the height of vote counting. It is not about Martial Law because there are two sides of the coin about martial law there’s not only on side. Now for me to be fair to both sides and to put to rest suspicions or doubts I agree with the suggestion or demand that a PUBLIC AUDIT should be conducted.

  9. artemio gonzales on

    The fact that a script (computer program) was replaced by a person without authority and without approval, proves that any script can be modified/replaced maliciously by anyone having physical access to the VCM/Server!

    Totally 100% unacceptable.

    Verbal / written assurances by human beings are irrelevant.

    The counting for both VP and all senatorial candidates must be stopped ASAP.

    All Scripts ( Computer programs) to be used in the official re-canvassing must be officialy re-tested first with authorized TESTDATA. The result of the test must be verified against the expected results.

    If they match, then the retested scripts can used in the canvassing. All machines must be secured under lock and key from un-authorized access.

    If this is not done, the whole elections results from the president down to councilors are 100% INVALID.

    Why? Because the scripts can be modified/replaced easily by anyone who have physical access to every election machine deployed across different locations in the Philippines and abroad.

    The 2016 elections are automatic, electronic, and extremely fast.

    Thus, retesting scripts, verfication of test results and recounting the votes is very easy,and quick which must done.

    If this is not done, the whole automated election process is invalid because of the fact that a person who has access was able to replace a script without duly authorized. This fact proves the security control is extremely weak.

    • No power can stopped the D.I. just like EDSA I, Marcos unchallenged Army like the biblical chariots of Pharaoh unable to stopped Moses cross the sea. Marcos Army grind to a halt by the D.I. Power above. It is written and it should be done. The end of MARCOS TRICKS! Allahu Akbar! ARTIM Gonzales you wrote a long useless point, vow to D.I. and only him you shall serve. hangal na bijo!

  10. Indeed and so is the count for the senatorial positions. With the people’s repudiation of Dung Ma Tweed, it can not be possible that people allied with the LP were “winners”. How can the Tesda guy top the post when he has plenty of cases filed against him? Beneegno wants us to believe that this guy, with all due apologies to him, has more votes than Pacquiao? Isinusuka na nga ng tao si frank ay nasa “winning colum” pa rin sya? With this discovery, surely, if this were done for votes in the vice presidential race, it could have been done also for the votes for the senators. Now, they are rushing the proclamation of the senators to make it a fait accompli to deter any protest? PI. Aalis na nga si beneegno ay bababuyin pa ang halalan. Eto naman mga alipores nya ay nagpapakagago na sinusunod ang sintu-sinto. If Mr. Dee Gong is for a clean government, while the “unofficial count” may have made him the presumptive president making him gain a lot of political capital, he should speak now with no minced words and warn those cheaters in the Comelec that they will also face his wraths if they are not doing the proper thing. Or is he also afraid that if he speaks now, the official tally may even change – and he may also have been an accomplice for which his hand of reconciliation is a very subtle signal that he will also not prosecute beneegno?

    • Hindi pa sya makagalaw ngayon at Sa June 30,2016 pa Ang assumption of office Nya. Mag Oath taking muna at dyan makita natin yung unang marching order Nya.

    • Bonifacio Bangayan Claudio on

      I go with you in your observation. When Digong was shown to be leading in votes, he – Digong – immediately made media pronouncement about “reconciliation”… Had he not done so, Poe could have overtaken him thru the hocus pcos -VCM) manipulation by Smartmatic-Comelec-LP gang.