Marcos gets bishop’s blessing


NEGROS Occidental Bishop Vicente Navarra gave his blessings to the vice presidential candidacy of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. saying he should maintain his composure in the midst of attacks and remain friends with everyone including his detractors.

Negros Occidental Governor Alfredo Maranon, a member of the ruling Liberal Party, also expressed admiration on the way Marcos handled himself in the vice presidential debate at the University of Santo Tomas last Sunday.

“I was nervous the whole time when they were ganging up on you but I admire how you handled it and kept your cool,” Maranon told Marcos at the start of their meeting at the provincial capitol.

Marcos was in Bacolod City on the second-day of his Unity Caravan in Western Visayas.

Marcos told Maranon that he was expecting the tirades.

“We prepared for it. You know politics. There’s no use fighting back. I just had to answer and give the people my plans and platforms,” he told the governor, who had openly endorsed the administration ticket.

While in Bacolod, Marcos, together with members of his family, paid a courtesy call on Navarra and held a private meeting with the prelate at the Bishop’s Residence.

“We discussed everything under the sun and I told him to keep his cool and treat everyone his friends and continue with his desire to serve if he gets elected vice president,” Navarra said.


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  1. Jessie Makabayan on

    Bishop Navarra, you are supposedly a man of God. How can you support the son of a tyrant dictator who have killed and tortured thousand of Pilipinos. His family is still keeping 500,000,000,000( billion )DOLLARS of the people’s tax money. Did he promised you an SUB like what GMA gave some priest when she was president? How can we believe your teachings now? Pati mga PARE hindi na dapat paniwalaan. Kawawa ang Pilipinas.

  2. inggitero na pinoy on

    Itong Bishop na ito ay marami daw ang naanakan mula noong pari pa siya and he is living comfortably at his official residence. Inggit lang ako….