• Marcos: I lead in Palace-commissioned survey


    Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has debunked reports that Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo has clinched the lead in a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey commissioned by Malacañang.

    The senator on Tuesday said he topped the survey held from April 20 to 23, getting 28 percent of the votes of the respondents.

    Robredo, he added, tied with Senator Francis Escudero for second place with 23 percent.
    In a news briefing, Marcos said a copy of survey results was sent to him by a Palace official who asked not to be identified “because the survey was commissioned not for publication.”

    “He asked me not to mention his name. Let’s call him a Palace insider,” said the Ilocano lawmaker. “This survey is reliable because we know the methodology used.”
    Marcos said his source is a personal friend.

    The latest SWS survey and the previous ones show that the vice presidential race is a three-cornered fight between Marcos, Robredo and Escudero.

    The SWS survey held from April 18 to 20 commissioned by BusinessWorld showed that Robredo got a rating of 26 percent, gaining seven percentage points.

    She is tied with Marcos who got 25 percent.

    Escudero remains in third place with 19 percent, followed by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano with 16 percent, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, five percent and Sen. Gregorio Honasan, two percent.

    The survey of 1,800 respondents nationwide has a margin of error of plus-or-minus two percentage points.

    Meanwhile, some 5,000 people from Eastern Visayas gave Marcos a virtual send-off during a huge rally attended by eager Warays from as far as Samar and Biliran island.

    “Thank you so much for your support. I admire your resilience because two years after the deadly Super Typhoon Yolanda I can see that you have recovered from that tragedy as if nothing had happened,” Marcos said.

    Robredo, meanwhile, decried Marcos’ remark that the administration party is laying the foundation for poll cheating by making it appear that she topped the latest SWS poll.

    “Ang pagtawag sa atin na mandaraya ay pambabastos sa lahat ng mga tumutulong at nagtitiwala sa atin. Ngayon na number 1 na tayo, kung anu-ano na ang binabato na ng ating mga kalaban [Calling us schemers of poll fraud is insulting those who are helping and putting their trust in us. Just because we finished at number 1, our rivals would just say anything],” she said in a statement.

    “Hindi lang black propaganda ang ibabato sa atin. Sigurado ako na lahat ng pambobola at hungkag na pangako ay gagawin na rin nila sa mga susunod na araw [They won’t stop at black propaganda. I’m sure they will peddle more lies and empty promises in the coming days],” Robredo added.



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    1. Just like they did in their 2010 election…

      Mar and Binay:

      Pulse Asia showed Mar has significant lead at 37% as compared to 26% of Binay
      SWS showed a tie between them at 37%

      It seems the story repeat I think manipulated by SWS from Malakanyang to tell people na tumataas talaga at humahabol…para hindi halata na may pandarayang gagawin…

      Pulse Asia latest’s showed bongbong is 6% edging Leni
      SWS said Leni is 1% more preference than Bongbong

      Obvious na mangyayari na nman ang nangyari noon..para hindi halata ayan kunyari 1% ang lamang…

      May reports na from oversees absentee voters…a vote to Duterte Marcos, receipt shows her voting for Mar Leni…

    2. There will be NO guarantee that Bongbong will win either, so why complain? Because his expectations are different from what the survey said. What if the survey is correct? Marcos and his die hard supporters need to understand that there is no guarantee in life, so please stop crying.

    3. The only way the administration candidates for the two top posts could win is through Hocus Pcos cheating. The people do not want a return to the do-nothing Aquino administrations of mother and son Cory and Noynoy. These are the two most corrupt-laden reigns in Philippine history. Do not vote for someone because he/she has lost a loved one. We know what happened when we did.

      • Crazy when Marcos is leading , the survey is OK.If not, it is rigged. Baka akala niyo panahon ito ni Marcos ,Sr. na lahat ng election dinadaya.

      • Don’t mind about the survey result. People are more intelligent now than years ago. For me, Mar-Leni is a sure lost cause because PNoy admin have not proven anything nor delivered anything. Everywhere, you can hear BBM’s name. He will surely win. But I would like to add that Santiago has a fight unlike what Survey agencies want to project. Don’t buy survey results. They are paid and commissioned, thus manipulated. Just vote Santiago-Marcos come election and they shall win. I already voted for them since I am an absentee voter.

    4. Wow naman Leni, Ms. Assuming ka naman masyado. But still my congratulations. It is your group doing all the efforts to condition the voters in your favor as your Pnoy said, he will do everything in nhis power to not allow BBM win. You had demonized BBM with all your Martial Law stories. You allowed yourself to be used. In retrospect, I do not see any sincerity in your reluctant candidate but I see your opened vulnerability of thirst to power, arrogance sans humility. I have thought you are a good person of substance but I always thought you are a suspect as you have displayed no capacity to for unity and reconciliation because you are kami kami kayo kayo. You just bluntly threaded on the yellow mantra or narrative. As a lawyer u know there are two sides of the coin. Certainly the Aquinos are dubious people. They blamed the death of Ninoy to Marcos and rode to this story to propell them to power and sow hatred to the Marcoses. Like Noynoy you voted for the BBL which is constitutionally infirmed that would dismember the country. Like what you did now, consistent to did not investigate but believed the unpatriotic Malaysian influenced MILF BBL because it is Noynoy’s baby. Such hypocrisy!!!

    5. The SWS survey showing Robredo on top is testing the waters to set cheating trending. But, the undecided could not believe the instant jump to the top. The truth is, SW$ doesn’t have the time now to sell its trending machine.

      Bongbong will win, and will become an instant President by Fate. That’ll be at least 10 to 12 years of Marcos Presidency in the 21st Century.