Marcos keeps cool, enjoys debate despite attacks


Despite the “attacks” he got from his contenders, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Monday said he had fun in the vice presidential debate sponsored by the Commission on Elections on Sunday, saying he holds no grudge against any of his rivals.

Marcos shrugged off the tirades leveled against him, saying he expected the attacks because he is leading the race.

“That is a standard political strategy, if you want your numbers to improve, you attack the one who is leading. So it’s like that. Expected ko naman yan e kayat hindi ako nagugulat (I expected that, so I am no longer surprised). I hope that we can raise the level of discussion higher than what it was and bring it to the programs and the projects that we plan to do in the next administration,” he said.

Despite the outbursts, he said he enjoyed the debate.

“It was okay. It was fun because of the repartee. But I think, more importantly, at least kahit papano meron tayong nasabi na ating mga programa na ating mga binabalak kapag tayo’y bigyan ng pagkakaton na magsilbi (I was able to discuss my programs and plans if I will be given the chance to serve),” the senator added.

He noted that he does not take the attacks against him personally.

“Syempre hindi na matatanggal sa debate yung konting sagutan, at konting ingay—
entertainment, ika nga. So that was part of it. I have to say that I think it was constructive,” he said.

“I did not feel singled out in any way. Maybe, again, because my numbers are improving in the surveys, maybe it’s to be expected that the attention will be directed to me,” he said.
Marcos remained calm and composed amid the attacks leveled against him primarily by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, who raised the alleged misdeeds of former president Ferdinand Marcos.

In an earlier statement, Marcos said he will stick to his policy of keeping his campaign centered on his call for unity and platform of government.

“It has always been my belief that mudslinging will not do our country any good. We have been polarized by our leaders long enough, and look where it brought us. Instead of trying to put each other down, we should just present our plans and programs to the people so that they will have an informed choice on who to vote come May 9,” he said.


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