• Marcos not my dad – Poe


    Goodness gracious, he’s not my Dad.

    Sen. Mary Grace Poe-Llamanzares on Wednesday categorically denied an urban legend that she is the daughter of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos from an affair with retired actress Rosemarie Sonora.

    Sonora, the teen princess of Sampaguita Pictures in the 1960s, is the sister of Poe’s adoptive mother, actress Susan Roces.

    Responding to a reporter’s query, Poe said she had asked her mother to shed light on the rumor who told her it was not true at all.

    “Ngayon kung may magpapatunay nay na iba sa showbiz, bahala sila pero pinaniniwalaan ko ang aking Nanay at hindi yun talaga totoo [If there’s anybody from showbusiness who can prove otherwise, it’s up to them but I believe in what my mother told me that that is not true],” the senator added.

    Marcos, who was a senator and later President from 1965 to 1986, was rumored to have carried an affair with Sonora.

    Roces and husband, the late “Action King” actor Fernando Poe Jr., who were childless, were made to adopt the baby who turned out to be Grace. The rumor kept on circulating for decades and cropped up when the movie star gunned for the presidency in 2004 and in 2013 when Poe vied for a Senate seat.

    Poe was said to have been abandoned in a church in Iloilo after she was born in 1968 and the newborn was adopted by the royal couple of local show business who were then visiting Jaro town where the church is located.

    Grace, who would later join the late strongman’s son, Ferdinand Jr. or Bongbong, in the Senate, said they would even joke about the rumor with the latter calling her as “Sis” (short for sister).

    “Minsan naglolokohan kami ni Senator Bongbong, sabi ko, Senator Bongbong, sabi ko hindi kita puwedeng bigyan ng special consideration sa Mamasapano na hahabaan ko ang time mo ng pagtanong dahil baka mamaya mas maniwala pa sila na magkapatid tayo eh hindi naman totoo yun [I once kidded Senator Bongbong and told him, I can’t give you special consideration in the Mamasapano hearings and allow you extra time in asking questions as people might believe that we were really siblings and that’s not even true],” she added.

    Poe, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Order, presided over the congressional investigation of the January 25 Mamasapano incident in Maguindanao in southern Mindanao that left 44 police commandos dead.


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    1. William Tubig Dungo on

      if you are indoubt and troubled mentaly by these why not you and Bong Bong marcos get a DNA testing I admire toy you’re a strong women in finding you’re real self identoty.
      you will just be like marwan identified by DNA testing and you will discover the real who are you. That is just a real part of life.

      • I think Grace Poe is happy with her real self. Please people, stop this nonsense on adoption. She knows she’s adopted, educated, and loved. What’s more to “real self identity”?

        Her life is more ideal than many children who live with irresponsible parents.

    2. So who exactly are your biological parents? If you are a foundling, why? There should be answers to these questions. If it was me, I would initiate the inquiry; respond to the questions including your citizenship; and you met all the constitutional requirements to run for a higher post. It’s not enough to merely say I AM QUALIFIED. Prove that you are indeed qualified. Everyone almost throw bricks at Binay and all he does is verbally denying all the charges leveled against him.