• Marcos office hit by bullet


    A bullet hole found at the front glass panel of his office baffled Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. but he believes that it has nothing to do with the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law.

    The bullet hole was discovered by a security guard on Sunday afternoon at Marcos’s satellite office at Sunset View Tower along Roxas Boulevard in Manila.

    Police found fragments of the slug near the glass panel.

    The bullet did not reach the inner part of Marcos’ office because of the metal sheet installed behind the glass panel.

    Marcos said he asked the police to investigate the incident to determine if the bullet was meant for someone or was just astray.

    The senator however dismissed the possibility that the incident may have something to do with the BBL deliberations in the Senate. Marcos is the chairman of the committee on local government which. He is set to submit a substitute bill on the BBL to plenary this week.

    “I don’t think it is related to BBL. I am hoping that it is not related. It is difficult to speculate because we still do not know,” Marcos told reporters.

    The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) of the Southern Police District (SPD) is now investigating the incident.

    Marcos said it was the second time that a stray bullet was found in his satellite office.

    One of his service vehicles was also hit by a stray bullet while parked near his office several months ago. No one was hurt in the incident.


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    1. he need to double his security both in office and at home. this is the reason why the country will remain a 3rd world country. they do not want a very intelligent president. its like a threat to the crooks. BBM must have many potential enemies namely; MILFs, Pnoy’s yellow groups, and the leftists

    2. Let us pray that nothing to be happened to him. For all the Presidentiables (Though even he did not declared yet) he is one of the best . Being a Senator, he did his job accordingly. Even when he was a Governor and Congressman.