• Marcos on taped conversation: It was I and Deles talking


    SENATOR Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos on Monday claimed that the taped conversation between him and Presidential Peace Adviser Teresita Quintos-Deles was authentic, adding that they are now investigating how the recording was undertaken and how it reached the media.

    “Unfortunately I have to say totoo (real). We first heard about this on Friday, I had my staff check it, I told them to listen to the tape and they said it was me talking and we can identify precisely it was the meeting between you and Sec. Ging Deles on Monday, so that was the 26th,” the lawmaker told a weekly news forum at the Manila Hotel.

    Since the incident brought up serious questions about security in his office, Marcos said he has given instructions to find out how it happened, how far was the recorder from them and how it was leaked to the press.

    “I’m trying to get some of these sound experts to tell me what was the distance, how far were they relative to the Secretary and I… Then yung sourcing, sino ang nag-release, sinong nagpadala sa Manila Times, kay Carmen Pedrosa, etc. etc. So that’s another line of investigation that we are undertaking,” Marcos further said.

    A copy of the recorded conversation reached social networking site Facebook after it was posted by journalist Carmen Pedrosa who claimed that the copy was sent by a certain “Ricky” who wrote about the audio recording of the meeting between Deles and Marcos.

    Deles noted that if the audio recording does exist, it should be a cause for alarm as it is a conversation with the senator held in his office and would thus be a violation of Republic Act 4200 or the Anti-Wire Tapping Law.

    But Marcos himself stressed during the Manila Hotel forum that the meeting was not done in secrecy because they had nothing sensitive to discuss. He also vehemently denied that the recording was done by one of his men.



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