• Marcos: Other candidates should now decide


    SUBIC BAY: Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Thursday claimed that the announcement of Sen. Grace Poe to run for the presidency did not surprise him.

    “It was very well expected. Malinaw noon pang nakaraang mga linggo na tatakbo siya bilang Pangulo [As early as last week, it was clear that she’s running for President],” Marcos said.

    He noted that the political terrain has become more clear.

    “[Poe’s] declaration will help other candidates decide what they will do. We will also be forced to decide,” the Ilocano lawmaker said.

    When asked when he will announce his candidacy, Marcos said he has no date yet.

    “We will announce it once I have a date, a decision. I will make it known not only to the media but the whole country,” he added.

    Marcos said his decision to run and be paired with Vice President Jejomar Binay will not be based on percentage.

    “Hindi by percent ang pagde-desisyon. Kung gusto tumakbo, tumakbo. Kapag maayos na mga imponderable variables at malinaw na, mas magiging maliwanag din ang dapat kong gawin [Making a decision should not be based on percentages. If you want to run, go run.

    If the imponderable variables are all right and clear, the clearer will be my decision],” he added.

    Marcos said the Nacionalista Party to which he belongs has not yet decided on whom to support for President.

    “Without a doubt, kahit ano pa mangyari, the NP will be involved in the 2016 elections. Kung walang presidential candidate sa loob ng partido, hahanap ito ng ibang susuportahan kapag maliwanag na sitwasyon [If the party has no candidate for President, it will look for somebody to support if the situation gets clearer],” he added.

    Marcos said members of the NP recently met and saw many political alliances and developments as the date of filing of certificates of candidacy in October nears.

    “The NP is still in consultation with different groups and will choose the best programs it will support,” he added.


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    1. It is a commitment to protect and serve our people. If BBM will decide to be VP of Binay its okey and am hoping I can walk again in the streets with no fear and safe like what his father did during martial law. I don’t care about the accusation on Binay I am looking for Leadership by results. Lets accept it that any politicians like money and power but helping your people like in Makati is good enough to show that he did a good job by sharing the blessings to the people of Makati. I heard a lot from taxi drivers during my stay in the Philippines that they like to live in Makati because of the benefits like free education, and health care,

      Good Luck Mr, Jejomar Binay and Bongbong Marcos, people should see I locos Norte how the Marcos family improve the living conditions of the Ilocanos and Binay Family people in Makati.

      We are very reach in natural resources lets commercialize it and improve the economy of the Philippines. Transportation/traffic is not a problem its just a proper Traffic and Logistics Management with more than 7,000 islands lets connect it to export or deliver our goods everywhere, anywhere by sea, air and land. I know Mr. Binay and Mr. Bongbong can do this with our help as people of the Philippines.

      JBM (Jejomar Binay-BongBong Marcos)the answer of what we need in the Philippines….

      Good luck to everyone..

    2. VP Binay has been convicted in the “court of public opinion” without a trial. It’s easy to say something bad or accused anyone to destroy credibility to advance your personal ambition like Trillanes and Cayetano – master of that dirty tactic. Binay-Marcos would be a good tandem if Binay was not accused of any wrongdoing. But one way or the other Marcos has a good chance of winning position.

    3. Bongbong Marcos should run first as vice-president wherein he is a sure winner. After six years as vice-president and he’s learned more and gained experience in the executive branch of government, he can run next as president wherein he also has better chance of winning.

    4. It is still Binay who has more substance among the three(mar,grace,binay) aspirants for president. Assuming that Binay is corrupt as what the troika of trilyanes,peter and koko is churning eversince, he is still the Presidential aspirant with formidable experience to be a leader of a country. With Bongbong as VP, the country will withstand internal and external issues affecting the country. Let us not leave the SHIP to amateurs and incompetent wannabes. The captain of the ship should be an experienced commander who will lead the nation to a clear destination and not steer the nation to nowhere and back. Who cares if the captain is a pirate or not? as long as he is a good and able ship captain, the ship will weather all storms and lives will not be wasted unneccesarily. Vote Binay – Marcos come 2016

      • Do you really believe what you are saying. Your guy is experience in bad things. Numbers do not lie. Imagine you are going to vote for this guy with a bad reputation. Where did you go to school because i am going to sue your school for having a student like you.

    5. The best way is BBM to get a crack for Pres with Duterte as VP or Lacson, The combination is formidable. They will grab the votes from LUSVIMINDA. The silent majority are waiting for BBM to announce his Pres candidacy and you will see!

    6. The best time for BBM to run for the presidency is now while the declared candidates are weak. For him to run as VP to Binay would surely be a losing proposition. Binay’s winnability is cascading down. He can not rely on UNA or NP but with his own political strength on the basis of achievements of his father and mother and the Marcos loyalist and the general populace that until now believes that no other Philippine leader had accomplished on infrastructure and services for country’s welfare as that of his father and mother. He surely has a captive vote not to mention the G. I, no longer simply genuine Ilocanos but expanded to become ” Global Ilocanos”.

    7. My prediction is that the winners will be Poe and Bongbong. Had Leni have enough national exposure she could put up a fight for VP. The irony of this Poe-Marcos is the possibility that Marcos might become the president. If Poe wins, her qualifications will be contested, and even the election results will be contested. All of which will eventually find their way to the Supreme Court. The SC might just use the election protest on Poe as the vehicle to reverse the Aguinaldo doctrine. Sounds intriguing, ain’t it?

      • Do not vote for marcos, i was a student of UP during the martial law days. You can just imagine what his dad did to this country and to of my batch mates in UP. Like father like son. This saying is true up to now.

    8. Bongbong should run for re-election, and once re-elected, should aim for the Senate presidency.

    9. BBM with Binay is a losing proposition. BBM will only be ‘pulled down’ with Binay on his team. Binay has a lot to clear with all the accusations of corruption and plunder against him. Blanket denials are not enough!

      Pres. BBM 2016!

    10. If you feel you have not only something but a lot to offer, run. Slug it out with the rest. You have equal chance as them. Run!