• Marcos: Poll protest will set precedent


    Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. believes that the electoral protest he filed before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) questioning the results of the vice presidential race will set a precedent and he will eventually be proclaimed the winner.

    “I am confident that this is a precedent setting case (at) malakas ang loob ko. Malaki ang kumpyansa ko na hindi tatagal katulad ng iba dahil iba ang approach namin at pangalawa ngayon lang tayo nakakita ng ganito karaming ebidensya dahil napaka-blatant talaga ng ginagawa na pandaraya sa halalan sa pagka Bise Presidente (I am confident that this case will be resolved early because our approach is different and the evidence is overwhelming.

    The cheating in the vice presidential contest was blatant),” he said.

    Marcos said his group has been getting numerous pieces of evidence from supporters and strangers who were appalled by how cheating was done in the elections.

    “Hindi lang ang mga grupo na sumuporta sa akin ang gustong tumulong, meron kaming natatanggap na sulat na ang cover letter sinasabing hindi kita ibinoto pero alam kong dinaya ka kaya’t eto ang mga ebidensya na nakita ko na ipinapadala ko sa inyo, baka makatulong sa inyo. Kaya nakikita natin hindi na ito tungkol sa akin, ito ay tungkol na sa milyong milyong boto na winala at sa mga milyon milyong botante kung kaninong mga boses ay hindi narinig ng ating Comelec, ng ating sistema ng halalan (My supporters are not the only ones who want to help. We have been receiving letters saying I did not vote for you but I know that you were cheated so I am sending you evidence, it may be of help. So this is no longer just about me, this is about the voters whose voice were not heard by the Comelec),” he stressed.

    Marcos expects more evidence to be submitted in the coming days as many people have expressed their desire to help him once President Rodrigo Duterte takes office.

    The Ilocano lawmaker is specifically contesting the election results in 39,221 clustered precincts in 25 provinces and five highly urbanized cities. Of the 25 provinces, he wants the PET to declare a failure of elections in three provinces — Lanao del Sur, Basilan and Maguindanao.

    Marcos said the poll fraud was committed through various modes of cheating like vote buying, pre-shading, intimidation and failure of elections and the unauthorized introduction by Smartmatic of a new hash code into the transparency server.


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    1. “Kawawang BBM”. Still grieving and hoping. Now that he has filed his PET petition, maybe his mantra of “I got cheated” will cease for quite awhile. It is getting boring and tiresome.

    2. Juan T. Delacruz on

      Make sure that every single person that sent you documentary evidence can appear in person in court for cross examination. Their voters I.D. numbers and their legitimate addresses will be double checked to ensure that every person who gave you evidence is identified. Their fingerprints will be verified as well, before they can get into the courtroom, tagging them as exhibits and be cross examined whenever the defense desires to do so. This is a process normally done, to make sure that your witnesses are legitimate, and not Resting In Peace.

      People would like to remind you that the Votes in ARMM region are their expression on what you did on BBL. Are you asking the court to declare the votes here as void?
      Non lawyers like myself, do not think that your lawsuit will succeed because there are no specifics. Vote buying, intimidation, failure of election are non specifics and only reside in your imagination. Unauthorized introduction of new hash code into the transparency server? You should try it again because there was no new hash code introduced anytime, in transparency server(s).

      Quite frankly, the lawyers of BBM who crafted this complaint did a lousy job because nothing was specific and as usual, they are still lost. The only part of the complaint to make sense is to recount the votes of 39,221 precincts, and most of them are in Robredo’s bailiwicks .

      Lastly, Marcos’ camp were able to brainwashed thousands of not so bright people, making them believe that he was cheated. What happened to the Power curve crafted by a professor name Contreras and another mathematician ? why was their theory abandoned? Because couple of smart journalists from Rappler Philippines was able to put a more credible graft at every 10 minutes interval during vote counting. They have proven that the theories of these two morons were wrong. Are they professors?Ph.D.s? I would not want to take any classes thought by these two professors.

    3. THE LORD BLESS you and give you victory as VP BongBong!

      As your victory is the victory of truth and the cornerstone of the Philippine democracy.

      may the PET save our democracy!

    4. Kung may hiya pang natitira kay Leni magre resign na sya, kaya lang mukang wala na talaga syang hiya, pinakapal na ang mukha ni Leni ng lagi nyang pagsama kay Noynoy, Mar at sa mga dilawang LP kung saan pinakapal ang mukha nya ng sang damukal na pera na kinulimbat ni Noynoy, Abad and company sa kaban ng bayan, para lang tumakbo sya ng pagka bise presidente kahit alam nyang wala syang pag asang manalo kung hindi dadayain ang halalan na syang ginawa ng mga hinayupak na LP sa tulong ng Comelec!