• Marcos: Poll protest won’t affect Duterte win


    Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has assured President-elect Rodrigo Duterte that he will not be affected by an electoral protest that he will file at the end of the month.

    “Ang pinag-usapan lang namin ay… actually itong inire-report ko sa kanya itong plano ko, ika ko we have made sure na itong protesta na gagawin namin ay hindi ka maaapektuhan in any way, number one. E baka sabihin niya e basta’t sinisira namin lahat e pati yung kanya ay madadamay. I assured him that that is not the case [We have made sure that the electoral protest will not affect him in any way],” Marcos told reporters in a news forum on Saturday in Quezon City.

    He had a three-hour meeting with Duterte last Friday in Davao City.

    Among the issues tackled was his impending electoral protest against Vice President-elect Leni Robredo who defeated him by 200,000 votes in the May 9 elections.

    The Ilocano lawmaker believed that he was cheated, citing several irregularities like the change of hash code, vote-buying, pre-shaded ballots, secret fourth server and undervotes.
    On Sunday, The Manila Times bannered a story quoting Marcos that Duterte mentioned that the latter knew that there was cheating in last month’s polls.

    Duterte, the mayor of Davao City in southern Mindanao, won the polls by more than 6 million votes, a number that was insurmountable even if operators would attempt to manipulate the voting in favor of another candidate..

    Marcos also on Saturday claimed that he was denied 3 million votes based on his team’s calculations.

    But the senator, who will end his term on June 30, said he discussed other issues with Duterte in the presence of the leaders of a group called Alyansa Duterte at Bongbong or AlDuB (Alliance of Duterte and Bongbong) which supported them in the May 9 polls.

    According to him, he was offered a position in the Duterte administration but he could only accept it under the law one year after the just concluded elections.

    “You know, I am at heart a public servant and if I am called to duty in any way whatsoever it is an honor for me to serve, in any capacity wherein this coming government, the incoming President, will feel that I can contribute, I will be happy to do that,” he said.

    Marcos added that his role in the incoming administration was only discussed “in a general way” because it was not the reason for the meeting.

    He said he decided to meet with the incoming President to personally thank him for his support to his family, especially his statement on finally allowing the burial of his father, former President Ferdinand Marcos, at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    Details of the planned burial were also not discussed during the meeting, Marcos added.
    He said burying his father at the Libingan ng mga Bayani will bring closure to partisan politics rather than cause division.

    “I think it will bring closure not only to my family but to the rest of the country. This is something that has somehow been in the consciousness of the Filipino people, a continuing partisan exchange that has been going on for over 30 years which can finally be put to rest. And I think that that is the significance of the statement of incoming President Duterte.”

    Marcos noted that Duterte was serious in stamping out drug addiction, which has destroyed the lives of many young Filipinos.


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    1. Jose Rodrigueza on

      I am glad that he is filing an electoral protest, it was obvious that he was cheated and Robredo does not deserve to win the Vice presidency.

    2. the only son of the family of THIEVES, CHEATERS and LOOTERS is dying many many times like his tyrant father of thieves, dying many many times also. Losers and chesters die many times but the winners die only once like LENI.

      this loser BOBONG marcos is the last card or last egg to fry. his lost will the beginning of the downfall of the family of thieves.

      why can’t they give in and repent ?? God is so merciful…

      they are living in lavish life style with the expenses of Juan dela Cruz LOOTED wealth.
      we are just wondering why they have the guts to swallow the food that being bought by their big LOOT>

    3. THE GOD of faithfulness, righteous and without injustice– THE Author OF LOGARITHMS shall uncover the high crime against democracy and the will of the Filipinos–

      Go go go VP Bongbong, THE LORd is with you and shall fight what is true just and righteous!