Marcos prefers two-party system


Vice presidential aspirant and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Monday said many local officials are confused because of the multi-party system, making it difficult for them to decide whom to support during elections.

“The practice today is that they just cross party lines and this is a [manifestation]of a weakening multi-party system. Everybody is unanimous in this observation,” the lawmaker from Ilocos Region added.

Marcos said it is important that a party follow one central ideology, to which all members must subscribe.

“I think two-party system is more effective for us Filipinos,” he added.

Marcos said such system can be adopted only in future elections.

Maybe a new Constitution, according to the senator, could be drafted that will include a provision for a two-party system.

“Some [provisions of the 1987 Constitution]are now outdated. They have to be changed. We have to reexamine our Constitution,” he said.

Marcos, however, clarified that rewriting the 1987 Constitution is not included in the central policies of his governance.

What is important, according to him, is that people should start debating on it.


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  1. What is important is to support a candidate not on his/hers party but the ability to be honest and lead this country. Voting a straight party is as stupid as Roxas being President!