Marcos presses SSS pension hike


Vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said the next president should increase the pension of all Social Security Security (SSS) retirees by P1,000 in the first month of his or her presidency.

The senator from Ilocos Norte issued the statement after retirees expressed their dismay over the veto of President Benigno Aquino 3rd on the P2,000 SSS pension hike bill.

“I receive many inquiries about the pension hike from our SSS pensioners and it is just lamentable that they have been ignored which is the reason why I would like to propose that the next president should grant them at least P1,000 provisional increase through an executive order while waiting for a new law for a bigger increase to be passed by Congress,” Marcos said.

He explained that such an EO should be issued within the first month of the new president.

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte also believes that a provisional increase may be effected through an executive order.

Marcos also said that the next president should be more discerning in appointing the new set of officers of the SSS, saying the choice of officials should be based on their competence and not political considerations.

“The next president should find the best people who will think of ways on how to help lessen the worries of our retirees,” he said.

Marcos also brushed aside allegations that lawmakers pushing the SSS pension hike are using the issue to score political points.

“I disagree. It’s an attempt to help the people. It actually started with the clamor for lower income tax, then this SSS pension hike—both of which were vetoed and turned down by the Palace,” the senator said.



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  1. politicos are trapo during this election period many of them want to promised everything why cannot do this not in election time. ano gus2 nyo para mkabili ng boto pngako dahil eleksyon……. baboy….

  2. unemloyed bum on

    Simple equation that these politicians do not seem to comprehend. Why would you give P1,000 across the board increase to the SSS Retirees? During their working years, their contributions into the Social Security System varied, only certain percentage of their basic pay was deducted that went into their social security accounts. It should make more sense if they targeted certain percent of increase based on the amount the retirees are receiving. This method would be more fair to everybody receiving SSS pension.