• Marcos rejects govt BBL version

    Sen. Marcos

    Sen. Marcos

    Insisting that Malacañang’s version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) will not bring the country any closer to peace, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Wednesday said he will be presenting a substitute bill that will be for the good of all.

    Addressing Benigno Aquino 3rd, Marcos said, “Mr. President, I cannot support the BBL in its present form. May inihahanda akong kapalit nito na makabubuti sa lahat [I am readying a replacement for it that will benefit everybody],” Marcos said in his privileged speech.

    Although maintaining that he shares “our people’s thirst for peace,” the senator added that he could not accept the current draft BBL as it is full of questionable provisions.

    The chairman of the local government committee in the Senate, he said the draft BBL will lead the country to perdition.

    “Armed conflict will ensue. Blood will be shed. And when blood is shed, it will not distinguish between right and wrong; between young and old, neither between men and women, nor soldiers or rebels, combatants and civilians, rich, poor, Muslims, Christians. Nobody wins. Everybody loses,” the senator explained.

    Marcos, citing the committee report of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who heads the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes, said the draft BBL is riddled with constitutional infirmities.

    The draft BBL, according to him, seeks to create a sovereign state within the Bangsamoro territory and within the territory of the Republic of the Philippines, or a state within a state.

    Other provisions that Marcos said run counter to the Constitution are those providing for a parliamentary form of government within a presidential form of government; imposing limitations to the power of the Philippine Congress; giving exclusive powers to the Bangsamoro that will diminish sovereignty of the Republic; and seeking creation of a “Bangsamoro territory.”

    UNDER THE CLEAR SKIES Chief government peace negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer (2nd from left) joins Muslim leaders along with police and military officials in visiting the Sandab Elementary School in Butig, Lanao del Sur. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    Chief government peace negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer (2nd from left) joins Muslim leaders along with police and military officials in visiting the Sandab Elementary School in Butig, Lanao del Sur. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    He reiterated his earlier statements that he will resist any effort to railroad approval of the BBL.

    Stakeholders ignored?
    Marcos said the BBL will not be able to achieve its goal unless all the stakeholders have their inputs on it and their concerns addressed.

    According to him, major stakeholders–Sultanate of Sulu, Moro National Liberation Front, indigenous peoples, Christians, local government units and business–were not consulted while the proposal was being drafted by the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, whose peace pact with the government was to be embodied by the BBL.

    He paid tribute to the 44 Special Action Force commandos whose death in the hands of Muslim rebels, including MILF members, last January triggered the public’s full attention to the BBL.


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    1. Mang Karpio on

      Just like his daddy when he first started with the most admirable and honorable man. Well, that didn’t last long the color faded with the green bucks starting coming thru the bank acct. There’s always that saying the banana will not fall from the tree like the apple family.

    2. Helen Ramos on

      Bravo, Senator Marcos. Thank you for confirming that all is not lost and that not everyone in the Senate is a useless overpaid moron who can be bought.

    3. brandogandanghari on

      BBL is the final Cojuangco-Aquino curse in this poor country. Thanks to senator BBM, the evil yellow design did not succeed in ultimately destroying this country.

    4. First time a senator stand against PNoy! Mabuhay Bongbong. Mas may karapatan kang kumandidato sa mas mataas na posisyon kaysa sa mga kasama mo sa senado na mapagkunwari. You got mine and my family’s vote.

    5. I salute Sen Marcos for standing firm and having decided based on evidence and what is morally right. The Philippines didn’t lost all good leaders after all..that’s why we are still moving on…

    6. Odnalor Obirt on

      I almost lost hope when the Ad-Hoc- Committee cowed and agreed with the Islam Convert President(I Think because of his so much protection of the MILF). I lived through the terms of Martial Law. Those days are much more safer and progressive than today’s Aquino Administration. Ferdinand Marcos sent the armies and fight the Muslim Rebels because those rebels were making atrocities and challenging the Philippine Government. Todays situation is so different, THE PHILIPPINE GOVRNMENT IS AFRAID AND A HOSTAGE OF MILF. WE ALL HOPE THAT BONGBONG MARCOS WILL CONTINUE HIS CONSCIENTIOUS WORK ABOUT BBL. ACTUALLY I PRAY THAT BBL BE SCRAPPED AS A WHOLE AND THE OPAPP MEMBERS BE SENT TO PRISON FOR SEDITION CASE.

    7. PNoy has no love of this country Pilipinas – only himself w/ cohorts. They are traitors.
      We support you Sen. Marcos. Hope your LOVE for our country will contaminate all senators. Mabuhay kayo Sen. Bongbong!

      • William Tubig Dungo on

        brother he said people from japan to him to run for 2nd term to continue his mess up program he did to the Philippine for the Filipino as his legacy.
        Gawa nang PDAP, mataas na pamasahe sa isang kahig isang tuka mangagawa, mataas na presyo nang kuryente, tubig, tuyo, tinapa, bigas, gas, renta nang bahay, taxes, libre sa sa saluna dahilan kinanasel ang lamesa dam reclmation at lahat nang ibang pangangailangan nang isang pilipino presyo totoong mataas at suweldo kakakarampot. 30 years na ang EDSA revolution niay at mahirap pa rin si Juandelacruz thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Letz gamboa on

      Dat is my president…
      He only show the love and care for the filipino people….go bbm 2016

    9. Ganyan nga Bonget, ipakita mo na kaya mo maging Pangulo – na lahat silang mga kandidato ay walang laman ang utak kundi magpayaman lamang. Wala naman silang sariling pera na gagamitin pag kampanya kaya pag tumanggap sila ng pera sa mga negosyante ay sigurado na hindi para sa bayan ang magiging mga desisyon nilang lahat. Pangalawa, panahon na para ilabas ang mga katotohanan.

    10. Senator Marcos did the right thing I really don’t understand why in heaven’s name P Noy was so in a hurry to pass this shady law is he aiming for a Nobel Peace prize?We all want peace in Mindanao but not through that garbage law that’s full of unconstitutionalities that’s what we got electing a popular President we definitely need a Technocrat to lead this country!

    11. Although Sen. Bongbong has proven once that he would not be cowed by the man in Malacanang when he voted for the acquittal of CJ Corona, I am reserving my praise to him until he makes public his own BBL version.

      Please Sen. Bongbong, don’t let us down.

    12. This junior has more balls than the other junior occuppying malacanang. This shows the root stock of the earlier junior is made of sturdier stuff compared to that latter junior whose root stock re-invented the use of BAYONG . No can do latter junior, you can bully your stoogies not this junior. This shows your lack of tack..and foresight. Your management of the situation is only inside the box, what is outside you manage by bribery and some intimidation. This kind of sensitive laws before you propose must pass ala PERT-CPM test..ergo now you only know there is another junior that can derail this bill. Me think you belong to middle management level, not worthy of executive title.

      FM Junior, I indirectly know you because i knew the person who served you while you were studying abroad. Praises of you I heard from that guy that I realized today maybe are true. I hope….

    13. genesisbughaw on

      This is what we taxpaying filipinos really missed – a quality of statemanship and the essence of democracy that are being seen now by the Filipino People.

      I’m so sorry for the franken state of mind and deficiency of bs noynoy.

      In fact, the hell benting of noypi to recklessly push his project bbl is a political disaster to his yellow party which in turn a blessing for our Nation general well being.

      Mabuhay ang Republika ng Pilipinas!

    14. Deles and Ferrer should be arrested for treason,they sold out the government.The terrorist MILF and OPAPP both have the same master the Malaysian government.Alyas Murad,Jafaar and Igbal are Malaysian citizen.That is why they do all the talking in Malaysia so we will not know what is going on.

    15. Good Job sir. I salute you. We, Filipinos, christian and muslims were all same in blood related that can live together side by side with love and peace. Junk BBL and replace that all Filipinos will live together harmoniously. GOD BLESS PHILIPPINES and Bless Senator Bong Bong Marcos…

    16. Scrap the BBL and find a way to abolish autonomous regions,it is not fair to give special treatment to certain group of people and the rest are not.There is poverty all over the country.Every region fought the Spaniard and the Americans when they colonize our country.MNLF and MILF are the main group that are creating problem in that part of Mindanao and the rest they all want to live in peace,Malaysia wants to destabilize our country by supporting this terrorist group so we will be busy killing each other and for them to continue and plunder our Sabah and abuse the Pilipinos living there.

    17. laguatanlawZen.com on

      CONGATULATIONS Sen. Marcos for a job well done. I highly appreciate you have the gal and courage to say NO to stupid and slipshod Aquino and his evil cronies. Resist Abnoy’s evil plans and his evil cronies. He wants to balkanize the PH at the expense of all Filipinos to please his Malaysian friends and Muslim Iqbal. I appreciate you have the gravitas of your illustrious father. There is a grapevine that they will replace you with Abnoy’s Tuta so that PNoy can push the BBL approval. Resist and the people will b behind you.

    18. let there be blood if the moros insists on partitioning the country. No to BBL. let there be war if this is what it takes to keep the country intact. If there will be new war with the Moros Im sure their minority population will further be reduced to a fraction.

    19. angel paredes on

      if aquino succeed with current bbl draft … his legacy to mindanao people in particular will be written in blood.

    20. William Tubig Dungo on

      Sabi nga nang KANO man you have BALLS to do that and say that you will not send the BBL for approval yet vecause it has bulilyaso. Kaya wait for me I will ready to campaign for BBM FOR PRESIDENT. I admire you because you know how to say no if you believed it is wrong and unjust. Thank you Bong Bong look at my post on your BBM for president Facebook. Give me a chance to see you personaly when I go home and campaign for you. Thank you BBM.

    21. I Remember... on

      Highly intelligent, articulate and honorable man. He is a great potential for Presidency.

    22. donn masangkay on

      Thanks Sen.BBM Sen. Madam MDS ang ating mga nangungunang senador upang pag aralan at bigyang pansin ang mga kapalpakan ng minamadaling #BBL .. salamat sa inyo , kayu ang tagapagtanggol ng tinatawag nating kasarinlan,at nakikipaglaban sa grupong traydor mapalabas man ng ating pamahalaan o loob.. ang ating mga mabubuting senador kung saan hindi tutulogtulog sa pansitan..saludo po kami sa inyo..

    23. Abner Ali Abdullah on

      Its good we have a senator with genuine Filipino blood and idealism. We can not afford to gamble our childrens future in the hands of these barbarians.I called them barbarian cause you have just witness the Mamasapano incident. If this BBL happen then my family is prepared to migrate to any country who believes in the principles of democracy.

    24. Marcos is correct to rewrite the bill. First it should be titled, Amendment Number One to ARMM. It should contain only two sections: Disarmament and Funding. The Funding section will provide the increased funding in the original BBL subject to the Disarmament section being implemented. The Disarmament section will require the population of the ARMM to turn in all weapons larger than a pistol to the PNP. It will also require all armed groups to disband. Now we have a real peace document that will work.

    25. Thanks to senator Marcos and
      senator Santiago on their stand
      against BBL’s infirmities.
      We just pray that BBL will be junked

    26. Good WORK Mr. Senator Bongbong Marcos. I salute you. I just hope Marcos will not be unseated as Chairman on the Local Government Committee. There’s a rumors that coup d’ tat in the Senate will happen just to unseat Marcos for them (Aquino alipores) to get the Chairmanship of that Committee. The BS Aquino will not stop to get the BBL passed. Just remember the speeches and actions of Aquino for BBL. He will pass it by hook or by crook or whatever amount it will involve.

      • Actually to make it short in this case I can only say what our heroe once told the masa( THE PHILIPPINES IS WORTH DYING FOR ) but the son he seems to goes on different direction on BBL issues . because I feel we are being sold out and push to the drainage .This might start our country disintegration . chaos and war like what is happening in middle east might follow . MY PRESIDENT do you really LOVE our country if yes, please think 100 times why allowed our constitution to be violated. there are many ways to create peace but one that wont do harm for all of us in the near future. Dont push for a legacy that will taint your image forever.

    27. Why don’t the Muslims (since they are Filipinos) obey the laws (rules) of the Republic, like all the rest of us do? They have representatives, congressmen, senators representing them from their provinces, so why do they want to make their own “REPUBLIC” ? The previous ARMM deal with the MNLF apparently has not solved whatever complaints they have, so what is the guarantee that this BBL would be better?

      Also what riles me up is the fact that Malaysia is involved in all this drafting of the BBL! Is the Philippines ever involved in Malaysia’s internal affairs? Do we Filipinos no longer have any amor propio to allow this to happen?Are we that stupid that we have to involve other countries in our internal affairs?

      Why do the Muslims have to go to other Muslim countries in solving their problems? They might as well immigrate to the other Muslim countries if they cannot live with the rest of the Christian citizens here in the Philippines!!

      • donn masangkay on

        pag aralan nga po natin saan mang sulok ng mundo, mapa pilipinas man libya iraq o kahit anu pa man na may (Ismael) magugulo , nanggugulo, mahihilig sa gulo, ang ating mga senador/kong atbp. ay nalululong sa kapangyarihan kaya wala silang paki alam anu man ang kahinatnan nitong BBL pag nagkataon… bibigyan mo ng ipin itong mga traydor samantala ikaw bungal.. anung klasing pamahalaan ito? pamahalaan ng mga traydor sa bayan?? patnubayan nawa tayu ng ating Panginoong Dios..

      • Simple Answer:
        They have other “agendas” and not the “real peace”. This is the sad reality.

    28. Marcos is proving to be commendable and professional. Am quite impressed.
      Credit where it is due.

      • Syempre naman, magaling ang ama. Masyado lang kasing ginagawang issue ang “nakaw na yaman” na wala naman talagang matibay na katibayan ng pagnanakaw. Sa tamang panahon, ilalabas natin ang mga katibayan na magpapatunay na walang pagnanakaw na nangyari sa pinagmulan ng napakaraming kayamanan. Ang patunay ay ang pagsisimula ng paggamit ng yaman sa taong ito para mapabuti natin ang kalagayan ng lahat ng ating kababayan. Kun bakit mayron mahigit sampung libong tonelada ng bara ng ginto na wala naman meron sa Central Bank o bakit may mahigit trillion na pera na wala naman sa kaban ng bayan ay hindi masasabi na “nakaw” dahl walang mananakaw sa Pilipinas na ganun kadami.

    29. Cres Malifier on

      Thank God for Senator Marcos! And thank God that even Aquino and Napoles crony Senate-President Drilon accepts that he can only manage to bribe or in ot6her ways persuade the other senators to pass the Aquino BBL in October.

    30. Conrado Maramag on

      Unless all those stakeholders are consulted, implementation of BBL in its present form will be bloody indeed as groups there will at war, MNLF, christians, other sultans, etc.

    31. Leoanardo Solomon on


      • Very commendable…we have already the ARM. They should have pinpointed it’s flaws and problems and instituted reforms for it to work…a separate state with major stakeholders left spell disaster.,go go Senator Marcos and miriam

      • Odnalor Obirt on

        1. There are 72 virgins in heaven waiting for the Jihadist Martyrs.
        2. Non-Believers of Quor’an are Kuffars and to be kiiled.
        3. Women are slaves to men and must give sex whenever the husband
        ask for it even at the back of a camel
        4. Women are supposed to be at home to serve her husband and not to
        be equal in profession.

    32. This is it as the brits would say “sock it to em” bong bong stop being a pasty and tell them as it is. This BBL fiasco is riddled with such anomalies like the most recent “dialogue” between certain congressmen and pnoy reeking with payolas coming from even a Chinese wanted criminal that caused a sudden turn around of Rufus and the gang of thieves including the revelation that iqbal is really not Filipino but a malaysian. The gall of lady gaga telling us that the deadline demanded by pnoy is not so much as to be able to embellish his sona but to allow a “transition period” WTF did she mean by that! Junk this BBL period I say.

    33. I salute you Mr. Senator Marcos for doing it right. Thank you for doing your job well and the courage to say no to the whims of the president. Mabuhay po kayo!

    34. I admired senator courage in exposing the truth about the infirmity and flaw of bbl laws .This mistake if passed through both chambers will lead to greater instability of Mindanao or worst if war was again to happen after few years bbl laws was approved . Our neighboring Muslims states can possibly interferred and side with MILF since it has been given state like statues already. We might loss the whole Mindanao to them . Changes should be made to protect our constitutions and to prevent the disintegration of Philippines state.
      Senator Bongbong goes above local politics. His action today will surely be remembered in our history . His courage even as he goes against the majority that has blindly passed the initials approval of the laws. Thank you Senator Bongbong Marcos. Now I admired and understands the kind of love you and your Father has for this country.

    35. Yes I agree to senator Marcos we should Not give to the BBL their independent, because this will cause more problem to the Philippine country.. I would suggest to stay the same and I support Mr Senator Marcos for the good and safety of the Philippine Country as well all the fellow Filipino people.. Thank you

    36. P.Akialamiro on

      We need comprehensive peace; not a ‘piece’-meal, nor peace for the sake of “appease-ment”.

      Please don’t let the Filipino people down, Sen. Ferddinand R. Marcos, Jr.Mabuhay ka!

    37. Alejo Rosete on

      I totally agree Senator Bongbong Marcos.
      Introduce a bill that is acceptable to all people.
      Muslins, Christians, Indigenous people, etc.

      The people will support you Senator Marcos.
      If BS Aquino insist – let us all go to EDSA to
      support you.