• Marcos retains lead in Pulse Asia


    Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is the most preferred Vice President by registered voters, according to an ABS-CBN commissioned survey by Pulse Asia from April 12 go 17 with a sample size of 4,000 respondents nationwide and an error margin of +/11.5.

    Marcos was the choice of 29 percent of the voters.

    Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo came in second with 23 percent, followed by Sen. Francis Escudero with 20 percent, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, 16 percent, Sen. Gregorio Honasan, 4 percent, and Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th with 3 percent.

    Some 450 respondents from Metro Manila participated, 925 from North Luzon and Central Luzon and 875 from Southern Luzon.

    Just like in previous surveys, Marcos was the top choice of Classes ABC and D with 39 percent and 31 percent, respectively.

    Robredo took Class E with 26 percent.


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    1. Federico Lojo on

      The problem with the Philippine Democracy is it being an elite democracy. It is a one sided system of governance that favors only the oligarchs and keeps the rest poor and uneducated. Not unless this vicious cycle is halted can a government for and of the people be realized.

    2. Among the scions in politics, Marcos is the only one who shows hard work, diligence, analytical mind and vision.

    3. Joseph Encarnacion on

      I’m an Ilocano from Vigan but I’ll go for Leni Robredo. I can see in her face, she looks very kind and will help the Filipino people

    4. Yes, only in the Philippines that Yellow noytard oligarch elitist people living in Makati district wants to control the lifes of Filipino people. Only in the Philippines that we have the President who is the King of Lies and favored his KKK, and not for the Filipino people. Only in the Philippines that we have irresponsible leader of our nation.
      Now Mr. PHD, you only live in my country for 8 years, and I live in my country for 60 years, to whom I should believe, in you or me as the permanent residence of this nation. The Filipinos now , know very well what kind of President and his allies we have. They were syndicate at the senate and congress … They do not serve our people , because they treat our Filipino as slaves.. Only the Philippines mr. PHD..
      Have you seen our metro manila esp. EDSA…and MRT our means of transporation.
      This project was done by Marcos not from yellow noytard government…For your information..

    5. David Michael Meyer on

      I have been is this country for over 8 yrs .

      ..I find it amazing how forgiving the populace is ,

      ,Here we have a man ;whose father; led this country into the worse case of open plunder..He set the template for the greed and corruption that was to follow

      ,,The family never once has showed remorse–In fact are still in all probability . living “High off the hog” On the billions that were –Plundered and laundered ..

      True we cannot blame the child for the fathers sins…

      .Can we trust that values of the father and the family –have not been passed on to the son ,,These values seem to be –“Take what you can while you can”

      How do we know that the mother who still holds office, and travels freely around the world ..Wont end up being the puppet master

      “Only In the philippines “!

      Dr David M Meyer PhD Psych}

      • You are still leaving in the past. We went through the atrocities of the Spanish, worst off the Japanese and learned to forgive and forget. The Marcoses have done a lot of good for the Country and after all that time you still hate them? Wake up and move on man.

      • I have you’re not having a grandiose illusions Mr. Meyer.It seems that you are not aware most Filipinos are forgiving, forgive and forgot is one of their best qualities, where else you can find it-not in America where there is hatred, divisiveness and racial bias. I guess you are very smart but not smart enough to check the two sides of a coin. Have you ever considered finding the truth behind your insinuations, maybe you are just overwhelmed by your schizophrenic hallucinations but there is treatment for that “take your medications” to correct the chemical imbalance in your brain. If you are not aware I can you help you, seek a sincere medical advice from a legitimate Psychiatrist.

      • That’s how bad Marcos’ successors were, apart from Ramos! It’s not about forgiving but finding out there are politicians worse than him?

      • Dr David Mayer, anybody can accuse anyone, I can even accuse you of being corrupt, thief, or anything that could damage your personality, But the problem is, how can those accusation against you stand in court of justice. this should be supported with solid, strong and convincing evidence. That I think happen to Marcos, mud slinging, black propaganda and everything with no solid and strong evidence to stand in court

        majority of filipino people have already awaken and know the truth about Marcos Era . Who are the AQUINOS and who are the MARCOSES

      • Rodan Guerrero on

        It is on the records that Marcos spent 600 Billion Pesos in his entire 20 yrs regime. Repeat…600 Billion Php no more no less. The Cultural Center is there, We have the Kidney Center, Heart Center, unequalled Infra-Structure Projects, brought electricity everywhere and many other more projects w/c outperforms consolidated accomplishments by all past and present Presidents. The present regime has a total budget of 14 Trillion PHP but what can they show as accomplishments? NOW Dr. David M Meyer, TELL US WHO IS THE PLUNDERER AND LAUNDERER !