• Marcos revives ‘Solid North’

    RISING SON Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. addresses supporters in Vigan City on Wednesday. PHOTO BY CZEASAR DANCEL

    RISING SON Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. addresses supporters in Vigan City on Wednesday. PHOTO BY CZEASAR DANCEL

    VIGAN CITY, Ilocos Sur: Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. revived the so-called “Solid North” as he took his campaign to Ilocos Sur after his kickoff rally in Ilocos Norte.

    The senator on Wednesday won the support of Ilocos Sur officials, business and civic groups, people’s organizations and professionals.

    The vice presidential bet’s caravan reached as far as Bangued, capital town of Abra in neighboring Cordillera Region.

    Marcos met with Ilocos Sur officials led by Gov. Ryan Singson and his father, Luis “Chavit” Singson, local businessmen and members of various groups at the Plaza Maestro Convention Center in Vigan City.

    “His running for the vice presidency provides us new hope for Ilocandia. Drawing inspiration from the past, I am confident that he would bring us further into a better future. Let us turn this into reality,” the younger Singson said.

    “Let us prove once more that we have a strong camaraderie by supporting our fellow Ilocano, Senator Bongbong Marcos, and that the Solid North will always remain a solid force in the country,” he added.

    The older Singson said it is about time that another Ilocano is elected as one of the country’s top leaders.

    Marcos thanked the Singsons and the people of the province for showing that the Solid North remains a force to reckon with, saying it is the lynchpin from where he could deliver his message of national unity as key to a more progressive future.

    “For some time after 1986, the ‘Solid North’ has weakened. In 2010, it was slowly reinvigorated with my election as senator. This tim, we are doing everything to activate Solid North,” he told his audience at Abra Gymnasium.

    In an open forum, Marcos was asked by a student if he will also revive the programs of his father, late former President Ferdinand Marcos, who is looked up to in the Ilocos provinces as a hero.

    The senator said that although he looks up to his father as his inspiration, he will not implement his programs.

    “They are already in the past. They have been done. I will confront the same problems using new approaches. We have learned a lot from the past,of course,” he added.
    Marcos said he may also revive moves to put up an autonomous region in the Cordillera.

    “The Constitution says that we have to put up two autonomous regions, one in the Cordillera and one in Muslim Mindanao. Unfortunately, the proposed Cordillera Autonomous Region lost in the plebiscite. We can go back to it and who knows it might pass the referendum,” he added.

    Marcos reiterated his conviction that many of the ills that continue to plague the country can be traced to politics of disunity.

    He said achieving national unity is the key toward a brighter future for the country.

    “This is the challenge of the future to us who claim to be the leaders of the country. This is the challenge not only of the future, this is the challenge of our children for us to leave them a better place, for us to show them the way, for us to provide the leadership, to provide the vision so that we know which way we are going and that we are going that way together,” Marcos added.


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    1. Iam not ilocano, but i will vote for BBM, as he is the most deserving and credible candidate for VP but also can be President…Literally and basically, he is the most qualified for Vice President of the Phils. aside from being action man not only talks.
      ang maraming salita ay maraming mali, at kaunting salita ay kaunti ang mali, pero ang walang salita na may gawa ay walang mali…
      Zero vote to all liberal party…and to all pakawala ni abnoy na sila Poe, digong, at Binay.
      puro pawala ito ni abnoy, para hindi siya makulong.. kung ang isa dito ay manalo.. Mayroon ba silang sinabi na ipakukulong nila ang corrupt. wala. Si Merriam Defensor lang ang nagsabi na ipakukulong ang govrnment official lalo na ang ang may DAP at PDAF..unang una na iyan si abad at abnoy. iyan ang Presidente dapat ngayon..

    2. Among the VP bets, it is Bongbong who has the most credible experience and character. The others are only “TALKS”, especially Escudero who was in the senate for a long time now but he did not do anything parang si ABNOY din yan. Lets vote and campaign for Bongbong.

    3. i AM AN ILOCANO, i LIKE POLITICIANS FROM THE NORTH. bUT AS A FILIPINO i WILL NOT VOTE FOR A hITLERS OR sTALINS SON. nO WAY. iF YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY, vote for those politicians without any record specially corruption. corruption is the scourge of any government.

      • i think you don’t even know Hitler & Stalin.. How could you compare him to Marcos.. And layo naman..

      • Apay lakay, mamati ka iti black propaganda dagiti Yellows nga corrupt ni Marcos? Di ka aya ammo a mas corrupt ken mas diktador dagiti Aquino. Di mo makita nga kanayon na nga ireject dagiti programa a pabor iti marigrigat ken puro pabor kadagiti KKK groupmate niya ti desisyun na? Ilokano ka ngata aya?

    4. jeff jaramillo on

      Correction if I may, please. Not only SOLID NORTH BUT SOLID SA MGA ILOKANOS

      Dapat nga, pagka-Presidente ang tinumbok ni BBM para minsanan lang

      This election will show the world that the Marcoses are highly trusted by the majority of the Filipinos despite the tremendous negative campaign and charges against them. Those charges are just manufactured by people who are very ambitious to gain political position.

    5. Nonsence Beenay on

      Yes revive the “Solid North” but do no listen to Enrile who is campaigning for fellow criminal Binay. Both are accused plunderers. Enrile ia shame to the Solid North. To all Ilokanos, do not forget that Enrile and Binay are traitors and were the ones that were against the Ilokanos and Marcos.