Marcos runaway pick for vice president in Cagayan, Isabela


CAUAYAN CITY, Isabela: Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is the runaway choice in the race for Vice President in the provinces of Isabela and Cagayan, based on non-commissioned surveys conducted last month.

The surveys held from February 15 to 20, 2016 in Isabela and February 15 to 18 in Cagayan showed Marcos leading his rivals with a large margin, confirming his dominance in the “Solid North.”

In Isabela province, Marcos emerged as the top choice of his fellow Ilocanos with 42.3.1 percent, while Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero came in a far second at 21.0 percent.

Rep. Leni Robredo took the third position with 14.3 percent while Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano got 12.2 percent.

Senators Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan and Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes 4th trailed at 5 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

Another survey showed a similar result in Cagayan province: Marcos was the top choice of the respondents at 43.2 percent, edging out Escudero by a margin of 18.7 percent. Escudero got 24.5 percent.

Robredo ranked third with 12.0 percent while Cayetano was fourth with 8.3 percent. Honasan and Trillanes got 5.0 percent and 4.2 percent, respectively.

The pre-poll surveys conducted by the Issues and Advocacy Center (IAC) polled 800 registered voters in Cagayan and 1,200 in Isabela.

The survey has an applied margin of error of 2.5 percent.

In a similar survey conducted by IAC on 1,500 residents in Pangasinan on January 10 to 18, 2016, Marcos also emerged as the top choice of voters for Vice President.

He solidified his grip on Isabela when the influential Dy family threw their support behind his candidacy.

Gov. Faustino “Bodjie” Dy 3rd and Cauayan City Mayor Bernard Dy raised the hands of Marcos at the Isabela State University (ISU) campus. The event was attended by other political leaders like Alicia town Mayor Napoleon Ian Paul Dy, Anak-IP Party-list Rep. Napoleon Panganiban, Isabela Rep. Napoleon Paul Dy and Vice Governor Tonypet Albano.

“We are thankful to the Marcos family for what they have done to our province. The Magat Dam is irrigating 150,000 hectares of rice fields. We have the No. 1 rice surplus. The dam is bringing big income to us,” the governor said.


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  1. Trillanes for Vice President! I know he can do it! Just keep up the good work trillanes. We believe in you!

  2. I’m sure Bongbong Marcos will win the election not just because he cemented the solid North but he also gained the Mindanaoan votes and of course Leyte and Samar including Davao which I think will go for Marcos instead of Cayetano. There will be a lot of surprises in the bag for Bongbong Marcos.

  3. Conrado alcantara nasa marcos side ako since apo lakay pero hindi ako tulad mo kababastos magsalita, makadyos kayo db? Tignan mo muna sarili mo!

  4. Conrado Alcantara, how dare you can say that to the people of Cagayan and Isabela do you really know what are the words coming out of your stinking mouth? have you ever visited the place and if so, did you do a research about the place? do not be ignorant and keep your stinking comment to your self if you don’t know what you are talking about.

  5. Noong omopu si marcos na president sa Pilipinas ang pera sa kaban ng bayan eh 1billion noong umalis sila kahit marami projects more that 3billion na ang gold reserved ng pinas sa world bank sa tingin mo pag nagnakaw mayroon bang ganyan na status. panahon ni marcos 1 peso to 1dollar ngayon magkano tapos marcos pa rin ba ang nagkasala bobo kaman seguro?????????

  6. …in the parlance of governance in government, a sitting president is the most powerful figure of the country, depending of her/his conviction to turn the country around to become an economic tiger and political leader in the regional and international affairs of the country, however, there were factors that are detrimental and inimical to economic progress and political stability during that time because the 70s and the 80s were the period that the country was constructing her image as one of the major regional leaders of Asia while solving the local problem of insurgency, sedition and rebellion to have a long and lasting peace as well as economic progress. Truly, these troublemakers, political dissenters and economic saboteurs as well as mga pasaway were highly present during the time of President Marcos but the former president performed well in turning the country around to make it great in spite of the aforementioned disturbances. These were clearly stated in his book, The New Society “this is my fighting faith” by President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos

    • ………kung may madilim man na nakaraan ang bansa ay hindi noong panahon ng Martial Law kundi noong panahon ng mga Spanyol, Amerikano at Hapon kung saan ang ating kalayaan bilang isang bansa ay sinupil ng mga nabanggit na mananakop at dahil ang ating bansa ay nahaluan ng iba’t ibang kultura ng mga sumakop sa atin, sa pagpapatupad ng disiplina at paghahangad ng pangkalahatang kapayapaan, di maiiwasan masaling ang mga karapatan ng mamayan ngunit ito ay bahagi ng proseso ng isang umuunlad na lipunan. Sa pag-iral ng proseso ng pagdidisiplina at paghahangad ng kapayaapan ay di maiiwasan ang mga ibenebentang na paglabag ng mga karapatan ng mga tao sa noon ay nakupong Pangulong Ferdinand E. Marcos. Tingnan ang datos ng pag-unlad sa inprastraktura tulad ng pagpapagawa ng daan, tulay, gusali, mga paaralan; programa ng patubig; teknolohiya; agham; sining; pananalapi; research; foreign policy at iba pa, marapat lamang na itanong natin sa ating sarili, ANU-ANO ANG MGA NAGAWA NG DATING PANGULONG MARCOS SA (MGA) LARANGANG ITO?

  7. S mga ngbibintang o d sangayon s mga Marcos eh, mas mainam ku g mggather muna kyo ng facts me Google at YouTube andming sources n pede nyong nkuha d un ngmukha kyong mga tanga at mangmang s mga argumento nyo. Kung ngnakaw Ang mga Marcos eh di sna nkulong cla eh bakit na ACQUITED both International at local? Bobo n yn o mxdo !

  8. You cannot blame ample Ilocanos voting for the Marcoses if you just consider how bad the succeeding regimes are. Reality bites, that EDSA revolution is one, big swindle brought upon to the Filipino people, with the mere fact that so-called revolution is all about deposing Mr. Marcos for the clerico-oligarch class to reign supreme again — economically and politically speaking– in this blighted land, where much poverty abound.

    • having a thesaurus doesn’t take away from all the bullshit you’re spewing, imbecile. Just because the subsequent governments shit the bed (in no small part because they were handed a dumpster fire by the scumbags in charge) doesn’t make the Marcoses suddenly not a pack of power-mad dictators.

  9. Para sa mga nakalimot. Para sa mga di nakakaalam. Let us all be enlightened!

    Books on the Marcos Dictatorship:
    DEAD AIM: How Marcos Ambushed Philippine Democracy
    by Conrado de Quiroz

    by Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.

    by Ricardo Manapat

    by Primitivo Mijares

    THE POLITICS OF PLUNDER: The Philippines Under Marcos
    by Dr. Belinda Aquino

    by Dean Alex Brillantes, Jr.

    by Dolores S. Feria

    by Danilo Vizmanos

    WALTZING WITH A DICTATOR: The Marcoses and the Making of American Policy by Raymond Bonner

    by Senator Jovito Salonga

    by Senator Jose W. Diokno

    BANGSAMORO: A Nation Under Endless Tyranny
    by Salah Jubair
    U.G.: An Underground Tale
    by Benjamin Pimentel Jr.

    THE PHILIPPINE READER: A History of Colonialism, Neocolonialism, Dictatorship and Resistance
    Edited by Boone Schirmer and Stephen Shalom

    • Most of these people (authors of such books) are themselves have an agenda that would benefit themselves . Try ask yourself, does anyone of them had done anything comparable to what pres. Marcos had done for this country ? Do yourself a research about the aquinos, history would tell you that from the early part of 1900’s to the present , the aquinos have been representing people of tarlac from the great grandfather, uncles father , mother to this president and look ! Tarlac is one of the poorest among the procince of PHILIPPINES !!!

    • Have you ever read all those books?
      Have you made research about the author? Because if you have, you will know that some authors of those books are bias.

  10. Ilocanos will vote for Bong Bong 100 per cent. Not everybody hates the Marcos family . Look, Imelda and Irene are now elected officers. If all people hates Marcos, how come people elected them. A lot of Filipinos gained during the Marcos regime either money or property. Look at Henry Sy, North SM land was just given to him by Marcos. That is why SM is all over this country. Many were kidnapped and murdered, that is also why They hate Marcos and family.

  11. You guys don’t know what your talking about. I’m from Isabela born and raised. And I can guarantee you that money is not a big deal in our province, we have plenty of land and river that can sustain our daily needs. why are we voting for Marcos? It’s simple because of their leadership we have the Magat Dam, paved Road, irrigation you name it.. After Marcos we didn’t see anymore project.. Because of Marcos marami sa nga kababayan namin nakarating ng US ng walang kahirap hirap including our family and myself. At ngayon tatanungin Minyo kami Kung bakit namin sya iboboto? Kung naghirap kayo dahil sakanya e d wag Nyo silang iboto simple!! But don’t expect us to do the same because WE PROSPER because of them.

    • Agree…. Bongbong Marcos we love you. God Bless you….

      Campaign more with Meriam…

      Double time kasi marami sa Mindanao ay in the process of selecting their VP

      From Mindanao

  12. If this country elects Marcos into V-presidency, then we are going to the Dogs! The spanish colonizers are indeed correct in saying that the Filipinos are idiots!

    • Romeo Bagumbayan on

      That’s what you always say you are going to the dogs. Please compare Ilocos Norte and Tarlac, too much disparity. Ilocos Norte is much more progressive than Tarlac — the only thing that is progressing in Tarlac is Hacienda Luisita.

      Compare Bong-bong’s achievement as a Congressman and Senator with Noy-noy’s you will be shamed — for Noynoy seems to have not do well as a Congressman nor as Senator but you have elected him as President.

      Then why not elect Bongbong as Vice-president, who has been very consistent in doing great in his works as Vice Governor, Governor, Congressman and Senator. Not voting for Bongbong just because he is a Marcos, what mentality?

    • Marcos family has done so much for the country , only corrupted scumbag will deny the legacy of marcos, 30yrs after marcos, look at the country ,Myanmar and vietnam now surpassed us….NINAKAW NG MANGA AQUINO,LOIPEZ,AYALA,ABOITIZ ang LAHAT NG PAG AARI NATIN, DISGUISE AS PRIVITIZATION…….


    • That’s funny since the only “dogs” we can consider here are those blinded by the oligarchs during the so called “People Power”. Tanga ka pala eh, may nakita ka bang pagbabago since the forgetful EDSA? The anti Marcos propaganda is obviously starting however whenever asked about proof of their accusations they seem so become mute and deaf.

      People just want proof that the Marcos are thieves BUT NO MAN can ever prove that. Instead they keep hiding it from the people; so now, truth is revealing itself and no one is going to stop that.

      This country will be great again! Dapat sunugin sa plaza miranda ang mga miyembro ng Oligarkiya!

    • Are you a filipino? So you nean your idiot!!! I’m a filipino but i don’t consider myself idiot, I’m proud to be a filipino and i will vote for BONG BONG MARVOS!!!

  13. The Dy dynasty of Isabela and Enrile of Cagayan, tagged as very corrupt politicians, still have a lot of followers. Evidently, Marcos promised them something that they cannot refused, and the voters of these two provinces must comply to what these corrupt politicians wishes. Otherwise, they will experience a lot of miseries in their lives, or their longevity on this planet earth will be shortened tremendously.

    Secondly, do not under estimate the wealth of Bong Bong Marcos, because the family’s monies are not stored in the vaults, but rather in warehouses. All the fortune that their family corrupted are still under litigation, and have not made it back yet to the BSP. In other words, the votes that were promised to him have price as well, and this would not be a surprise to anybody, but rather a customary practices of politicians during election time. The bottom line is this–Marcos is a moneyed politician and the money that he is spending on this campaign are remnants of what was stolen from the Filipino people. Large number of voters in Cagayan and Isabela are poor, and majority of these voters were not afforded to have a fairly decent education. Therefore, MONEY is a very powerful element that can make everything favorable,
    to any candidate who have it and willing to spend it.

    • Every candidate is pouring money for this election. That is their commonality bro. All of them are corrupted.

      Now as an intelligent voter ask yourself, “sino sa kanila ang mas may nagawang progreso sa nasasakupan nila at bayan in general?”

      Si Marcos Sr. nga sinasabing magnanakaw pero may naipatayo namang imprastraktura na hanggang ngayon napapakinabangan naman.

      …and yes cases in courts are still under litigation pero updated ka rin ba na ACQUITED na sila mostly sa mga daang daang kaso na isinampa sa kanila both locally and internationally?..Swiss bank nga hindi kinikilala ang kaso laban sa mga Marcos eh kasi kulang at walang basehan ang claim ng PCGG at ng mga aso ng Oligarkiya.

    • Cagayanong Sigurado on

      The Dy dynasty of Isabela and Enrile of Cagayan have nothing to do sa kandidatura ni Bongbong Marcos…Masang Ilokano po ang nagdecide para si BBM ang kanilang iboboto sa Mayo……

      Mali po kayo sa inyong accusation na kami ay…. “Large number of voters in Cagayan and Isabela are poor, and majority of these voters were not afforded to have a fairly decent education.”..

      May I ask, did you conduct a survey in Isabela and Cagayan?

  14. Seguro walang matinong tao sa Cagayan, Isabela. Mga taga Cagayan mag isip nang mabuti bago bomoto. Isaoli muna ni Bong-gong ang pamana sa kanya na ninakawan si kaban nang Pilipinas.

    • Sabi ng Dios wag tayo humusga para di tayo husgahan, mahalin ang kapuwa gaya ng pgmamahal Sa sarili mo… mgpatawad ka at Ito Tanda pgmamahal Sa Dios…God bless and save Philippines…

    • I can’t imagine how you genaralize the people of cagayan and isabela maski sinabi mo (siguro) Pero inisip mo ba ang sinabi mo dto na it will hurt folks of this provinces? Sana bigyan tau ng DIOS ng sapat na pag iisip para maunawaan at malaman natin ang katotohanan. I believe BBM love our country Not a traitor.

    • Cagayanong Sigurado on

      Kami po ay matitinong tao din…..Patay na po si Pres. FEM, kung ano man ang kasalanan ng ama ay di naman pwedeng ipatong din ang kasalanan sa kanyang anak……We, the what so called SOLID NORTH strongly believe that Bongbong Marcos will change HISTORY… Hindi mo kami masisisi na mga ILOKANO kung bakit die hard kami sa mga MARCOS ay dahil sa magandang suporta sa AGRIKULTURA noong kapanahunan ni FEM…disiplinado kami! Meron kaming takot sa DIYOS….Kung yong PAMANA na sinasabi mo, eh let the court decide kung galing ba ito sa sinasabi mong ninakaw sa kaban ng Pilipinas.

    • Wow makasabi ka po naman ng Malang matinong tao sa Isabella at cagayan excuse me lang po kuya wag lang many lalait kung ayaw mo pong malait din ilatag mo ang mga nagawa ng iboboto mo at ilalatag ko namin ang mga nagawa ng mga Marcos na hanggang ngayon pinakikinabangan mo,ko at ng sambayanang pilipino e ung iboboto mo anong nagawa nya BBM for VP.. at sana pag nanalo sya maisampal sayo lahat ng mga pang lalait mo sa mga magagawa nya at nagawa ng mga marcos