• Marcos seeks more airport personnel


    Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. called on Transportation Secretary Emilio Abaya to hire more personnel to assist passengers going in and out of airports, especially at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

    Marcos explained that with the expected influx of passengers during the Christmas holidays, airport personnel should be beefed up.

    “Passengers have to contend with the monstrous traffic going in and out of our airports and they certainly don’t deserve this. That is why our airport officials need to make sure they don’t suffer more inconvenience anymore when they step into the airport. More personnel should be manning our airports especially the NAIA,” Marcos said.

    The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) expects passenger volume to go up by 10 percent on Christmas week from the 1.6 million arrivals and 1.4 million departures last year. This translates to at least 300,000 additional passengers.

    Marcos stressed that while airport police and personnel are on maximum deployment from December 15 to January 5, they will not be enough to assist all passengers.

    He pointed out that he has been receiving numerous complaints that not all gates in the airport terminals are open during peak hours and that only one baggage scanner is working to service those taking midnight flights, resulting in delays.

    “I receive numerous complaints from passengers. I myself have experienced it. And it will only get worse if our airport officials continue to ignore the desperate pleas of our passengers. The way to solve this for now is for them to hire more personnel to man the gates so that more gates will be opened and more baggage scanners may be operated to service them,” the senator said.

    Earlier, Sen. Grace Poe called for the sacking of NAIA General Manager Angelito Honrado for his alleged incompetence.

    Poe said Honrado failed to fulfil his responsibilities because he was unable to stop Tanim Bala incidents

    “Government servants should have integrity, competency and capability to do their jobs and take action if problems arise,” Poe said.

    “It’s that simple. If you can’t do your job, we are 100 million people [here in the Philippines]. There will always be somebody who can do your job well,” she added.

    Poe cited the case of Nanay Gloria, who was detained for two days for allegedly bringing ammunition in her luggage. The senator said Gloria was never given anything to eat during her entire detention.

    Charges against Nanay Gloria were dropped when it was proven that she was a victim of the syndicate behind the bullet planting scam.


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    1. Alam ninyo po kong maganda ang eonomiya ng isang bansa gaya ng Singapore, Taiwan, Dubai at ang mga suweldo ng mga tao sa gobyierno ay mataas walang sigurong mga ganitong anomalya, Kaya ang bayan natin ay maraming mahirap dahil sa corruption, sa katamaran at mababang moralidad ng marami.

    2. Yes, there should be more workers @ the airport not only during this season but everyday! Get rid of Honrado & Abad!!!

    3. mR. Honrado and OTs executive were all NOTHING… Pero hinid magreresign ang mga iyan. Dahil ang kalakaran ng administration ito ay pakapalan ng mukha… walang delikadeza…

    4. This Sen. Llamanzares shouls stop blaming the Airport Gen. Manager concerning “Tanim Bala” cases. As a Senator (btw, of what country?), she must legislate laws concerning that Filipino belief to avoid doing things which are against the Ph Laws. She is becoming a BIG JOKE!

    5. Yes by all means they should have do that not only during this holiday season but because Security is a must not only for the whole NAIA terminal and other facilities but all the passengers and others. They must be secure from all, thieves, tanin bala and terrorist.
      They should hire permanent personnel and not just as contractual personnel and renew every 6 months. My goodness there is enough funds for hiring new personnel what are they going to do with savings for non hiring of permanent personnel. My goodness this was the KALAKARAN sa gobyerno. SAVINGS para pambulsa every end of the year.

    6. Honrado needs to be fired along with all OTS executives. NAIA is the worst airport in the world for a reason. Poor lead ship is the main cause of it.