Marcos seeks poll audit

AUDIT PLEA Jose Amorado, lawyer of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., holds a copy of the letter delivered to the Commission on Elections. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

AUDIT PLEA Jose Amorado, lawyer of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., holds a copy of the letter delivered to the Commission on Elections. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

THE camp of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Wednesday sought a technical and systems audit of the transparency and central servers of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to find out if the introduction of a new program script into the system did not alter the results of the tight vice presidential race.

Marcos, through his legal counsel Jose Amorado, filed a formal petition with the commission for a systems audit which he said has become necessary in view of negative speculation triggered by the “unauthorized” change of script or hash code of the transparency server.

“In view of these doubts and questions and the admitted tampering of the transparency server and the breach of protocols relating thereto, I am formally requesting that this honorable commission permit my team of IT [Information Technology] experts and programmers, within three days from receipt hereof, to conduct an audit of the transparency server and the central server,” Marcos said in a three-page letter to Comelec Chairman Juan Andres Bautista.

The audit, the senator added, shall be conducted under the close supervision of the commission and its technical personnel.

“My team is willing to sign all confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements that may be required by this honorable commission in order to protect its data security, and to preserve all proprietary information belonging to this honorable commission and/or Smartmatic,” Marcos said.

“With the tampering of this sole security feature, how can we be assured that the data have not been altered in other ways or on other occasions?”

Amorado believes that the change was more than “cosmetic,” as claimed by Smartmatic and the Comelec.

“The problem is, it’s only the Comelec and Smartmatic that are saying that. They have not proven that it was only the “?” and “ñ” that were changed. So we are demanding a system audit so that we can verify whether or not that [that]was the only change or there were other data that were changed,” he said.

Party-list Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz, Marcos’ spokesman, said that based on the findings of their IT experts, there were more than three million “undervotes” for vice president that they want Smartmatic and the Comelec to explain to them.

“Our IT experts say that it should not happen. If there were changes in the numbers, it should not be that big. That’s one of the things that we wanted to clarify,” dela Cruz said.

“Why the undervotes? Does it mean that nobody voted for Vice President even as they voted for President or the ballot for Vice President was not read? That’s what we would like to know. That is why we are asking for systems audit so that we would be enlightened and find out the truth,” he added.

“’Yung dayaan, hindi pa natin mapu-prove ’yon. Ang sinasabi lang natin, anong nangyari?
Kaya hinahanap lang natin kung anong nangyari. Kaya dapat maging interesado rito maging kampo ng mga kalaban natin at Malacañang [Those cheating allegations, we cannot prove them. What we are asking is what happened? So we want to know what really happened. This should also be the interest of our rivals and Malacañang],” de la Cruz said in an interview.

The Marcos camp pointed out that the Comelec and Smartmatic only admitted the illegal alteration of the script after they exposed the incident a day after the May 9 elections.

It noted that the transparency server is part of and governed by the Election Management System (EMS) bid out to Smarmatic, thus the server was pre-loaded with a program and decryption utility that are governed by and part of the EMS that similarly governs the encryption and decryption utilities of the vote counting machines (VCMs) and the consolidation and canvassing system (CCS).

“Thus, if the “?”/“ñ” discrepancy appeared in the transparency server, bud did not appear in the VCMs, the ballots, the election returns, the CCS and the certificates of canvass, could it be that the transparency server was loaded with an entirely different program that was not presented in audit to the political parties and candidates?” the Marcos camp said.

“If there would be a real audit and we are enlightened, then we can start officially the canvass without any doubt [on the results]. Let us be very clear about this, the official canvass for President and Vice President will happen on May 25. What is coming out now is unofficial and partial canvass,” dela Cruz said.



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  1. Hector David on

    It is clearer than day that there are great doubts and suspicions … why change/ interfere in an actual counting process .. Lenu Robredo should support a systems audit … She has nothing to loose if she really won… Bautista should be the first to say yes .. in spite of his personal animosity to Marcos in heading the PCGG

  2. The hash code change could just be a diversionary tactic. Everybody is talking about it but it could just be a way to divert the attention of the public concerned. The cheaters are getting better everyday at what they do. The Filipino people will not be fooled by these crooks. It involves a lot of money on the part of these contractors and it invloves the reputation of PNOY and his cohorts.

  3. Now you are taking a dose of your (own family’s) medicine. Move on. Accept the results of the elections.

  4. Shoot are you serious the most musical nation is the U.S.A. they made American Idol and YougotTalent and Voice and all these shows that the Philippines copies including all the English songs…what does America have it has a strong very strong military hellooooOOo the U.S. Navy is in Philippines right now teaching Filipino Defense forces how to fight the Inchik and also equipping us with military hard wear so we have a country that we can watch and sing these songs in I don’t want a Inchik communista version of our country No Way Jose, so just remember Marcos wanted us to have a safe strong country and a strong military so that musicians and artists can hav a very safe country called Philippines, they are artsy not military if there is a war the military and soliders will defend their bodies/voices and /oil paintings from the enemy they will not kill anyone with a paint brush or microphone, and besides if you think about it who was the last one to really make a Philippine Arts Center as big in the 1970’s could you imagine by now how many more and how much bigger the musuems and art galleris and concert hall would have been if the Marcos’s would have stayed in power the last 30 yrs nah!!! OOOOh my god would we be so far ahead that’s fo sho!

  5. In 1972 Marcos declared Martial Law, during Martial Law, Marcos was buisy hunting down the NPA or the New Peoples Army !
    Who is ready to again put their name on the line and show again why to the ppl they are the best, they do not need money nor do they want fame. They do it for public service and to show that they do care about the country and the ppl they are after all the LOYALISTS and know for that. In order for Marcos to show this he has to be back in the driver seat, in order for the Opposition to show you their isnt anyone better nor was it better before is their kind of smear campaign. And for that I am so tired and ready for the Marcos to be back at the Helm of this ship a taken back to where it needs to be and that’s steady as she goes back to the top with Light, Power, Glitter and Money under a Captain who is from pedigree of LEADERSHIP NOT lies, deception and a family based on keeping farmers in low paying jobs and killing them in brod daylight at the Aquino-Cojuanco Ranch with not one of their body guards who killed never being arrested or jailed for even murders of un armed civilians and even a church official not EVEN PRESIDENT MARCOS ORDERED GENERAL VER TO FIRE INTO THE CROWD DURING EDSA1, ALTHOUGH GENERAL VER INSISTED THAT MARCOS STOP THE REBELLION BUT MARCOS REPEATED HIS ORDER “NO!” MARCOS A KINDER, GENTLER MERCIFUL AND RIGHTEOUS LEADER, MARCOS JR FOR THE WIN IN 2016 AND IN 2022 AND IMEE IN 2028 !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Panlilinlang, dito napaka galing ng mga politiko, lalo na tuwing eleksyon kung saan inilalabas ang sinasabi nilang ebidensya mula sa hangin. Ang ebidensya ay inilalabas dapat sa korte, hindi sa media, dahil ang korte lang ang magsasabi kung tunay ang dokumento mo o fabricated. This countrys’ government uses trial by publicity, at ginagamit ng gobyerno ang media para iconvict ng mamamayan ang sinasabing may sala. Sana nman, ang mga Juan ay wag na basta basta maniwala sa mga lumalabas sa media… mas maging mapagmatyag po tayo, at wag basta humusga ng walang tunay na ebidensya o basehan. Nag iisip na ang mga tao….hindi na basta basta pumapatol sa ganyang balita? Kung may ebidensya bakit hindi ikaw mismo sir ang mag file ng demanda? Bakit yung mga kabataan pa?…nakakatawa na lng kayo…puro alleged lng naman…

  7. Dr. Juan Luna on

    Here is a great idea if Marcos looses the Vice Presidency! President-elect Duterte,
    is separated from his ex-wife and he does not have any First Lady with him in Malacanyang Palace, why not offer the First Lady position to Imelda Marcos, also known as, Imeldific or Imeldita! Mrs. Marcos was the ex-First Lady for 20 years! It is no secret, she wants to go back to her Malacanyang Palace and relive her former glory!
    Imelda will make a great First Lady and companion to President-elect Duterte! Imelda
    can host state dinner parties for visiting heads of states. She can also act as a Philippine ambassador to the UN or to the US. She can go back and visit her favorite American city, New York City. The irony is, Marcos the son, lost the election, but Imelda, the widow, returned back to Malacanyang Palace with the new President-elect!

  8. Tampering and alteration is a form of a CHEATING, no doubt. This is the truth…
    BBM is the legitimate Vice President of the Philippines, because he won honestly and with no doubt.. But Leni the Lugaw Queen , if she wins, she won by Cheating.. Shame on her. We will not recognize Leni as VP , if Comelec and the Senate declared her..
    No conscience,,,

  9. I am a DUCAY diehard and at the start of canvassing of votes, I was telling myself that as long as Mayor Duterte wins, it is enough for us diehard DUCAY. However, I would now like to know the truth if there was real cheating in the last election for the following reasons;
    1) Why did the COMELEC favored the LP candidates for President & Vice President by printing in the ballots ” Roxas-Daan Matuwid ” instead of ” LP ” their official part? and the same with ” Robredo- Daan Matuwid “. This is the first time that it was not the party that was typed in the ballots after the candidate’s name..
    2) Why did the Comelec who went to the National Printing Office to check on the ballots before the printing did not noticed the mistakes on ” n ” to be ” ? ” before the approved of the printing of ballots?.
    Who were the Comelec officials who approved the ballots with the ” Daan Matuwid ” mantra of Pnoy on RoRo and (?) for Osme?a and Nape(?)a instead of “n”? that caused the questioned the integrity of this 2016 election?
    The Comelec en banc should explain this to us voters, di ba Bayan?

  10. Marcos is Lucifer in person! Those Marcos parin Pilipino supporters are followers of Satan! Just like the Isralites who demand the release of Barabas, instead of Jesus, Pilipinos demand Marcos be elected to the vice presidency!

  11. akala mo napakalinis ng mamang kalbo na ito.. 2 silang kalbo at isang elepante ang lahat ng me kagagawan nito. simple lng, IWAS KULONG SA MGA KAPALPAKAN NILA.. weather weaher lang yan, malapit na kayong magbayad sa mga kawalanghiyaan nyo..

  12. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Joe Amorado, tell your boss Bonbong that your “Audit Plea” to the COMELEC is DENIED! because the basis or reasons you mentioned in your plea are lies, such as “admitted tampering of the transparency server”, and “unauthorized change of script”. First of all, there was no “tampering” occurred on the transparency server, and secondly, you added an adjective “admitted”. Was there an admitted tampering on the transparency server? who admitted that there was a tampering occurred? When was this occurred? There were so many observers, waiting for the votes to be counted, and did any of these people witnessed anybody tampering the transparency server? Joe, your SHIT is weak!

    The second reason you used is “unauthorized change of script”. A “script program was added “not changed” to rectify a minor problem that defined n (enye) instead of ? (question mark). The COMELEC IT expert typed half of the password so that the Smartmatic technician can add the script program, otherwise, the Smartmatic technician could have not done this activity by himself. What this means is that the two password method is the only way to be transparent because the two parties (COMELEC and SMARTMATIC) are aware on all the activities involved on the voting machines. Therefore, the added program was authorized because the COMELEC IT expert typed half of the password, like opening the door, Joe! It was authorized!.

    COMELEC commissioners, en banc or otherwise, should not grant this PLEA because the basis mentioned are all lies. This lawyer, TWISTED the words just to fit his purpose. Secondly, this lawyer will make the COMELEC COMMISSIONERS look like a bunch of fools, if this SHITY PLEA is granted.

  13. They way he’s going, the next thing we know is that he wants to conduct another election.

  14. fidel S. Pescador on

    It should be done so that the credibility of the election/counting of votes is preserved…God bless and save Philippines…

  15. Rizal Sychitpin on

    It’s very obvious that cheating happened for VP & Senatorial race!
    Even Pres Rody’s votes were reduced by 3M.

  16. Ha ha ha ha …. LOL! How naive can Senator BBM be!. Even if his request is granted, does he think that his hired IT team will be allowed to do the audit? Are the commissioners of COMELEC, who are all lawyers, that stupid and gullible to automatically believe his claims? To be acceptable, the audit must be undertaken by an independent third part so it will be fair and free of bias. At this point in time, when the final count has not even been completed, there is no rationale for conducting a systems audit. BBM and his team are just taking steps to condition the public’s mind to his claim that cheating has taken place in the VP race. Whether the Pinoy public will fall for this stunt is questionable and remains to be seen. In theory, the so-called script tweaking, if indeed it resulted in a change in the vote totals, should have affected all of the candidates final results, not just the VP’s. Isn’t it weird that only BBM’s team and his supporters are adamantly protesting the results? Just a sign of desperation on BBM’s part? His plan to get to Malacanang via the vice-presidency has been thwarted. Now what is next for BBM?

    • Irrational and stupid people doesn’t seem to read what happened because they’re ignorant enough! BBM has been basing about the graph on how the citizens votes! He has the highest number of votes until 7:30 pm, then while people asleep, the number was changed, over a million difference! Illogical people like you who can’t think critically (or yellow turd zombies thinks like programmed robots,only care about what was transmitted from the.master manipulator)! Unjust controlling Commies, don’t care about the truth!