• Marcos seeks VP vote recount

    POLL PROTEST Supporters of outgoing Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. patiently waits for him to file an electoral protest at the gates of the Supreme Court in Padre Faura in Manila on Wednesday. (Inset: Marcos shows voluminous documents to prove his claim that results of the May 9 vice presidential elections was marred with fraud). PHOTO BY ABBY PALMONE

    POLL PROTEST Supporters of outgoing Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. patiently waits for him to file an electoral protest at the gates of the Supreme Court in Padre Faura in Manila on Wednesday. (Inset: Marcos shows voluminous documents to prove his claim that results of the May 9 vice presidential elections was marred with fraud). PHOTO BY ABBY PALMONE

    Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Wednesday filed an electoral protest before the Supreme Court (SC), sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), questioning results of the vice presidential race.

    In a 1,200–-page petition, the Ilocano lawmaker said he, not Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, should be declared the rightful winner because he can easily overtake Robredo’s lead of 263,473 once the votes in 40 areas are corrected through a recount.

    “It is my moral and social duty to the Filipino people to expose the truth, and the fraudulent machinations, anomalies and irregularities which attended the recently concluded May 9 elections, by filing this election protest. I owe it to the 14 million people who voted for me and to the millions of Filipinos whose voices were not heard,” Marcos added.

    He personally filed the petition at the SC at 4 p.m. He brought with him 20,000 pages of documentary and testimonial pieces of evidence.

    The outgoing senator is contesting the results in 39,221 clustered precincts in 25 provinces and five highly urbanized cities.

    He said the SC will have an easy time to decide on the case because the evidence of fraud was overwhelming.

    The PET is composed of the Chief Justice as chairman and the 14 associate justices as members. A vote of seven members is enough to declare the final winner.

    The tribunal has the sole power to hear and determine election protests involving the presidential and vice presidential polls.

    In the past, the tribunal tackled the election protest filed by Sen. Loren Legarda against Vice President Noli de Castro and the election protest lodged by former senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd against Vice President Jejomar Binay.

    The tribunal is mandated to hear and decide the protest in 20 months.

    “The votes presumptively obtained by Robredo during the last elections are products of electoral frauds, anomalies and irregularities. The votes obtained by protestant Marcos were significantly reduced, manipulated and altered to make it appear that he only placed second,” the lawmaker said.

    Marcos added that his petition is based on a flawed Automated Election System (AES), traditional modes of cheating like vote-buying, pre-shading, intimidation and failure of elections and unauthorized introduction by Smartmatic’s Marlon Garcia of a new hash code into the transparency server of the Commision on Elections (Comelec).

    “The first shows that the system had vulnerabilities that were not remedied by Smartmatic and as a result some groups exploited these flaws to reduce my votes and increase the votes of Robredo so that she could win the vice presidency. The second are the specific [pieces of]evidence of vote-buying, intimidation, failure of elections, pre-shading, wholesale ballot feeding and other abuses [that]were in the news. The third focuses on the unauthorized introduction by Smartmatic of a new hash code into the transparency server and the effects brought about by the so-called cosmetic change,” he said.

    Smartmatic, a Venezuelan firm, was the technology provider for the May 9 polls.

    Marcos said the Comelec and Smartmatic committed five major violations.

    He noted that Republic Act 9369 requires that the AES to be used in the 2016 balloting should have been used successfully in the country or abroad.

    But, he said, the Vote Counting Machines or VCMs used were entirely new.

    Another violation was that 13 days before May 9, the Comelec ordered the Board of Canvassers not to transmit the Certificates of Canvass (COC) until all SD (secure digital) cards from the VCMs have been uploaded or imported into their Consolidation and Canvassing System (CCS).

    Third is the fact that six days before May 9, the Comelec set up seven regional hubs for the reconfiguration of SD cards without prior notice. Configurations should have been done only at the Santa Rosa (Laguna) facility of Comelec-Smartmatic.

    Fourth is when instead of being replaced by standby CCSs, 30 CCSs were pulled out of the custody of the Bureau of Customs and were delivered to the Santa Rosa facility upon the order of the Comelec through Executive Director Jose Tolentino.

    The last was the introduction of a new hash code, which triggered a surge of votes for Robredo.

    Marcos asked the PET to order a recount of the questioned ballots and a verification of voter’s receipts and election returns, including system audit.

    Some 400 marchers trooped to Padre Faura Street in Manila to show their support to the senator.


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    1. Emilio Aguinaldo on

      Marcos is so desperate to become Vice President. Even after the facts showed he lost the election, he is delusional and clings to his fantasy of the duly elected Vice President.
      This is his way to get back at the Aquinos, Cardinal Sin, Ramos and Enrile for throwing out this father the dictator and his family out of Malacanyang palace by reclaiming political office and second highest position.

    2. Juan T. Delacruz on

      @ Mike
      Americans elect their President and Vice President by Electoral College Vote, and winner takes all. Candidates for President and Vice-President must be in one party ticket such as Democrat, Republican (GOP) or Independent. In the Philippines, the votes are counted individually and anybody can run for President or Vice president and can choose any political affiliation. There were so many Independent Candidates running for Vice President last election and one sore loser is what I am going to mention next because he filed a lawsuit, protesting because he never expected to lose any election, and that he is the son of former corrupt dictator, now in hell.

      @Marcos seeking VP Vote Recount
      The only legitimate action that the Supreme Court can do is to grant you a VP vote recount and the rest of your complaints will either be dismissed or rule against for insufficient evidence. There were so many complaints against COMELEC and SMARTMATIC, since the implementation of AES, but they were dismissed. Marcos mentioned about the 20,000 pieces of testimonials papers, most likely came from 20,000 legitimate voters and should be available to appear in court, under oath, and can be cross examined by VP defense team whenever they wanted to question these witnesses. However, I have a strong suspicion that majority of these so called witnesses are already Resting In Peace and it is beyond their soul’s control to be dragged into this mess. How about pictures and video evidence? In todays technology, couple with Filipino ingenuity, anybody can create anything for their purposes. I can create and put a ghost on any existing photo on anybody. If you can imagine it, you can create it, with the help of new technology today. Do I believe these testimonials paper sent to Marcos Camp? My answer is big NO, not in a century.

    3. Adelfa Akapulko on

      Marcos did not win as Vice President for a reason and he has to accept that the people have spoken by making Robredo as rightful winner.

      if Duterte is truly fair in his dealings he will respect this and acknowledge Robredo and seek her out for an important cabinet position. Perhaps this is now asking too much from a President who says will bring change … for the better.

    4. The losser Marcos Jr. is all out to reverse the vote of the Filipino people Talo na gusto pang manalo by all illegal means just like the older Marcos won’t budge governance and Declared Martial Law and trash the nation constitution to perpetuate his hold on power and reap off the country’s wealth into their pockets a shame that all nation in the World knew, but the Divine Intervention rip off his powers and throws him and family out the country. Now his Ultimate son Junior comes back to replay their gangsterism and rip-off the country the second time around. Junior what a laughing stock you are.


      kawawa naman ang Pinoy. ang nagupo kay RObredo ay limang (45) tao lang at 3 foreigner.

      paano na ang ibinuwis na buhay nila Bonifacio, General Luna,Rizal at mga gerilya at sundalo ng WWII para lamang sa demokrasya ng mga Pilipino?

      gann na lang ba yun?

      FIGHT BONGBING for all of us!!!!

    6. Mabuhay.

      I’m American. My wife is native Philippine, dual citizenship.

      That’s how I come by info and interest in things Philippine,
      including governance.

      That’s how I know the outgoing president Aquino had the same
      problem as the incoming president, Duterte.

      Seems a simple solution might be to do it the same as we Americans
      do it and put the president and vice president on the ticket.

      Duterte gets elected, Marcos gets elected.

      Seems that’s Duterte’s favored choice given the deference he’s shown
      Marcos and the lack thereof that he’s shown the duly elected VP.

      He or she will win (or lose) with their preferred choice.

      Maybe that’s why we do it the way we do.

      Maybe it’s a good idea for the reasons mentioned.

      Just throwing it out there.