Marcos sees start of cheating


Borongan, Eastern Samar: Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. suspects that the administration party is laying the grounds for manipulating the result of the May 9 election.

The vice presidential bet questioned a Social Weather Survey (SWS) showing that Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo of the Liberal Party has overtaken him.

“We were surprised by that survey. Why was the sudden change? We don’t know the details. I think that’s the start of the systematic cheating,” Marcos said in a news conference.

“Yes, I am still leading the surveys,” he added.

Marcos has consistently topped the surveys.

The 100,000-strong Fernando Poe Jr. for President Movement expressed fear that the SWS could be laying the groundwork for a repeat of the alleged cheating in the 2004 presidential elections.

Manny Fortes, national chairman of the FPJPM, said the release of the SWS survey showing Robredo on top is reminiscent of the group’s experience in 2004 when the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and movie icon Fernando Poe Jr. vied for the presidency.

“If you can still remember, towards the end of the elections, SWS showed a survey showing that Arroyo was ahead of FPJ. They also had an exit poll showing that Arroyo won over FPJ in the National Capital Region but the election results showed FPJ won by a wide margin over GMA in the NCR,” Fortes said.

He explained that the survey is part of the cheating scheme because it makes people believe that Robredo is a strong candidate so they can justify her eventual winning through vote manipulation.

He said there is no way that Robredo could jump six points over Marcos to take the lead in just a week.

Fortes said Marcos is the man to beat especially in vote-rich areas such as the National Capital Region, Southern Tagalog, Northern Luzon, Region 8 and Mindanao.

“Robredo is not even registering on the ground. Everyone we speak to always tell us they are for Marcos,” he said.

“SWS is always identified with Malacanang and it is known to do the bidding of administration so this is new survey is the start of the mind conditioning scheme of the Palace,” he added.


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  1. then we will respond with an uprising…..we can no longer allow the yellow animals to steal everything,including our votes…..ngayon pa lang,paghahandaan na namin ang rally to demand a revote if Marcos gets cheated out of a sure win

  2. Yvonne Brown on

    Noynoy Aquino said that he’ll do everything to stop Marcos from winning. That means all means good or bad. How could the people counter that? We know pretty well that Marcos’ win will be the beginning of a brighter future for the Philippines. I wish all means could also be done to counter Aquino’s ill will.