Marcos shuns mudslinging


Cebu City: Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Saturday said that he will not be provoked to engage in mudslinging, saying such acts will not help solve the country’s problems.

In an interview over Cebu Catholic Television Network (CCTN) here, the senator from Ilocos Norte said that instead of reacting to the tirades of his opponents, he will continue to present his platform rather than destroy his political rivals.

“Will mudslinging create one more job? Will insulting somebody else, trying to put them dow,n help feed a child? None of these things are useful, none of these things achieve anything except more disunity, more polarization,” he stressed.

“I would not be goaded or somehow baited to be part of the mudslinging or part of the insults that are going back and forth. I just see that there is no place because when I talk to people, ordinary Filipino citizens, they don’t ask me about what a bad person the other person is. What they ask me is what can you do to help me,” he added.

Marcos said attacks against candidates will stop after the elections so that the elected leaders can begin fulfilling their duties to serve the people.

The senator urged all political leaders to set aside their own interests and put the interest of the people first.

“Let us remind our leaders that they must attend to the needs of the people who they have sworn to serve. Their oath is to help the people, to sacrifice our own personal interest for that of the country, for that of the citizenry. And we seem to have forgotten it. Politics have put walls between and among us. We quarrel non-stop that’s why we have nowhere to go,” he said.

“We Filipinos are loving people. We have so much respect to our elders, to our neighbors. We lift our fingers to help each other. That is the Filipino culture we should support and show to each other,” he said.


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  1. It is for sure that our President will be Duterte and VP Bongbong Marcos. long live Philippines!!!

  2. We are fed up with all the negatives this government has accomplished, they are only good at mudslinging yet look at their records; corruption, crime, drugs, non-employment, more hunger, high electricity rates, traffic, unfinished infra projects, mamasapano debacle, dysfunctioning MRT/LRT etc. etc., it pales when compared to Marcos. BBM just continue your no-nonsense approach to our country’s problems. These people, whose main agenda is to destroy enemies will soon be relegated to obscurity. More power.

  3. Ang mga Aquino, ubod ng sama. Pres. Niynoy Aquino is full of hatred, bitterness, vengeance in his life. Sana mag-asawa na siya para matigil na ang kadadakdak niya. Kampon siyaxng Malaysia gaya rin ng ama niya for his gains.
    Yes, we will support BBM for VP. Sana balang araw, babalik siya sa Malacañang to lead the country like his own father.

    • Wow, talagang napakagandang opportunity ng Pilipinas kung maihalal at maibalik si Bongbong Marcos sa Malacañang. Sobra po kaming Marcos loylista, at paninindigan namin po na si dating Ferdinand Marcos ay maraming nagawa sa bansa natin, lalong lalo na po ang safety at peaceful ang Philippines noon for 20 years!!! Had it not been for that pintalsik sila, siguro nbilng n po ng Pilipinas sa isa sa pinakamayamng bansa sa buong mundo, kahit kasing laki lang po natin ang state of Arizona ng America. Kaya sana maibalik siya at tulungan po nating ipakalt ang maraming nagawa ng knyang ama, at tiyak na ito din ng ptunyn ni BBM na may magagawa pa siya, specially kung siya napo ang drting na mging Presidenti ng Pilipinas!!! God bless.

  4. I will vote for Marcos, the only candidate with a characteristic of a good leader who will govern our country!

  5. Daisy S. Regner on

    I’m a very practical person and always like to help people who are needy. I can see that BBM got my heart because of what he did to his own Province helping people practically as you can see saving electricity in which one of the most important needs of the people. I want BBM to do that to all parts of the Philippines upon sitting as Vice-President because it helps a lot the people.

  6. Deborah Celedinio on

    I pray that all leaders of our country can emulate your sincerity to serve and love our country. Truly we can be great again. Progresibong bukas.

  7. Yvonne Brown on

    BBM is one of the politicians or perhaps the only one among those currently out there who really cares for the Filipino people and the country, and who has the capability and the strength of character and intelligence to implement his plans, to achieve fruition of his goals for all Filipinos.

    • There is no need to have any. If a politician wants to he can find mud to sling or like what others do create one.

  8. Way to go my dear senator and future vp. You’re surely a blessing, a messenger of God to all Filipinos who care to listen and who truly love this country. We salute you and support your sincere advocacy for genuine unity and excellent public service. Filipinos deserve only the best. BBM2016 and positive vibes all the way!!!

  9. Maribel A. Calanda on

    I will still vote for BBM no matter what. The true beneficiaries of EDSA are the Aquinos and their cohorts but the ordinary citizens remained poor and scared for their lives because of their situations. The Yellows are the oligarchs that sow disunity and chief among them is the current President. How I wish Pnoy would take a different tack now that he is stepping done. His bitterness would not do the country good anymore.

  10. Absolutely right bbm….nevermind those stupid candidates who uses ur name for propaganda…many people nowadays already realised how the country going bcz of these idiots what is right for the country and people…with all the candidates…its who only i can sense to have a heart for the country and our people…others NADA….as in hollow…..God Bless BBM….may the Lord guide u …

  11. jasmin corpin on

    this is the heartbeat of a true leader under God’s guidance and supervision. He strongly and unfailingly holds on to God the Almighty and Most Powerful God of gods King of kings
    Alleluiah…May Almighty and Ever Living God bless him with good health, wisdom and a pure heart and everything that is most needed for his leadership.
    All the best to you Sen.Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.