Marcos to file more raps


SENATOR Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Monday said he has enough evidence and data that will indicate discrepancies during the early hours of the unofficial canvassing for the vice presidential race that need to be clarified by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and technology provider Smartmatic.

In fact, his camp will be filing more criminal complaints against Smartmatic executives and an IT representative of the Comelec for their unauthorized change of the script in the transparency server of the poll body on the night of the elections.

Jose Amor Amorado, head of the Bongbong Marcos (BBM) Quick Count Center, said a complaint for violation of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2010 (Republic Act or RA 10175), specifically Section 4 of Chapter II of this law, will be filed today at the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.

Amorado noted that RA 10175 punishes offenses that affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems, including “illegal access to any part of a computer system without right.”

According to him, they have enough evidence to pin down Smartmatic executives and Comelec IT representative based on public documents and the pronouncement by no less than the Comelec that its interference in the system had no authorization.

He said they will seek the issuance of a Hold Departure Order (HDO) against the Smartmatic executives.

A criminal complaint for the violation of RA 8436 as amended by RA 9369 or the Automated Election Law was earlier filed by Abakada party-list Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz before the Comelec against Smartmatic executive Marlon Garcia; Smartmatic project director Elie Moreno; Neil Banigued, a member of the Smartmatic Technical Support Team; and Rouie Peñalba, IT Officer of the Comelec, for their unauthorized script change.

Amorado said they will ask Congress to set aside questionable Certificates of Canvass and allow the canvassing of untainted COC.

Marcos also on Monday delivered a privileged speech on supposed irregularities that happened during the recently concluded national and local elections.

“This is not a fishing expedition, it is something that is clearly in aid of clarifying the irregularities that were clearly seen and admitted to by both the Comelec and Smartmatic,” the senator pointed out.

Marcos said they have reports, analyses and statements from witnesses and whistleblowers who decided to come clean about their part during the May 9 elections.

He added that he will make a detailed presentation of the irregularities at the proper time and place.

“I don’t think that an interpellation in the plenary floor is the place to do it. I think that when the canvassing starts, these will be detailed to the canvassing board,” the senator said.

In his privileged speech, Marcos blasted the Comelec for “turning a blind eye to the quantum of proof that is before them.”

He said the poll body has not replied or acknowledged his request to allow his IT experts to examine their servers.

Marcos even cited the case of the late Fernando Poe Jr. or FPJ when his camp raised several questions during the official canvassing of votes after the 2004 elections, wherein the latter’s queries had been “noted” by the Board of Canvassers.

“Unlike FPJ, it has not even been “noted,” the senator said of his request.

Marcos noted photos and videos of election fraud such as the thousands of pre-shaded ballots found in an abandoned warehouse in Alaminos, Pangasinan, unused SD cards found in a trash can in Kabangkalan, Negros Occidental, as well as a video on election fraud in Datu Ampatuan, Maguindanao.

“All these reports give us a clear sense of how the terrain of our electoral process has evolved since automation. Now, it is clear that we are waging the battle on two fronts, on the ground level and in the field of computer science and programming,” he said.

“However, I humbly but firmly reiterate my strong reservations in the canvassing of the results of the vice presidential elections, on the basis of electoral irregularities on the two fronts that I mentioned,” Marcos added.


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  1. Duterte won the presidency. I don’t see anything wrong with it. But Mar Roxas came second to Duterte over pass po I think their is a problem of cheating. So if Mar cheats then leni are not far from the vote cheating they go together.

  2. Comelec and Smartmatic are in cahoots with LP and Liberal party. It the change in the script really does not affect the countings then why did they bother to change it anyway? Plus the timing it was done correlates to the time Leni went ahead of BBM. If your an IT expert, you can simply say that they only change “?” to “n” or vice versa, they can fool themselves but who knows if that was the only change on the script.

  3. Juan T. Delacruz on

    There are no specific charges on how votes could have been manipulated by the machines, and what the election watchers did to collaborate with vote manipulations. The AES machines functions are to input votes, transmit the votes, and store the votes in the transparency server to be counted. These computer illiterate do not understand that the AES was not connected to the “world wide web” (www), that anybody can access to store, manipulate, and retrieve data. The AES was configured, and only recognize the machines that are in the configuration loop.

    Therefore, these peripheral accusations will not stand because there are no basis. In legal language, the motion does not have merits, and it should be denied. Once again, SMARTMATIC AES are proprietary hardware and software, meaning they are exclusive property of SMARTMATIC CORP. and they will not allow “SHITHEADS”, like Marcos’ lawyers and his so called IT expert, to examine their servers. There is also what they call “trade secrets” and copyright holders will guard their trade secrets with their lives and they are protected under international laws, as well.

    Pre-shaded ballots, unused SD cards found in trash, campaign poster of him found in trash, FPJ, Datu Ampatuan, suspected vote buying, making a comparison with the 2004 election, and your strong reservations in the canvassing of vice presidential election, and all the irregularities are the contributing factors of your defeat.

    All the assumptions that Senator Marcos mentioned do not have anything to do with his original accusation of vote manipulations and they are not related to Smarmatic’s hardware and software, nor the COMELEC. Vote buying that occurred at municipal and barangay levels all over the country are beyond the control of Smartmatic, COMELEC, and the people that counted the votes.

    Senator Marcos should blame all these vote buying activities throughout the country, on poverty. Very poor voters would rather have P500 to alleviate their hunger than nothing at all. If I were you, just accept political defeat graciously and let the country move on. This is NOT the end of the road for you.

    • You do not seem to be much of an IT expert either. When IT experts themselves strongly suspect that a fix was planted into the system, and a systems audit is needed, you should pay attention.

      To say that there are no specific charges of how votes could have been manipulated by the machines is deceitful. Of course, any specs on the how could only be determined by accessing the system, which is really why you do not want any access on the system.

    • If he is the winner or not , it is still an honorable explanation to all the doubts (anomaly) openly done to rig the precious votes of every Filipino by Smartmatic and Comelec. This Venezuelan (Smartmatic ) has been reported as an unreliable company to conduct an honest election and Comelec is to blame for this and this Chairman (a cousin of Pres Aquino) ought to be fired . Pres -elect Duterte must appoint a more honest chairman of Comelec

  4. Dapat malaman ng sambayanan kung saan napunta ang mga boto nila.. Kung paano nagkaroon ng manipulasyon sa pamumuno ni Aquino, Robredo, Roxas, Drilon at ng mga Dilawan.. Takot kayong harapin ang mga katiwalian nyo sa bayan, hndi sapat na makulong kayo, dapat sa inyo e bitayin sa harap ng mga pinagtaksilan nyong mga Pilipino..

  5. fidel S. Pescador on

    God never sleeps nor slumber…the rotten eggs eventually pops up it’s rottenness and shock the electorate…God bless Philippines…

  6. Josemakabayan on

    To BBM why dont you let congress finish their task and let a winner be proclaimed before the end of the term of the present administration so that there wont be a disruption in the administraton of the government???? After that you can file your case to declare once and for all as to who won the vice presidency!!! That’s the normal procedure in this case isn’t it????
    Be a gentleman and follow the time honored procedure!!!!

  7. The real script is your grandiose plan to return to malacanang. You are so cock sure of this evil design during the campaign and proclaimed yourselves to win by landslide. Admit that a political novice from Bicol with nothing in gold,guns and goons to match your formidable campaign machinery gave you a stunning defeat. By accepting defeat graciously like a gentleman to a lady,at least you earned a notch to your father who is not even your own shadow!