Marcos to oppose moves to indict PNoy


IF he wins in the vice presidential race next year, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. will oppose moves to file charges against President Benigno Aquino 3rd and his officials.

Marcos, who is expected to file his certificate of candidacy Tuesday, said he will oppose government moves to file criminal cases against Aquino and other government officials but he will let other groups do it.

The senator said the government should not make it its policy to go after its political enemies because this kind of policy is divisive.

“That kind of policy, look where it’s taken us: where the lives of ordinary Filipinos have not improved because we have conducted that policy. The unity of the country has been torn apart, and without that unity, we cannot move forward,” Marcos said in an interview aired over ANC.

Marcos explained that the Executive Department should fix problems facing the nation, not file complaints against its enemies because this would result in disunity and polarization of the country.

“It cannot be the policy of government to do nothing but run after whoever their political enemies were before and to wreak some kind of vengeance on them,” he added.

Marcos earlier said vengeance campaign will not be beneficial for the country.

The senator noted that the next president should strive to unite the country so that every Filipino could work together for the good of the nation.

Marcos cited the case of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who was sent to jail by President Benigno Aquino 3rd in 2010.

Aside from Arroyo, the Aquino administration also went after former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr. were also detained on corruption charges in connection with the alleged misused of their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

Marcos said outgoing officials need not worry of suffering the same treatment.

Senator Francis Escudero, who is also running for vice president, shares Marcos’ position.


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  1. Nakakatuwa basahin mga comments.I could feel that anti marcos would say it’s a bad policy, pro marcos says it’s good. Yet still, those that analyzed as non partisan give their comments according to what the statement means. Marcos just answers to what was ask. Wala siyang sinabi na wag ihabla si Pnoy o sinuman sa lilipas na administrasyon. Kung lilimiin mabuti ang tumbok ng sagot nya ay “walang personalan”. Dapat ang presidente nakatutok sa trabaho bilang presidente. Ang departamentong nakatuka sa paghahabla at pagkulong sa nagka
    sala dapat maghusga hindi sa paghi
    higanti kundi sa totoong hustisya at hindi makialam ang presidenti kagaya ngayon.

  2. Clearly Marcos is not the man for the job, The Philippines needs a president that will jail the elected and appointed thieves in the senate, house and cabinet.
    Don’t need another president that will allow looting the treasury without penalty.

    • The article missed that part of TV interview (BBM with Karen Davila) where BBM said running after PNoy(or any erring govt official) is not the job of the executive branch of government. Instead, BBM said he will leave it up with the Judiciary.

  3. Obviously this is the tactic being used by BSAquino and his Band of LP Followers to assure themselves of their positions in government. He is after total Control and manipulating all Branches of Government.

    We must fight their Evil works by NO ROXAS VOTE , to protect our Democracy!

  4. Mr. Marcos…. whovever breaks the law must be punished… rich or poor, powerful or not!!! It is not vengeance. It is justice!

  5. If only Filipinos can read through Bongbong’s frame of mind, it would be easy to understand his rationale behind his move to oppose the indictment of BS Cojuangco Aquino III, in his narrative he implies that the job of the executive branch of government service is to oversee programs which could advance and promote national interest that benefits the welfare of every Filipino.

    In the case of running after BS Cojuangco Aquino III and his minions, Bongbong would rather leave it to those branch of government tasked to file appropriate charges and eventually the passing of judgment and handing down appropriate penalties. Bongbong is showing the Filipinos to put their trust on those branch of government tasked to handle their respective duties, like the NBI to investigate wrong doings, build up a case and arrest the culprits, the tribunals like the Ombudsman to investigate mal-administration of public officials and Sandiganbayan to try those accused of abuse of public trust. Only the court has the right to try and prosecute these criminals, this is how true democracy is obtained, which will be in stark contrast with the kind of governance Philippines is currently experiencing under the mis-guided ‘leadership’ (if one can call it that) of BS Cojuangco Aquino III.

    By concentrating all efforts of the executive branch, towards nation building there will be a greater chance of salvaging the country from its’ current situation of chaos and anarchy – haven’t Filipinos been demonizing Marcos for being iron-fisted? Now, that the son is showing the way towards real democracy, some Filipinos are still doubting his judgment. Filipinos, must support such an effort, if we are to move forward on reclaiming our civil and constitutional rights.

  6. if Duterte will become President he will revised the “ARTICULO UNO” originally issued by General Luna to discipline the Filipinos. It will be written this way

    “All criminals whether big time or petty will be executed w/o the benefit of court trials”


  7. Marcos is setting as good example to all politicians. Vengeance is not a solution if we want a united nation. Look at the United States politics, after declaration or even before declaration of winners, those losing candidates will have a pronouncement to support the winning candidates. That’s the real politics and democracy. Philippine politics is still at infancy stage. We don’t want to lose candies in our mouth. So whatever happened before, during or even after election, if it needs to kill their enemies, they will do it.

  8. It’s not Malacañang’s job to run after those public officials that erred in the past admin. It is the COA, the Ombudsman, and the Sandigan Bayan’s job to make sure they are indicted and punished.

    That is why BS Aquino’s administration have shown the least accomplishments (if any), because instead of using the Office of the President for the betterment of the country, he used it to go after his political enemies.

    He will answer for that, but it is not the next president’s job to make sure that happens. After all, the cases have been filed, and all that awaits BS Aquino is him losing his immunity. After all, he can run, he can hide, but the law will catch up on him soon enough.

    • he/she has to watch those department if they really are doing their jobs fair and square, w/ no strings attached.

  9. matalino talaga si Bong Bong. dapat talaga maging VP iyan. at all costs. kung gusto natin umasenso.

  10. I hope Bongbong Marcos will have a change of mind and will run for President instead so that he could do what he said on his speech last Saturday when he declared his intention to run for Vice President

  11. File criminal charges against Noynoy and other government officials if there is evidence of graft and corruption, plunder, gross malversation of public fund committed by Noynoy and his subalterns; not because it will be “divisive.”

    Perhaps Bongbong is afraid to go to jail also once he is also out of power and his successor files charges against him. para bang “i’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine.”

    • This policy will create a “refuge of sinners” or a “house of plunderers” for the top honchos in the executive department. This cannot be but fundamentally wrong ! It is not about vindictiveness but about true justice.

  12. Sen BBM or VP to be paano Kung walang mag file ng case(s) against Pnoy and his goons e di OK lang at ayaw nyo maging vindictive. Ha ha ha Hindi dapat manalo itong si BBM at Wala rin palang Balls! Sayang lang yung paghanga namin sa iyo dahil ikaw lang lumaban sa BBL MILF Pnoy.

    • Duterte and Cayetano ang tamang tandem not Marcos ever! My wish for Duterte’s running mate is exactly Cayetano, he deserves the VP post for serving the country as Senator for long longer years…

    • Cayetano is a Aquino lapdog, spent the past year accusing Binay.

      People need to wake up and see what is going on, Roxas who is clearly going to enrich the top 1 % just like Aquino and company did the past 5 years while ignoring everything else. Another 6 years of lies and delusions is not going to help the country.

      The Aquino is going to have his Ombudsman lapdog ijail Binay so he can’t run for president and disqualify Poe so that Roxas will win and pardon Aquino and all the other LP pork barrel and Dap fund thieves.

      Can you people not see this ? The election is being fixed so it will have only one outcome.

  13. naku bongbong kontra ako sa sinabi mo. pag may kasalanan siya let him go to jail. basta para sa akin. let the justice system prevail. ang gawin mo lang huwag kang makialam sa judiciary. huwag mo silang diktahan.