• Marcos to Palace: Prove you’re clean


    Malacañang–if it really has nothing to hide–should welcome the reopening of the Senate inquiry into the January 25, 2015 Mamasapano incident that killed more than 60 persons dead, including 44 Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) commandos, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said on Sunday.

    “It is unfortunate that instead of awaiting the outcome of the investigation, Malacanang insinuates bad faith in the reopening of the Mamasapano probe,” Marcos, an independent candidate for Vice President, said in a statement to the media.

    The senator was reacting to an earlier comment by President Benigno Aquino 3rd that politics could be behind the reopening of the Mamasapano probe.

    “So, if Malacañang really has nothing to hide, it should welcome the reopening of the investigation. I believe majority of the Filipino people sincerely want answers and would be discerning enough to recognize any attempt at grandstanding merely to score political points,” the chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government said.

    Marcos is one of many senators who backed the reopening of the Mamasapano inquiry initiated by Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile in a privileged speech delivered in October 2015.

    Enrile was not able to participate in past Mamasapano hearings because he was in detention when Sen. Grace Poe’s Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs conducted the probe.

    Poe, after conducting 10 hearings, came up with a draft committee report signed by 21 senators stating that the President was ultimately responsible for the outcome of the Mamasapano mission.

    A crucial piece of information learned by her committee during its investigation was a decision of Aquino to allow then-suspended Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima, a close friend of the President, to be in charge of the operation that led to the death of the SAF men.

    Poe has set the reopening of the probe for January 25, the first anniversary of the massacre.

    But Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano has called on his colleagues who are running for higher position in this year’s polls, to follow his example and inhibit themselves from the inquiry.

    Cayetano said while the reopening of the probe is necessary, senators who are also candidates in the May 2016 elections should stay away from the proceedings to ensure that the investigation remains impartial and free from partisan politics.

    He particularly mentioned Poe—a presidential candidate—who will be presiding over the probe.

    Poe already gave assurances that she will not allow hearings to be used for politicking and grandstanding.

    As for concerns that she might use the hearings to put in a bad light former Interior secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd—also a candidate for President—she said she has no intention of grilling Roxas during the hearings and that she will only serve as a moderator during the inquiry.

    In response to claims that the reopening of the probe is politically motivated, Poe stressed that she was not the one who asked for the reopening of the investigation.

    In fact, she said, she is already satisfied with the findings of her committee contained in the 120-page draft report that was signed by 21 senators.

    Roxas, DILG chief at the time, was with the President in Zamboanga on January 25, 2015.

    As Interior chief, he could have brought information he received to Aquino’s attention much earlier so that coordination between the military and police could have been hastened, but he did not.

    Aside from Roxas, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Armed Forces chief Gregorio Catapang and PNP Officer-in-Charge Leonardo Espina was also with the President.

    Marcos said he wants to find out why almost a year after the incident, no criminal charges in court have been filed against those responsible, despite the government’s promise that justice will be served.

    “The families of the policemen slain in the Mamasapano massacre do not ask for anything from the government except for justice,” he added.

    Marcos wants former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to be invited by the Poe committee to the hearings in order for her to explain the delay in the filing of criminal charges against those who participated in the killing.


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    1. Only in the Philippines where a “failed” military mission, because the high number of casualties, is investigated by the Senate and blames everything to anybody above the ground commander all the way up to the commander in chief. The highest ranking ground commander washed his hands and he was free to go, and retired as a 3 Star General. As far as I am concerned, he should be the one that was grilled and the responsible person during the Senate Investigation or court martialed. Why mix military missions with politics? Only in the Philippines is my answer.

      Any country in the world that have its’ Armed Forces have Military Doctrines, and these doctrines are not dictated by politicians. Combat tactics are not dictated by politicians and the SAF casualties have died in combat zones. Therefore, successes and failures of any military missions are the responsibilities of the highest ranking ground commander.

      In combat, when an enemy surrenders and happened to be wounded, I would have the responsibility to protect my wounded enemy and evacuate him to the rear, he will eventually becomes a POW. This was written under the Geneva Convention “The Law of War”. Philippines was a “signatory” of this doctrine, but sad to say, that the SAF enemies were not.

      It is also sad to say that our SAF were led by a very incompetent leader. Lack of training, lack of coordination, lack of communication, and did not give the proper operation order, how and what to do when under fire, who to call for reinforcement, what kind of weapons we need to bring ( grenade launcher to penetrate dead spaces), night vision goggles, the grid locations of enemies in case we call for a mortar fire, and what to expect when a firefight starts. The general should already have the enemy assessments before the mission started. The General gravely failed on this mission.

      With all the things mentioned above, were there any politicians involved? Only in the Philippines!

    2. I cant believe the irony of this!

      Here we have a man who’s family did more to ruin the reputation of the office of President, Than any other. in living memory ..

      The billions stolen ;plundered,laundered by this family; has still not been accounted for ,,

      I have no doubt in my mind ; that if this money was to have gone into the public purse..

      …Well we would have a better education system;and a better Medical system .

      Nor where do we see any remorse coming from the Marcos family..Rather this ridiculous attempt at mud throwing ..

      Why is it that i have a gut feeling ;that if any Member of the Marcos family…was to obtain high office again in this country…We would see repeat performance ..

      With the media showing the Marcos family laughing, once again, at any attempt to stop them from bleeding the country dry
      David M Meyer (PhD Psych}

    3. Sen. Marcos should be the last person requesting Criminal charges be brought against any fillipino governement representative.
      You cannot live in a class house and throw stones. this is as clear as day. so go figure.

      • Dan – di mo alam pinagsasabi mo. basahin mo muna yung article bago ka magsalita.. lumalabas na hindi gumagana utak mo..kung ang article related sa issue during marcos regime..cguro may punto ka..pero dito sa artikulo na ito..tumahimik ka na lang.

      • dan louis, file charges against BbMarcos if there is any , the mamasapano case has nothing to do with BbMarcos , let the guilty people answer for the mamasapano massacre . pinamigay ni aquino ang mga buhay ng mga saf-44 kapalit ng BBL. PINagtakpan ni grace poe si aquino sa kanyang malaking kasalanan na si aquino mismo nag-utos na huwag magpadala ng army para isalba mga kasalukuyang kinakatay na saf-44 (marami pa sana na save na buhay kung hindi puro politika ang pina-priority ng retarded na aquino na yan ) .. si grace poe inintimidate nya lahat mga congress ay senators during the mamasapano hearnig … BUTI NA LANG BUHAY PA C ENRILE .. LET US ALL PRAY FOR THE BEST FOR ENRILE … HE IS MAKING A LOT OF SENSE .. ang utak ni enrile at pag-iisip, walang kapantay kahit sinu sa senado … MABUHAY KA SIR ENRILE , I SALUTE YOU , MORE POWER TO YOU !!!!!!