Marcos to replicate Ilocos Norte’s health program


Vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. over the weekend said he wants to replicate in the entire country the successful health care program he began in Ilocos Norte that he implemented when he was governor of the northern province.

Speaking before officials and employees of the Chinese General Hospital in Manila, led by its president and chairman of the board Dr. James Dy, the Ilocano senator noted that the Ilocos Norte health program has enabled those in far-flung areas to have access to doctors and other health programs.

“My solution was to bring health care to the people. First, our health workers conducted medical missions four times a month in isolated barangay [villages]. They created a database of medical records of residents, making diagnosis and treatment easier in their subsequent visits,” he said.

After a while, the program targeted to cover 75 percent of the residents of the province who did not have any health insurance coverage with the cost shouldered by the provincial government.

Marcos said they not only achieved the 75 percent target coverage but the program even became self-sustaining later.

Eventually, he added, the medical missions were institutionalized into Rural Health Units (RHUs) with permanently assigned nurse and midwife and a doctor available for at least two days of the week to cater to basic health problems of residents.

“Now our residents especially those in far-flung villages, who had found it difficult to go to hospitals not only because they lack money for transportation, but also because of other concerns such as having to leave their family and their work, have regular and easy access to health care professionals and workers and our health programs,” the senator pointed out.

Because of his pioneering efforts, the Department of Health (DOH) has lauded all-out efforts of the provincial government of Ilocos Norte to implement the Universal Health Care (UHC) program to attain its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) targets by 2016.

It also noted that Ilocos Norte is doing well in achieving the UHC agenda, particularly addressing the five programs in maternal care, infant care, under five, HIV/AIDS and establishment of a Service Delivery Network.

Marcos earlier called for more RHUs in the country, saying majority of health problems that people experience are common ailments that health personnel of the RHUs and barangay health centers can adequately address.


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  1. Janice Diaz Matias on

    He is the only Candidate I felt the sincerity when he is speaking in public. He has the platform, he has his long term plan and he has the heart of a real Filipino. With his advocacy of Unity lift up the Pride of many Filipinos. Thank you Sen BBM for running in higher position. My prayer for your victory!

  2. Bravo, our new Vice President, Bong Bong Marcos. He is he man with brain and balls… while noytard President had no balls and with no brain at all..GOD SAVE PHILIPPINES FROM THIS YELLOW NOYTARD GOVERNMENT…

  3. Elmer Tapaoan Miguel on

    Matthew 25:21 His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’..Sir Bongbong has been faithful/capable in the province, surely he will be, in the entire country!

  4. CorabelY. Diel on

    Such is the reason, I am no longer an anti-…I can not understand what they are doing..where I can understand what Sen. Marcos does! Anything that is already tested to have benefited the least of my brethen, okay kaayo sa ako!

  5. Edith Pidgeon on

    awesome. Corrupt public servant will always be present unless, fear has put into them. Look out Singapore. What BBM said is doable. Increasing public servant wages is the way to go. I commend BBM for what he has done in ILocos Norte – What has the Tarlac people have to say about the achievement of their own local guy who is the top job. I suppose the next thing he will do before leaving office is to change the name of Tarlac to Aquino Province. Something for them to look out.

  6. Of all those running for vice president, this guy is the only credible candidate that I can trust giving my vote. All the other candidates have nothing to speak of when it comes to management capability. When he speaks during his campaign runs, you can feel the sincerity of his messages to the people. While the other candidates constantly speak of Martial Law which is already very irrelevant, BBM, as always, speaks of unity. So that BBM, if elected, can always work in harmony with whoever comes out as the next president. I believe he will be a very valuable VP who can assists the elected president.

  7. Great program.should be implemented nationally. But we have crooked and dishonest greedy and self serving public officials who intentionally ignored the health services law

  8. Samuel Santos on

    At least, there is something Bongbong Marcos can tell the nation about regarding some of the modest things he was able to accomplish as a local government executive.

    • Samuel Santos… obviously you’re still suffering from serious stiff neck problem… for 30 long yrs that’s what you’re crying for still… your brain has been affected too so better see your doctor asap..and move on..

    • So sorry Mr Santos…my comment is in response to Fred Villaragosa”s post
      and not you…. we are on the same page.. my sincere apology

  9. noel salaysay on

    Very good plan, it shows where your taxes is spent.It should be Philippine-wide.

    • yuuuppppp Good Plans should be put into consideration irregardless of political affiliations… after all it’s for the common good of all Filipinos to benefit from… Kudos to your HealthPrograms Mr BBM