Marcos twits Malacañang on ‘chain of command’


A police force with no chain of command? You’ve got to be kidding, according to Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who was reacting to statements from Malacanang and the Justice Department that the chain of command does not apply to the Philippine National Police (PNP).

“You cannot have a police force that does not have a chain of command. That simply will not work… it is a totally illogical contention that you can have a police force without a chain of command,” Marcos told reporters Monday.

Malacañang and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima refuted the PNP-Board of Inquiry’s (BOI) report on the Mamasapano incident that President Benigno Aquino violated the chain of the Command.

De Lima said the President is not commander-in-chief of PNP because under the 1987 Constitution, the PNP is no longer part of the armed forces.

She said the President is only commander-in-chief of the armed forces and the PNP, being a civilian law enforcement agency, is not part of the military.

Marcos, chairman of the Senate committee on local government, said if the PNP has no chain-of-command how would its members know who should give orders and who would follow those orders.

“Let’s remove the phrase chain of command and call it hierarchy. In any organization, be it a business or military, there has to be hierarchy, which identify who is making the decisions. You cannot operate any organization without that,” he said.

Marcos disagreed with assertions that Aquino has the prerogative not to follow the chain of command because, as commander-in-chief, he is on top of the chain of command.

“That is what we (senators) have been asking from the beginning. Why did you (President) bypass the normal chain of command? Maybe, he has a very good reason, and we would like to hear it,” Marcos said.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, a former Navy lieutenant and a political ally of the President, maintained that Mr. Aquino is not bound by the chain of command and said the President can order his subordinates to coordinate directly or laterally.

Trillanes said nobody could compel the commander-in-chief to follow the chain of command.

“The commander-in- chief can go directly to any subordinate of a unit and it’s up to the subordinate of that unit to invoke the chain of command,” Trillanes added.


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  1. Some o the people that made comments about Sen Trillanes are so stupid they
    dont understand what they are talking about. Specially Sen Marcos tries to be
    knowledgeable of his stupidity. I will make sure that next time he runs for public
    office that nobody will vote or him. Filipinos should not forget what the elder Marcos
    did to the country.

  2. chain of command do not apply to the pnp organization, according to sec. de lima. they only have’ chain of advise’!!!!!

  3. We are in civilized world that will follow the RULE OF LAW and not Kangaroo or Jungle Law. May I ask Mr. Trillanes and Ms. De Lima who is in chain of command of this branch of our armed forces??

    How come in an Organizational Chart without the President or CEO??

    Are these people born during STONE AGE time??? ginagawa ninyong kaming mga tanga at idiot na filipino. Hindi kami ipinanganak kahapon..
    Shame on you trillanes and delima. Paano kayo naluklouk sa pwesto ninyo kung hindi nyo alam ang CHAIN OF COMMAND…

  4. Trillanes is good specimen to be studied for a common brain condition which we termed as Air Head. I won’t be surprised on his line of thoughts having seen him in the not so distant past how he handled the oakwood and the manila pen incidents, which shows him as a failed leader, hence his contention now. case closed.

  5. Trillanes understands only CHAIN OF POLITICS not CHAIN OF COMMAND. Kawawa PMA grad pa nakakahiya.

  6. Chain of command and coordination is a decoy to the real problem at Mamasapano massacre of the SAF commandos.The real problem here is President BS Aquino abandoned and betrayed the SAF commandos result Fallen 44 in order to save the BBL for his friend the MILF.It is criminal,treason and murder of the Fallen 44.49 days and still no justice for the Fallen 44.Director Napenas should not be blame,he and Purisima were also betrayed by P-NOY.

  7. Trillanes, in trying to sound significant and profound, just made himself into the record book of being incapable of dissecting and ingesting the word ‘chain-of-command’, him being a person who once was under such condition.

    However, to think back during the days, where he failed to commander the government under Arroyo, clearly shows that he does not have any concept at all regarding or pertaining to following of orders or command. All he had then was the idea that he can gain fortune in his politically financed adventurism, which ended up as we know it in total failure, because he does not know how to conduct a ‘chain-of-command’.

    Marcos is right to say that there will always be a chain-of-command, be it in a military or civilian society, and to think that even ants follow the same structure in order to maintain discipline in their society. What more of humans or people living in a civil society?

    Trillanes deserves ridicule for his thoughts, this ex-navy man must have inhaled too much sea water, it must have rendered him a salty droid.

    • TRILLANES indeed cannot understand the chain of command considering that he was not actively involved in any operation during his stint in the navy. He was merely a purchasing officer, a training ground for his corrupt practices to date..

  8. No chain of command, hhhhmmmm so when purisima tells the substation commander to do this operation or that operation, can he say no. If Pnoy says keep me informed of what is happening & you dont can you get in trouble. Ive never heard anything so stupid in all my life. Well actually i have many many times here in the philippines. In how many different things do they get it wrong. As i keep saying the people in charge in anything seem clueless. & never will anyone take responsibility for anything bad or that goes wrong. If it works great they all want to be back patted & recognised, but the minute somthing goes wrong, no its not my fault.
    If any world leaders are watching this fiasco & listening to what pnoy & other top people say they will be laughing their heads off & saying what sort of idiotic country is this. Its a complete shambles.

  9. I could not imagine Sen. Trillanes, our senator could not define “Chain of Command” in an armed organization. Even the lawless elements like NPAs, MNLF, MILF or BIFF has their own “Chain of Command. But a Police Force would have no Chain of Command? This senator is making the Filipinos to be idiot. He thinks what he is saying the Filipinos will believe in him. His closeness to the President thinking that he will be anointed in the 2016 election, is inaccurate. He does not know that he is talking to a fool. As the saying goes, :IF YOU TALK TO A FOOL, TWO FOOLS ARE TALKING”.

  10. Ok, let it not be called “chain of command”. Let us call it “hierarchy of authority”. Since Aquino gave the go-signal to proceed, therefore, in the final analysis, his accountability is more pronounced than the others in the hierarchy.

    And, as claimed, he gave the “stand down” order. So, who is accountable for the tragedy that befell the 44? Napenas? Mamang Aquino at mga nakapaligid, tulog ba kayong gising? Remember, you will not be in “presumed power” in your lifetime. Not even in the afterlife.

  11. What they are talking about that the PNP doesn’t have chain of command?Even the civilian organization they have their own chain of command.A factory has workers reporting to the foreman then Supervisor,Manager and so on.A foreman cannot decide to a critical problem of the company,and they have to go to the higher bosses.
    The PNP is not included to the AFP therefore is not part of chain of command.It is a civilian organization with guns and Captains,Coronels and Generals.Who is their commander in chief?Therefore the President should not give them order or command.

    .These officers have to follow the cahain of command of the company

  12. Roldan Guerrero on

    Trillanes was one of the MILITARY SCALAWAGS who never loved being a soldier. He committed a crime of mutiny and became a senator through election rigging (via HOCOS-PICOS) He was discharged from military service by unlawful crime called mutiny. This man, a gross braggart was discharged while he was a Navy Lieutenant but acts like a four star general. What kind of Senators is this country have now?

  13. poor trillanes, he is blinded by his loyalty to noynoy instead to the filipino people that he is supposed to serve as his eyes moist on the presidency? i can’t imagine the country under this fellow, who seems to lack the thing between his ears! is he saying that noynoy is above the constitution now and that he can not be forced to follow the chain of command or hierarchy? no wonder, the government is in disarray. the secretaries do not know who to follow and get orders from.

  14. I quote … “The commander-in- chief can go directly to any subordinate of a unit and it’s up to the subordinate of that unit to invoke the chain of command,” Trillanes added….”.That statement of Sen. Trillanes mirrors his low and pitiful state of mind. Following what Trillanes said, if Pnoy goes directly to a Private ranked soldier and gave the command, it’s up to that private ranked soldier to go to the 5-star general and invoke the command of Pnoy. This person, Trillanes, is uneducated although he might have completed schooling so he became an officer of the navy. Trillanes, being the attack dog of Pnoy together with Cayetano and Pimented and backed up by Mar Roxas, is a fine example of meagre intelligence with so much power in his hands.

  15. bayaranmoako on

    And what about your claimed college degrees. Did you obtain them? You must be kidding too.

  16. Absence of a chain of command means a practice of dictatorship.It is unbelievable the persons involved in the topic are the Marcos and Aquino boys.Who knew this day would come when at the table has turned and a reversal of role is practically what is happening as far as this two family names are involved.POWER is a bitch! it will break you if you let it.

  17. Muriel Magtanggol on

    Then Trillanes boy, No matter how you twist the facts, mince your words, wrack your miniscule brain, there is such a thing as command responsibility!