• Marcos urges voters to choose LGU-friendly bets


    SENATOR Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, Jr. urged the people of Cavite to choose a new set of national leaders who will recognize the importance of local government units by making them partners in nation-building and the delivery of basic services.

    In a message during a flag-raising ceremony at the Bacoor city hall, Marcos said many LGU officials have expressed frustration over the absence of any significant role given to them in big-ticket projects in their jurisdiction as initiated by the national government.

    “The work of the LGUs is crucial to the growth of a vibrant economy for our towns and cities, the foundation of the economy of the entire country,” Marcos, a three-term governor of Ilocos Norte, said.

    “If you choose the right candidates I believe that in the next Administration we will witness a significant shift in the national government’s attitude toward the LGUs and we will see as well a marked improvement in the relationship between the local and national government,” he told the city hall officials and employees.


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    1. Yes, he is right.. LGU is the one who will handled all projects for each provinces and region. if the national government will give them funds for the project. Not like this bloody stupid government, they dont release the funds for LGU each of the provinces, that is why there is no development at all..