Marcos vows food security a top priority


Los Baños, Laguna: Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos vowed to give priority to food security and develop biofuel sources when he visited the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology or Biotech located inside the University of the Philippines campus here.

“No one in this century can feed themselves without science. Sadly, we are lacking of understanding. This is not an obscure study. The BioTech is the best place to bring back the consciousness to those which directly affect the lives of the Filipinos,” the senator told the scientists, researchers, and employees of the 36-year-old agency.

“Thank you for keeping my father’s dream of food security,” he added.

Biotech head Rosario Monsalud said the agency was established when the Philippines was battling energy crisis and emerging interest in genetic engineering.

“Then UPLB chancellor Emil Javier and Energy Minister Geronimo Velasco formed BioTech together with several scientists supported by then President Ferdinand Marcos. It was formed in 1979 and funded by the Ferdinand E. Marcos Foundation,” Monsalud said.

On Sept. 11, 1982, Marcos and First Lady Imelda inaugurated the building.

BioTech only has P2 million yearly budget, not enough to produce research outputs.

Marcos said the Philippines, through BioTech, was ahead by five years in Asia in terms of biofuel study.

“But now we are behind by several years already,” he said.

Monsalud said Thai and Vietnamese scientists learned molecular biology from them but the two countries are now more advanced in research and have more scientists.

Biotech uses microbes like bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa to create new products like food, fuel, feeds, and fertilizer, among others.

So far, it has produced 12 biofertilizer products like nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilizers, growth hormone producers, decomposers, and compost.

Other well-known products are Pili pulp oil, biofertilizers, biocontrol agents, and dietary fiber from crop residues, including probiotic products.

Monsalud said farmers buy biofertilizers from them.

“Just last month Ms. Irene Araneta was here and she bought fertilizers which she said she will use in her farm,” she said referring to the youngest of the three Marcos siblings.

Marcos said research and development should be given priority. He cited the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) based in ULPB which was able to produce the so-called “Miracle Rice” that made the Philippines “self-sufficient and was even able to export.”


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  1. BBM said we produced miracle rice and were self sufficient in rice during his father’s term. It is not the case now,we are behind as compared to other asian countries. Funding now of this impt department is definitely not enough. He was stating the facts not saying things for election purposes. Now even our administration is protecting smugglers and they are on the raise thus killing even more the produce of our farmers.

  2. It is true i was born 1969 and I saw my father na kung umani ng palay sa isang hectar 150 to 200 cavance dahil suportado ang mga farmers noon by the goverment compared now a days na bukod sa napakamal ang mga gamit sa farming kung magbenta sila ng product nila napakamura binabarat pa kya no choice ng mga farmers na kahit mura ibenta nila dshil kailangan nila ulit sa kanilang sinasaka kya kaawa awa talaga ang ating mga farmers salamat kay Bong Bong Marcos at buhayin nya ulit ang pag support sa ating mga magsasaka BBM for vice 2016.

  3. Mr. Farmer, the article with regard to IRRI and self sufficiency is referring to the Marcos Administration. and Now the government is only allocating 2M pesos to the agency which making us behind of years from other asian countries in terms of research.

    i suggest your question would be. “did we or were self sufficient during those time”

  4. I am not sure if I’m reading the last paragraph correctly and it says “the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) based in UPLB which was able to produce the so called Miracle Rice that made the Philippines self sufficient and was even able to export”. My questions would be, Do we produce enough rice for our consumption and be able to export, as well? When was these production and exportation of rice occurred? This should means our farmers and the agricultural sectors in our country are doing very well, di ba?

    Is Bongbong Marcos just saying these because of the election? He was also praising his Father for initiating this program. However, the Bio-Tech has only P2million yearly budget and this is not enough to produce research output. It is very clear that Marcos Jr made the “not so true” statements for political gains and nothing more.

    Vietnam has produced more rice than any country in the world, not because of their advanced research and development, but because of their DISCIPLINE as farmers, and goes all the way down to the general population. Corrupt government officials are executed in Vietnam. If anybody inflict harm to the government and to the society, execution is guaranteed as form of punishment, regardless of who you are.

    • Yan ang VP ko may totoong malasakit sa magsasaka na siyang nagpapakain sa inyong mayayaman. At hindi siya namumulitika dahil sinasabi niya ang katotohanan hindi siya nakikipagbangayan sa mga patuloy na naninira sa kanya. Kac ang hangad niya ay magkaisa muli ang sambayanang Pilipino. #BBM4VP.

    • Read between the lines. After Macos, the Phils. went all the way downhill where we are now. Starting with the idi0tic Corey and now her more imbecile son.
      We need REAL Change !! Duterte & BongBong !!

    • Bartolome Sagadal on

      We need to be self-reliant and self-sustaining as a country. Let us support candidates that have advocated for agricultural development. We should pursue food security to our people rather than relying on the agricultural products of other countries. Our government should encourage of farmers to produce more agricultural products with subsidies from our government.

      We should maximize our uncultivated and vacant lands throughout the country with full support from our government, i.e., technology, irrigation, organic fertilizers pre and post harvest equipment and financial.

      To increase the income of our farmers, I think there is the need to organize cooperatives be it sectoral or community cooperatives and federate them so that their profits will be subdivided among the members rather than to enrich the middlemen who usually control or dictate the prices of agricultural products.