• Marcos vows to end poverty


    After touring for two straight days the new economic hubs of Laguna province, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. gave a preview of how he would solve poverty once he is elected vice president.

    Marcos yesterday saw the newly-built city hall of Santa Rosa which is even better than the city halls of Metro Manila. The city’s sports arena is nearing completion and it is an awesome edifice. This city south of Manila is home to industrial parks with heavy foreign investments.

    “What I am proposing is to increase the infrastructure spending from 2.5 percent of the GDP (gross domestic product) to five percent. The increase should be spent in building new schools, irrigations, dams, sea ports, highways, bridges, internet infra, and new power sources,” he said.

    However, Marcos said this could only be done if government agencies are ready to implement the projects.

    He said the Aquino administration tried to increase spending at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) but the department could not implement the projects because it did not have enough engineers.

    “You improve the system and adopt new technologies. DPWH is lacking in expertise,” Marcos said.

    He added that even the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) should actively participate in the achievement of projects like in the field of research.

    “All these new developments have become important in the world market. More jobs means people will feel the investments and bring in inclusive growth,” he added.

    The senator said progress can only be achieved with cheaper and reliable power sources.

    “We have to consider all sources of energy from biofuel, oil, wind, solar, and the traditional sources like hydro power and geothermal. If ever the nuclear power plant was allowed to operate, we would not have a problem because the more than 600 megawatt was enough then,” he explained.

    Marcos cited South Korea’s experience when it constructed five similar nuclear power plants with one more under construction.


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    1. well informed pinoy on

      Marcos was wrong in comparing to what his father built in 1976 (Bataan Nuclear Power Plant) to what South Korea just built (four is completed and the last one still under construction). The one Marcos built has the power output of 621 Mega Watts or six million watts at $2.3 Billion US Dollars. This 2.3 Billion US Dollars is a lot of money in 1976. The South Korean will soon complete with the 5th nuclear power plant that would generate an output of 1,400 Mega Watts EACH at the price of what Marcos Did in 1976. In short, the dictator and his cronies pocketed more money than the amount of building expenditures.

      There were NO Auditors at that time, NO COA to account on the loaned money on how was spent. The said amount was loaned and payable for 30 years by the Philippine Government. Almost 30 years later, Binay have tried to copy Macoy by overpricing all the infrastructures he built, pero minalas lang siya dahil Pinoys got smarter now, comparing to the Martial Law Years.

      I would say to Bongbong Marcos–Kung ano ang itinanim, yun din ang magiging bunga.