Marcos warns of poll fraud


CEBU CITY: Vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Friday warned that cheating during transmitting and canvassing of votes might disenfranchise millions of voters in the 2016 elections.

The senator from Ilocos Norte cited a ruling of the Supreme Court (SC) for the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to issue voting receipts, saying all the poll body has to do is to activate the function of printing receipts right after the casting of votes.

“I am reliably informed that all that needs to be done is for the source code, not to change the source code, but to merely activate the function. So, there is no need to postpone or return to manual elections,” he told reporters.

Marcos dismissed worries about the credibility of Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines, saying all the machines will do is to count the votes.

He said the real worries are in the transmission of votes and the scheme of ballots filled up before Election Day.

“There could be problems in transmitting and canvassing. We also heard of a scheme wherein cheaters will come up with pre-filled up ballots. Or, they will add more ballots that are pre-filled up,” according to the independent candidate for Vice President.

He said all the cheaters will do is to distribute the filled-up ballots to the voters and see to it that they cast their votes.

Marcos added that another scheme was to disrupt the transmission, claiming that the votes were not counted and sent to the Comelec.

“Between lulls or intervals, the cheaters will feed more ballots into the PCOS machines,” he said, explaining the possible vote-padding scheme that was pulled off in previous manual elections.

Marcos added that cheating is still possible during canvassing. “For example, instead of canvassing 100 votes, they will add 50 more.”

“This is possible because canvassing is now done by the Comelec and we don’t have municipal or provincial canvassing anymore,” he said.

“For these elections to be credible and convincing, we must guard our ballots,” he said, adding that real changes start with a clean and honest polls.

Marcos advised the poll body to do everything to make the May 9 elections free from fraud and cheating.

He said that Comelec has all the powers and time to implement the SC ruling on the issuance of receipts.


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  1. Marcos Critic on

    How funny! Another Marcos warns of poll fraud, but history points to the snap election of
    1986 when Marcos Sr. knowingly and willingly cheated the snap election. The polls were marred by electoral fraud as well as violence. The International Observer Delegation concluded that “the election of February 7 was not conducted in a free and fair manner.” On 9 February, thirty five computer programmers walked out of the COMELEC’s electronic quick count at the Philippine International Convention Center, some fearing for their safety and seeking sanctuary in Baclaran Church. The technicians—whose protest was broadcast live on national television[9]—claimed that the Marcos camp had manipulated the election results. Who cheated in the snap election of 1986?
    Again, Marcos the son, has serious problem with intentional amnesia, blocking the criminal events while remembering and proclaiming the golden age of Marcos rule! Corrupt politicians like Marcos will do anything and everything just to cheat, lie, defraud, steal and even kill just to get elected as president! The sad part is Filipinos are eager to hear the lies coming out of Marcos campaign, the comic books, the false rhetorics, the distortion of Marcos dictatorship, human rights abuse, imprisonment of political opposition, Martial Law, censorship of the press, extrajudicial assassination and murder,
    embezzlement of public funds and money laundering in Swiss banks, personal enrichment of his family and cronies, the use of the police and military to suppress the people’s freedom and civil liberties, the theft of Yamashita’s gold and the unrepentant behavior after the PCGG fact findings. The Philippines does not need more democracy, it needs discipline!