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  1. Sorry, there’s no place like hell in my way of thinking. Why? Because if some one who is said to be a bad man or a wrong doer, he has no soul to claim as to some one who is a saintly figure has definitely a soul. Bad people are just like animals, to be specific a dog or a cat. They are forgotten, never to be remembered not even his own kin. Since the sinner has no soul, ergo there’s no hell. I would also rather say, good people spend their heaven on earth. Finally, there’s no hell but there is heaven on earth. Is my philosophy right? No? It’s up to you then.

  2. They want a peaceful burial of marcos kya umiiwas lng cla s gulo ng mga anti-marcos..may he rest in peace..

  3. Now with Ninja’s guarding the Marcos mausoleum let’s see if these lasenggos can exhume his body.

  4. The drawing is funny :D

    I myself was surprised when my mommy told me that Macoy have been in the deeps already at the Hero Cemetery. I told myself, I was just sleeping and what did just happened?!!

    Man, that really is creepy :P

    Oh well, now it is official| Marcos is in Hell :P