Marcos widens lead in new survey

MARCOS IN QC Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. waves to supporters during a motorcade in Quezon City. With him were Tates Gana, who is running for councilor in the city’s 6th district, his son, Sandro and sister Irene Marcos-Araneta.

MARCOS IN QC Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. waves to supporters during a motorcade in Quezon City. With him were Tates Gana, who is running for councilor in the city’s 6th district, his son, Sandro and sister Irene Marcos-Araneta.

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has widened his lead in the latest non-commissioned survey conducted by Pulso ng Pilipino.

Marcos’ rating jumped to 31 percent from the 29 percent recorded in the survey conducted from April 11 to 16, 2016 by the same survey firm.

The latest survey was conducted from April 23 to 29.

The Issues and Advocacy Center (IAC) said 1,800 people were polled nationwide.

It has a margin of error of + 2.5 percent.

Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo remained at second place at 25 percent. She was followed by Sen. Francis Escudero with 18 percent, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, 15 percent.

Trailing them were Senators Gregorio Honasan and Antonio Trillanes 4th with five percent and three percent, respectively.

Marcos again dominated Metro Manila with 38 percent and the rest of Luzon with 39 percent.

The survey also showed that Marcos practically led in the level of preferences in all the demographic sectors with 27 percent from those in the “A/B” classes, 24 percent among the “C” class, 23 percent among the “D” class and 24 percent from those in the “E” class.

Edgardo Malay, director of IAC, said Marcos’ rating is a manifestation of the start of his breaking away from the pack.

Malay added that the senator’s continued lead was not “much of a surprise as there appears to be a nationwide protest vote against what is perceived to be the glaring incompetence of the Aquino administration in addressing the many issues related to corruption and illegal activities of unscrupulous individuals employed at the different government cash-generating offices such as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Bureau of Immigration, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Customs.”

“What these figures represent is that the level of support Marcos cuts across the societal classes and that his candidacy is practically embraced by majority of the populace,” he said.

For the presidency, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was the top choice at 29 percent, followed by Sen. Grace Poe with 25 percent.

Running third was Vice President Jejomar Binay with 23 percent, followed by former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd with 21 percent.


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  1. Nagmamatyag na pinou on

    Plano nilang manalo si Robredo upang ulitin ang edsa 2 kay duterte natatakot na mha elitista

  2. Ako buhay Na witness noong panahon Ng martial law, maayos ang buhay noon, tahimik , disiplinado, at nagkaroon kmi Ng sariling lupang sinasaka thru CARP, kaya ung mga haters nf mga Marcoses ay mga pasaway noon, kya khit among sabihin Ng mga kontra!!!! Marcos pa ein kmi Ng pamilya ko…God bless and save Philippines.

  3. i would be very happy to express my vote for Bongbong Marcos ,whom i believe is worth in handling our own political maturity to developed ones profound knowledge in cultivating his vision for the development and unity among each individual person.

  4. Sana this survey will air also to television para malaman ng iba, hindi lang ung sa survey ng abias-cbn.

  5. Duterte Supporter (DDS) on

    This survey is more credible. The people are clamoring against the Aquino administration especially at the death of CJ Corono wherein we were reminded again of the biased Government impeachment trial. RIP CJ Corona, we will avenge your death.

  6. Frederick Lim on

    so a single Pulse Asia Survey where Leni is just statistically tie is more credible than the the Pulse Asia survey released two days ago, and few weeks ago showing BBM for the solo lead. The trend is more in favor of BBM and now that the INC officially endorsed him, it will be a landslide victory for BBM

  7. In any regime, there is always pros and cons. As we try to reflect on our history, there have been victims and perpetrators in either of Marcos or Aquino regime, or in any other regime. We can’t blame the people if they feel like we are better off under Marcos rule — they had already tried 2 Aquino(s). Nevertheless, people are beginning to see more of one’s merit and capability, than one’s family’s history. If one would argue that “wag iboto si marcos dahil sa tatay”, then, we have followed the same approach that got Aquino elected — “ibinoto dahil sa nanay” — and we all know how that went:(. As Fililipinos, we cannot and should not forget our history, but it should not bar us from seeking a better future. Our past should be a learning curve that can guide us, but it should not be the one leading us.

  8. The voice of the majority should be upheld and respected regardless of whether it is Marcos or Robrefo in the leading spot!

  9. Ang kasaanan ng ama ay hindi kasalan ng anak.
    Pero dapat may investigation parin sa pagka matay ni Bro Jessie Robredo maski tinangap pa ng asawa nya ang pagka vice-presidential candidate under this government.

  10. This Pulso Ng Pilipino non-commissioned survey is more credible than the commissioned abs-cbn survey. It in consonance with what prevails on the ground.

  11. Mariano Mendez II on

    Yes ! After 30 years of Aquino-Cojuangco Kamag-Anakan Incorporated “Yellow Oligarchs Reign of Lies,Deceits and Plunders as compared to the Marcos Era :There will be a Thruthful and Honest Change as clamored by The Filipino People !!! Mabuhay ang Tunay Pagbabago -Umpisa Sa Atin Mga Sarile ! Regards to Pastor Quiboloy, Apostle Renato D. Carillo and All God’s People who are called by His Name [2nd Chronicle 7:14]. For The Love of Money is The Root of All Evil …[1st Timothy 6:10]

  12. Thsis is absolutely more credible than other commercial surveys. Don’t let the history repeat itself for me means do not make the same mistakes all over again of not choosing the best leaders like BBM to be voted for the position they are running for.

  13. #BBM ftw.

    GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. pumili ng pres. And vpres. Ayon sa nareremdaman niong gusto nio. Wag kayong padidiktahan ng iba. Except nalang kung INC kayo. May iba kasi silang paniniwala. We need to respect them. So guys God Bless. SANA WALA NG DAYAHAN.

  14. Abnoynapanot_sisterNaPOkPokTulo on

    Mga ulol wag kayo tatakbo palabas ng pinas! May treason kayo kakaharapin… (Binibenta na ni abnoy panot sa malaysia pinas!) unggoy! Kris magaling naba tulo mo?

  15. This survey (Pulso ng Pilipino) is more credible than Pulse Asia which is commissioned by ABS-CBN wherein connected to the Lopezes, allies of Aquino.

  16. With the endorsement of various churches landslide na to kaya bantayan po natin ang mga boto ni BBM at mukhang may naamoy akong malansa sa abscbn at pulse asia.

  17. medz seriosa on

    Problem with small minded people, they just don’t open their mind broader. We were told that we’re talented but the sad thing is we don’t have common sense. To you Mr. Arthur please let your brain explore more. History made by a true events not a fraud hero.

  18. Arthur Cambay on

    I definitely agree with Benny as ABS-CBN sponsored survey are quite misleading and trending in a way, as such the reporting scheme from two leading newspapers. It was written Leni & Bong-Bong statistically tied in the first place with 30% and 28% respectively, this looks Leni is getting 30% in the vote and BBM got 28%. But if you read and look into details carefully it’s the other way around; BBM gets the upper hand. It’s a sort of mind conditioning in my opinion so that it will appear Leni from the LP will be rightfully elected as VP.

    I am still for Bong-Bong as VP; his platform of governance and unified Filipino vision is a credible solution for us Filipino’s to move forward. I was a youngster when Martial Law was declared in 1971 and already a Mining Engineer when Pres. Ferdinand Marcos was toppled down in 1986, I was not into politics nor with the Edsa Revolution during those times, but I must say we had decent and peaceful life.

  19. Jimmu Tenno on

    We are so divided these days. This is how things are right now, Leni “Lobster” Robredo is backed by communist Pnoy Administration versus an independent Bonget Marcos.

    Figure it out for yourself, the one with the machinery is looking to cash out on some support backing by her machinery(if ever she wins). – they giveth so [is expected], they taketh. Plunder pa more!

    The Lobster is a puppet, she cant and wont even look in to her husbands devious demise. Jesse Lobredo was becoming more popular than Mar those days. There was foul play covered by Pnoy to give way to Mar Roxas.

    As for Bonget’s family’s ill gotten wealth thing-a-magic fable pinned on him throughout the years, has a deeper story to what you know about this. You haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Hehe. Their family has that much respect for all nations involved if ever they squeal the truth. May President Reagan’s ghost rest in peace.. Although he is his father’s son, He is not his father.

  20. May mga Noytards/Yellowtards pa rin na hindi pa natatauhan! Sa Hongkong dinadaya na nila si Duterte at Marcos, ganoon din sa parte ng Japan at US, di natin alam kung saan pa. Yan ang totoo yang ang gsuto ni Abnoy, gagawin niya lahat para huwag daw bumalik sa Malacanang ang Marcos. Yang ang gusto ng Aquino ang pahirapan ang Pilipino gaya ng ginawa ng nanay niya, na gusto niya maghirap ang Pilipinas para magalit sila kay Marcos. ABNORMAL TALAGA!. Sige Defend pa sa mga Alagad ng Communista!

  21. this is more credible than the survey sponsored by ABS-CBN, the bias and one sided network in the Philippines.

    • Tama ka kasi ang abs cbn atat na atat makapalabas ng survey na talo si marcos kasi nga maka Aquino ito. Tuta ng yellow cult ang abs cbn. Dapat ipalabas ito sa GMA at sa ibang network.

    • lily sotiangco on

      I believe that this is also more credible than the other sutveys made!

    • which is now supporting duterte.

      i can’t believe that network.

      their noisy anchors are now very silent when it comes to duterte.

      only some ANC anchors have remained someone objective and fearless.

    • This is called “trending” to connect to the outcome of hocus-picos machine and they would tell the whole world, “you see what the survey said?” Remember the 60-30-10?

  22. Issues and Advocacy Center? LOL.

    The more credible Pulse Asia survey has 4000 respondents and conducted from April 26-29 shows Leni in the #1 spot with 30% while Marcos is in the #2 spot with 28%.

    • Commissioned ng abs cbn yan kaya bias yan. Imposible naman mga angat nila. Na kay BBM na ang INC at El Shaddai kaya wala yang abs cbn survey. Prelude lang yan sa pakana.

    • More credible? It was sponsored by ABS-CBN, and you know very well who is their bet for the VP. BBM is a lanslide winner kung honest lang ang eleksyon…

    • ruben diegor on

      AbsCbn cannot be relied upon in surveys as they continue to manifest their true colors, they lack objectivity and chose to be biased in so many instances hence they do not possess any credibility at all. God bless the next VP Bongbong Marcos, Jr.

    • Pulse Asia is beggining to show its true color and likewise for ABS-CBN. HOW IN THE WORLD WILL LENI SURGED 5% which is about 2.7M voters and BONGBONG slide by 2% which is about 1.08M voters in matter of 3-4 days from their last survey when there is no significant issues that these two candidates are involve in. In fact for the past 3 weeks the all the negative news and the campaign activities is centered only to Duterte. Yet Duterte surged and top the survey. This Pulse Asia-ABS-CBN Survey really defies logic!! Anyway its just natural “FOR THE REAL OWNER” of ABS-CBN to do and show this RUBBISH SURVEY because this is a MIND CONDITIONING as a PRELUDE TO MASSIVE CHEATING OF BONGBONG’S VOTE ON ELECTION DAY!!!

    • medz seriosa on

      Do you really know who are these people in the Pulse Asia and SWS?
      Maybe you need more knowledge about them. They set peoples mind beliefs into fraud.

    • Ito na ba ‘yong sinasabi ni Aquino na gagawin niya ang lahat mapigilan lang si Bongbong? So, sinisimulan sa pagmanipula ng mga huling surveys.

    • Pulse Asia is commissioned by ABS CBN. Logic lang po yung bet nila si Leni and withg influence of Malacañang they can fabricate this. Manila BUlletin ois non commisioned survey mas credible.

    • How come it is credible when the stockholders of Pulse Asia (and SWS) is somewhat related to Pnoy?

    • Bobong Marcos has the INC votes and that will be a game changer? Quite obviously you are not aware that INC endorsed Roxas as VP in 2010. He lost.

    • In the previous Pulse Asia surveys commissioned by ABS-CBN, Bobong Marcos was leading Leni by good margins. Macoytards, do you think those results are incredible too? LOL.

      Surveys are only reliable to Macoytards if it is favorable to their candidate. Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS.

  23. BY ALL MEANS/ Do not let the history repeat by the son of the b***ch known as Puto (a) Bong Bong become the Vice President. GOD BLESS MGA KABAYAN !!!

    • I can’t understand why there still unguided individual that does not accept reality and one of them is Mr. ARTHUR” Please open your eyes and your mind, don’t let the past become an obstacle for you to accept reality. This time is very important for everybody to unite and stand as one nation, this is the battlecry of BONGBONG let him prove himself to be a unifier, let him be an instrument of peace and unity, I understand you are misguided by the preaching of ‘PINAY” I mean Pinoy who has proven himself as a “lefty”
      who encouraged divisiveness, hatred and paranoia. Wake up “Arthur”

    • Kabayan kung hindi mo alam ang nangyari sa 70s shut up!isaksak mo sa baga mo!

    • You are repeating the history as you people keep on holding grievances to his late Father. Nagpatanga kasi kayu sa Aquino kaya tuloy walang patutunguhan ang dang tuwad.Bitter.

    • anong history ang ayaw mo, ang kasalanan ni Juan hindi kasalanan ni pedro, wala kabang ibang issue,

    • Abnoynapano_sisterNaPOkPokTulo on

      Ulol mo! 2 aquino namuno naghirap pinas! Binigay nyo sa oligarch nyo karapatang mag negosyo lang, imbis na maraming investor tumangkilik sa pinas( mag generate ng trabaho sa mga pilipino) ulol kayong mga dilaw na aquino! fyi, cia nagpababa sa puwesto ni apo lakay hindi yang people power! Gunggong!

    • kawawa ka naman kabayan, patuloy ka pa ring naniniwala sa kwento ng mga Aquino.

    • You may use all your resources para ipaalam sa lahat ng pilipino na wag iboto si bbm…walang pipigil sayo..karpatan mo yan…. at the end, BBM will win this race….

    • Arthur, lumang tugtugin na yang binabato mong issue sa mga marcoses. Bangon kabayan and accept the truth that most of the people deceived/brainwashed by edsa86 are now awaken. We can not deny the fact that the said to be “bad aministration of Marcos Sr.” became worst after we ousted them. The rich became richer while the poor became poorer. Bongbong (sans his surname and accusations against him) has been a very good politician with good results. When he was serving in Ilocos, Ilocos became one of the tourist spots. They got the first windmill in Asia. And while he was serving as a senator, he was a very good lawmaker that he was able to pass so many bills. If you’re against his candidacy only because of accusations from past (30 years ago, but never proven) then you are not voting wisely. You are still like following the Aquino who wanted Power because they only want revenge. Afterall, ano ba ang dapat nilang ipaghigante? Mga bentang na wala namang pruweba? By all means, we will vote for BBM. I-ilan na lang kayong patuloy na naninira at nalugmok pa sa nakaraang karamihan ay pawang bentang lamang. Talagang hindi aangat ang Pinas kung ang mga tao ay hirap umusad. Kaya move on my friend. :).

    • Arthur…itaglis ko na ang reply ko kasi di ko ikinakahiya ang salitang pinoy… sa palagay ko mali ang tema ng pananalita mo… gaano ba kadami ang alam mo sa history ni marcos para sabihin mo na hindi dapat mangyari uli??? sa palagay ko medyo makitid ang pagiisip mo.. kung basehan ang history ng kinalakihan kung lugar mas magaan at mas peaceful ang buhay noong panahon ni pres. marcos. May nasasabi ka pang God bless pero conflict sa ginagamit mong mga salita.

    • your mind is very little and your very ignorant.. and say godbless you are demon, think before you comment little brainy Satan.. solid bbm..

    • Allen Llamar on

      Please get over it, was a activist those days but I`m over it for goodness sake. Let`s put people n high places that could bring our country to level up.