‘Marcos will not accept Cabinet post’


Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. will not take on any government job because he is keen on pushing through with his electoral protest to prove his claim that he was cheated in the May 9 polls, his camp said on Monday.

Abakada Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz, Marcos’ adviser, said the Ilocano senator offered to assist President-elect Rodrigo Duterte “in any way but not through any government position.”

Dela Cruz issued the clarification after Romulo Macalintal, lawyer of Vice President-elect Leni Robredo, said Marcos’ acceptance of any position is “political suicide” and surrender of his electoral protest.

“Such statement smacks of desperation coming on the heels of the Liberal Party’s non-filing of SOCE [Statement of Campaign Expenditures]. First, such statement is speculative as no offer was made to Senator Marcos because both he and President Rodrigo Duterte are aware of the one-year ban,” dela Cruz said.

“Second, Senator Marcos offered to assist [the Duterte]administration in any way but not through any government position and third and most important, the deluge of evidence and witnesses in favor of Senator Marcos will ensure that he will assume the vice presidential seat being warmed for him sooner than Macalintal can even speculate,” he added.

George Garcia, Marcos’ legal counsel, also on Monday said the senator’s camp is not backing out and will surely file an electoral protest.

Garcia described Macalintal’s statement as “presumptuous,” noting that the senator’s openness to a Cabinet post will have no effect on their legal move.

“Whatever will be the final decision of [Marcos], it will always be to the benefit of the country and the people,” he said.

A political analyst agreed with Garcia.

Prof. Ramon Casiple, Executive Director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform, said there is no relationship between the electoral protest and the possible inclusion of Marcos in Duterte’s Cabinet.

Casiple noted that the only time Marcos’ protest will be affected is when he decides to seek another elective post.

“His [case]weakens if he will run again for any elective post,” he explained.

Marcos earlier said his electoral protest is not only to prove that he won, but also to expose the fraud committed by the Liberal Party and other victims of the poll cheating in last month’s elections.

The Marcos camp is expected to file its complaint before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal on or before June 28, two days before the deadline.

Macalintal said in a statement that Marcos’ interest in a Cabinet post means that the senator has admitted defeat.

“The discussion with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte of a possible Cabinet post after the expiration of the one-year ban on appointments of defeated candidates is an admission that he lost the election for Vice President and the weakness of any election protest he would file against Vice President-elect Robredo. The one-year ban applies only to election losers,” he added.

“For Marcos to wait for it [Cabinet post] is an acknowledgment of having lost in the 2016 elections for Vice President. If Marcos believes he has strong evidence to prove that he was ‘cheated’ in the said elections, then he should just concentrate on his election protest and should never seek a position lower than the vice presidency,” Macalintal said.

“To accept a Cabinet position while his election protest is pending will mean political suicide for Marcos. He would spend close to P100 million for his protest, which will eventually be dismissed since the consequence of accepting said Cabinet post is abandonment and withdrawal of his election protest for the VP post,” he added.



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  1. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Marcos thinks he won the election and that is the reason why he is expected to file an electoral protest. Mommy Imelda was heartbroken because the whole family’s expectations did not materialized and Bongbong may never be elected as the President in his lifetime. The Marcos Family were used to get what they want, and everything were given to them, regardless of the price and/or the consequences. They are used in getting things by force, but that doesn’t work that way anymore.

    The bottom line is this; Marcos LOST the election and he was never cheated in any way, shape, or form. His lawyers are contemplating their complaints in ARMM Provinces because he was basically shafted in the butt in that region. His lawyers should advise him or remind him on what he has done on the BBL.

    • Marcos was really cheated during the election. Some anti-Marcos find it hard to believe that because He is a Marcos. But would you believe that there are still lots of Marcos supporters because of his father’s legacy? There are still millions of people who thinks Marcos was our best president. Can’t people just get the logic? Marcos Jr. never had a good publicity on TV except for his campaign ad and yet he still got that 14 million votes? Regardless of the rallies against him? It’s unbelievable right? Now think? The majority of people who voted for him are those who believed in his father’s legacy, the strong man, the things the young Marcos had done in his region and his people, the bills that he passed and didn’t sign. There are truths in that ARRM. If the old BBL is to the said reason, the result would be the opposite because they know that the old BBL will not be good then for ARRM.
      There are truths in ballot buying and pre-ballot shadings, believe me. I once witnessed some stuffs before. It was an open secret that even you can not lie. They just couldn’t cheat on Duterte, the evidence of Duterte’s win was too obvious to hide.

  2. tony de leon on

    this is smart move by BBM. By refusing he does not want any conflict or breakup of Duterte team/cabinet. thanks for good thinking to BBM

  3. Trying to bully their way? What do they think of the Marcose’s and the Filipino people?
    I think LP wanted Drilon to become VP, in the end it might be Koko

  4. GAGO k, Macaintal, Magkano ang binayad sa yo ni Baklang Panot Aquino, MArimar Talunan at Hipopotamus Drilon.. Mukha kang pera. Puro kayo bywaya.. Mga Demonyo..

  5. Flodeliza Natividad on

    Macalintal magkano kaya ang binayad sa iyo ng mga yellow army para magbigay ka ng ganitong pahayag? Ang kapal ng apog mo eh noong mga nagdaang araw at taon ay panay ang komento mo kay NONOY pati ang pamahalaan niya. Tumigil ka na at di ka ba nahihiya sa sarili mo? Ano ka ba doble cara?

  6. Macalintal is a very intelligent lawyer. Marcos is kaput. He has nowhere to go but down. It is hard to accept defeat but he already lost before in a senatorial bit a few years ago. Goodbye to the Marcoses.

  7. A suggestion to Sen. Bongbong, stop whinning and try your luck again next election, be a man.

    • Oo nga puro ngawa, isama na itong si dela Cruz, et al. Hanggang ngaun dada Lang walang proof. Sa 2019 or 2022 na Lang kayo bumawi, ang daming TD sa Swiss bank walang gutom, give chance to others baka guminhawa ang buhay ng Tulare namin, tutal nasubukan na ang idol ninyo for more than 20 years na nagpahirap sa buhay ng ibang pinoy.

    • he is the son of the family of cheaters, thieves and looters. he was 28 y/o during his tyrant father of thieves.

      now he claimed that he was cheated. what a big loser lie his tyrant father.

      . loser and cheater dies many time like his tyrant father but the winner LENI dies only once.

  8. Patrick Castle on

    Agree with Casiple. Acceptance of appointive position
    Does not nullify his protest because a vice president is allowed
    To hold an appointed position at the time he is
    Vice president. Sen meriam is a different case
    Because she ran for senator which is an elective
    Position. One can not hold two elective position
    At the same time.

  9. Again, Macalintal is talking his head off beyond his ken. He is getting to be a sore demagogue. Marcos is no loony to spend millions of Pesos for a protest he cannot win.
    Also, Macalintal is forgetting that right now the status of his client is that she cannot assume office due to the violation of the party that nominated her of a law that requires the filing of the party’s SOCE on time (on a non-extendible basis) . This was written about by Ambassador R. Tiglao yesterday. This issue will become a justiciable issue once raised to the Supreme Court. This issue will propel Marcos to the vice-presidency sooner than the resolution of his election protest.

    So Macalintal better shut his mouth. It is obvious he is running out of defenses.

    • If Bongbong and the Villafuertes are able to prove Robredo’s guilt, Macalintal should also be placed behind bar. For lying…