Margie Moran brings back the 70s

Becky Garcia

Becky Garcia

THE 1973 Ms. Universe, Margie Moran Floirendo, wanted to celebrate her birthday in a fun way. She started it by sending out invitations featuring a 1970s Donna Summers take off, creating a buzz around town!

And by the time guests walked into the celebration on September 14 at White Space, they were further surprised to see the venue transformed into the famous discos of the era, Studio 54, Where Else, Circuit and Cocobanana.

Margie thanking everybody for coming

Margie thanking everybody for coming

Complete with a dance floor, disco balls, a “Saturday Night Forever” blinking brightly up on the wall, DJ Eddie Boy Santos churned out the sounds of the 70s for the guests in their bell bottom outfits or glittering tops or minis.

Of course, the girl of the hour Margie, was all hip and glamour in her fully beaded dress complete with red tango shoes. Is she really turning 60?

To get things going, guests were encouraged to gulp down a rum loaded punch at the entrance and waiters were busy getting drink orders. Romulo Cafe was tasked to create a pica-pica buffet from the same era that became a hit. Samples included pinchos of liver patte, skewers of pork barbecue, bite size roast beef with dipping sauce, small salad bowls.

Revved up by the upbeat music, many took to the dance floor and from afar looked like dazzling jewels. They were the lovely Maricris Zobel in a polka dotted halter palazzo style, Karen Santos in a wide- legged white pantsuit, Carol Garcia in a fully-beaded psychedelic top, among others.

By 9 p.m., a bunch of hip hop dancers from Ballet Philippines performed in their multicolored, beaded vests and matching caps, giving energy to the party and gearing it up to party mode.


Margie with

This was followed by none other than that love and laughter comedy queen herself Mitch Valdes who had the audience in stitches as she gave her spiel recounting the “wild but wholesome 70s” scene complete with a weed rolling demo that resonated with a lot of the guests!

She then introduced one of the true icons of the 70s: the hair swinging, hip swaying duo of the era, Terry and Laly Aldeguer. The Aldeguer sisters, resplendent in their glittering outfits, captured everybody’s hearts with their charisma, love and passion for dancing.

Through the thunderous applause, Irene Marcos praised, “You two haven’t lost a beat!”

After the wonderful number, Mitch announced another performer who was paired with Margie when she did her one and only movie Oh Margie Oh. It was no less than well-loved singer Cocoy Laurel who serenaded the celebrant with “The Way You Look Tonight.”

Cocoy also praised Margie for her many accomplishments since winning the Miss Universe title: as author of a Zamboanga book, as TV host for Margie in Mindanao, as movie producer of Bagong Buwan, as producer of stage plays like the Menopause the Musical, and as an advocate of Habitat for Humanity.

Currently, Margie is also the president of Ballet Philippines, which paid tribute to her through a sexy Tango number featuring her as well.


Margie with Cocoy Laurel, her leading man in Oh Margie Oh the Movie

After that dance number, it was Margie’s turn to be surprised when a group of her close friends reenacted her proclamation night in Greece so many years ago. Gliding on stage as finalists that year: Virginia Lane as Miss USA, Nina Halley as Miss Spain, Cora Dee Corpus as Miss Norway, Carmita Francisco as Ms Israel and Vicky Perez de Tagle as Miss Philippines, holding a photo of Margie as her mask.

They, of course gave Margie her crown, scepter and cape making her the true Miss Universe. A video from her coronation night was flashed on screen making Margie really emotional as she thanked everybody for joining her that evening.

But wait, more fun ensued as Juan Miguel and his Authority band took over after. And just as they were in their last set, surprise guest walked in! The celebrated Black Eyed Peas member got everybody into frenzy by singing the hit songs “Bebot” and “I Gotta Feeling.”

(From left) Tony Bondoc, Bibay Nolasco, Margie, Cory Quirino, Cynthia Carreon Norton and Anton San Diego

(From left) Tony Bondoc, Bibay Nolasco, Margie, Cory Quirino, Cynthia Carreon Norton and Anton San Diego

It was a perfect ending to a wonderful evening as the birthday cake was brought in.

But the party mood continued and went on till the wee hours of the morning.

Definitely the party of the year! To Margie, more fun celebrations to come.


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