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PLUS: Bea Binene is Derrick Monasterio’s date on Valentine’s; young actor owes ex P4-M
Showbiz A-Lister Marian Rivera’s legions of fans have every reason to rejoice because the “Primetime Queen” is back where she belongs.

After a two-year absence from from the teleserye scene, she happily revealed to Showbuzz that she is now preparing for new soap opera.

“I had dinner with my GMA bosses. That’s where we discussed my upcoming show, and as they were talking about the concept, I was feeling more and more excited. [What they have in mind] is the kind of project that I want to do, and I haven’t done something like it for a long time now,” Marian said.

Marian Rivera

It’s children that Marian is geared to please in her primetime show. She knows that she has a lot of young fans and wants to give them a show they will enjoy.

“I am still not allowed to talk about my new series. Marami pa kasing details na dapat ayusin. I don’t even know who I’ll be with in the show. Inilatag pa lang sa akin yung project at sobrang nagustuhan ko. To follow na lang yung details.”

Somebody in the know about the production informed Showbuzz that Marian’s series is due for a story conference as soon as the concept and cast are finalized. They plan to start taping in March.

Now that she is back to work full time, Marian clarified that her priority will still be her daughter Zia.

“Dong and I have talked about my work, and we agreed na magsisimula akong magtrabaho after he finishes Alyas Robinhood. Hindi pwedeng wala kami pareho sa bahay. One of us has to attend to Zia. I also requested the production na if possible, Metro Manila lang ang location ng taping so that I can easily go home. Ngayon pa lang kasi parang nakakaramdam na ko ng separation anxiety kay Zia,” Marian averred.

Marian was one of the special guests invited to cut the ribbon at the opening of director Louie Ignacio’s painting exhibit, Calado, in Megamall.

“When Direk Louie asked me to lead the ribbon cutting, umoo ako agad. I can’t say no to him. He’s such a darling. I even asked him to send me pictures of the works he was going to exhibit because I wanted to choose to buy. May napili agad ako, alam mo naman, mahilig talaga ko sa flowers,” she said as she approached the painting she chose at the gallery.

* * *

Showbuzz enjoyed the happy atmosphere on the set of GMA Network’s Sunday evening comedy-fantasy series Tsuperhero. The reason for this, according to lead star Derrick Monasterio, was the good news that the show is entering its second season.

Derrick Monasterio

“When we started Tsuperhero, we were not sure if it would click with the viewers because the concept was new. But look now, we’re going into Season 2 because of their support. We’re rating so well,” Derrick explained.

The second season promises to be bigger and more exciting. “There will be a lot of good developments in the story. Nonoy as Tsuperhero will be put to the test and will have to choose between his duties as a superhero and ensure the safety of his own family. Even our fight scenes and the effects, magle-level-up. Pati sa lovelife ng character ko, may bago. Before the end of the previous season, kami na ni Eva (Bea Binene’s character).”

Indeed, Derrick and Bea even had a kissing scene, which was well received by their fans who took to social media to express their happiness.

So how did Derrick feel kissing Bea again? “It was a very sweet kiss. I will admit, kinilig ako. Ganu’n naman palagi pag may kissing scene kami ni Bea, it always feels good,” Derrick replied.

With Valentine’s Day next week already, Derrick – just like any other romantic young soul—would like to go out and have a date. He’s single but he’d still like to have a quiet romantic dinner with the girl he considers closest to him.

Bea Binene

“What I’d like is to have dinner in an open space overlooking a romantic view. Yung kaming dalawa lang na nag-uusap under the stars. Sarap ng ganu’n. If I were given a chance, siguro, I’d prefer Bea to be my date since single din naman siya ngayon.”

As Showbuzz reminded the boy that Valentine’s falls on a Tuesday, their regular taping day, his eyes lit up.

“Well, that only means that Bea and I will be together the whole day on that special day. OK yun since even if we don’t have work, siya pa rin ang aayain ko on that day,” Derrick said sounding more excited.

Smell a budding romance anyone?

* * *

It seems that the competition over Barbie Forteza among the four lead actors of Meant To Be, Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Ivan Dorschner and Addy Raj, has translated to real from reel. Each claim to be the closest to the young actress off cam.

Ken insists among the four, he is closest to Barbie because they’ve been working together since they were younger in the weekly series Tween Hearts. The other three leading men disagree with Ken though.

Showbuzz with ‘Meant To Be’ boys Ken Chan, Addy Raj, Ivan Dorschner and Jak Roberto

“Iba na siyempre ngayon. Kami ni Barbie ang laging nagtatawanan. We share jokes most of the time,” Jak averred. “We also talk a lot about so many things. We’ve become so comfortable with each other. We have conversations na kami lang nagkakaintindihan,” Ivan revealed.

“Don’t believe them! It’s me who is closest to Barbie,” Addy joined in. “We’re more than friends; we’re like family already.”

Showbuzz asked Addy if he meant Barbie is like a younger sister to him. “No,” he quickly retorted. “Ayokong sister ko siya. I want her to be, you know…” he trailed off with a laugh.

One lucky girl indeed, Barbie has her four leading men preparing Valentine gifts for her. Ken plans to give her something with stars because she’s so fascinated with the galaxy. Jak is giving her books because Barbie loves to read, while Ivan is giving her something to do with milk since their fans call them “Team Gatas.” Addy, for his part, has decided to give Barbie organic coffee since she’s a coffee drinker.

What’s even more adorable about this competition besides the boy’s unique tokens is this: “It will be the five of us going out. Group date kami para walang lamangan,” Ken beamed.

* * *

SHORTS… Jhake Vargas and Inah De Belen are joining the cast of Encantadia. The production of the hit telefantasya remains quiet, however, as to the characters the two stars are playing. By the way, is it true that their love story from their last project has continued even after the show’s conclusion? The pair could only answer with a smile.

* * *

GUESS WHO? Is it true that a young actor and his family owe a young actress a huge amount of money—to the tune of over P4-million? The young actor and his parents borrowed the money from the young actress when she was still his girlfriend, reportedly to pay for a condo unit. At that time, he told the girl his parents said they haven’t sold the property they were disposing for funds.

The young actor and young actress have broken up and are both in new relationships.

What now of the borrowed money? The actress also has the same question and wants to know when she’ll be paid, especially since the actor and his family have been very quiet about the millions they owe.


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