MARIAN RIVERA The natural Summer Babe

Marian Rivera is born to be in a swimsuit

Marian Rivera is born to be in a swimsuit

“I didn’t get boob job!”

Despite today’s prevalence of high-tech and medically advanced skin treatments and cosmetic surgeries (both invasive and non-invasive), defensive declarations such as the above are still commonly heard among showbiz celebrities.

The only difference from one statement to another is that the word “boob,” is variable to “nose,” “butt,” or “whitening” among others.

Surprisingly, celebrity doctor Vicky Belo, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon is very used to be at the receiving end of these little white lies. She good-naturedly confessed to The Manila Times that she finds such incidents amusing, given that her trained and expert eye can recognize the smallest of physical enhancements on individuals at first meeting.

“Sometimes, an artista would come to me, and as a doctor, I would compliment her, for example, ‘Ang ganda ng pag-kagawa ng nose mo’,” she related. “Parang they would be scandalized, and they’d tell me, ‘No doktora, I didn’t have it done!’ And I just really have to laugh about it in my mind,” added the M.D. whose candor and colorful life story has made her a celebrity in her own right.

When it comes to Belo Medical Group’s latest endorser, however, the high-profile doctor has to concede that is she “all natural.”

Unsurprisingly, the celebrity endorser’s name happens to be Marian Rivera.

All in the family
Indeed one of the most beautiful faces Philippine showbiz has ever seen, the dramatic TV and film actress accepted Dr. Belo’s invitation to join her ever growing roster of A-List celebrities mostly because of her boyfriend Dingdong Dantes’ longtime relationship with the clinic.

“Everyone knows that Dong has always been a ‘Belo Baby,’ and he would always say nice things about Marian, that she’s so mabait besides super beautiful,” recalled Dr. Belo.

Belo Medical Group’s newest endorser

Belo Medical Group’s newest endorser

“But for the longest time, whenever I’d see them together—even at Pacquiao fights in [Las] Vegas—it was always just ‘hi and hello’ [between us], which is why I’m so happy that I’ve finally gotten to know Marian, and of course that she’s finally part of the Belo family.”

Clearly touched by Dr. Belo’s kind words at her official launch as a “Belo Beauty,” Marian went as far as blushing when the former—in reply to The Manila Times’ question on whether she can professionally guarantee that the reigning FHM’s Sexiest has had nothing done to her face and body—said, “I’ve examined her from head to toe, and talagang natural beauty itong si Yanyan! Pantay ang kulay niya all over, and she just keeps looking younger and fresher whenever I see her.”

For her part, Marian thanked Dr. Belo and the rest of the Belo Medical Group (BMG) for such a warm welcome to the famous medical aesthetics brand, and for immediately treating her “like family.”

Just the lasers
So what else can BMG do for a natural beauty like Marian Rivera?

“Balbon ako kaya kailangan ko pa din si Dra. Belo!” the half-Spanish, half-Filipino heartily laughed at her revelation.

As such, Marian is now the official face—and body—for the clinic’s range of laser hair removal treatments for her underarms, legs, and bikini area.

“Importante to be hair-free specially this summer,” Marian, who simply looks perfect in any kind of swimsuit, added.

Her favorite among BMG’s range of hair removal machines is the Harmony Laser, because it is “the most painless.”

According to Dr. Belo, those who go for laser hair removal are of the general misconception that there is just one kind of machine for the procedure.

“Actually, most of the other clinics just keep talking about IPL [intense pulse light]machines to remove unwanted hair, but in the first place, IPLs are not lasers,” the doctor informed. “At Belo, we have five kinds of laser hair removal machines, because the machine used has to depend on the kind of hair growth a patient has.”

Apparently, the thicker the strands of hair on the given body parts, the stronger the laser has to be. Precision, continued Dr. Belo, is the key to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Besides laser hair removal, Marian, who stays fit via Zumba and Yoga, also agreed to endorse the Venus Freeze procedure to keep her body firm and toned.

A non-surgical procedure, the machine tightens the skin, treats cellulites, and contours the body through the combination of magnets with radio frequency. It has no downtime and is also painless.

“I like it because may times talaga na hindi kaya ng schedule ko mag-exercise so convenient siya para sa akin,” Marian revealed.

Gifted with amazing metabolism as she never diets and in fact is said to love her carbs, Marian never resorts to false modesty and simply acknowledges that she is lucky to be blessed with good genes.

Asked by The Manila Times, however, if in years to come, she sees the need to enhance certain body parts, would do so, the summer babe paused for a moment, and honestly replied, “Yes, when the time comes, I will be open to it, because I always believe that women should take care of themselves so they can stay happy and confident.”


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