• Marian’s latest challenge – a public affairs program



    “It’s time to grow,” Marian Rivera-Dantes simply told Showbuzz du­ring a pictorial session and spiels taping for her new TV program, “Tadhana.”

    This will be her first public affairs show, and for GMA Network’s Primetime Queen, it is one major career challenge.

    “Tadhana” is a weekly drama that presents stories of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). And although public affairs is a new realm for Marian, she said can easily related to the theme of the program.

    “My mom used to work abroad when I was young. She did it for me so she can give me a comfortable life,” shared the actress.

    “So I know how it feels to be separated from a loved one who has to work in a far away land.”

    Nervous nonetheless is how she feels about hosting the program. “I have experiences in hosting but those were light. This one is a public affairs show and it deals with people who we consider now as our modern day heroes. Here, we talk about their experiences—mostly bad, sad and, sometimes, even tragic.”

    Marian continued, “That is why I really prepared for this. Alam mo naman ako. When I work on something I really put my heart into it. I want to be good in whatever I do that’s why I told our director not to hesitate to tell me if he feels that I lack something in my delivery or I need to do more to improve.”

    Her fans, of course, would love to see Yan acting in one of the show’s episodes. In response, the actress promised that she will do it eventually if her supporters insist.

    For the the first episode of Tadhana though, Yan will will only be narrating in between scenes.

    Marian Rivera

    “Let me feel my way through this first. They got me here to be host and narrator so let me be good at it first. Yung pagganap sa isang episode, madali ‘yon. Isa-isa lang, mahina kalaban,” she kidded.

    On Sunday, Yan left for Europe with husband Dingdong Dantes and daughter Zia, but made sure she finished taping three episodes of Tadhana since they will be away for two weeks.

    “We will first go to Italy because we’re attending the wedding of an old friend. Since we’re there already, we decided na isulit na ang biyahe namin. From Italy, we will proceed to Spain to visit my dad. This is the first time that he will see Zia. He’s been wanting to see her in person. Panay pictures kasi ni Zia ang pinapadala namin sa kanya. At least ngayon, o, eto na Papa ang apo mo, live, in person,” she said with excitement.

    If she had her way, Yan would opt for a longer vacation especially in Spain. She wants her Dad to really enjoy Zia but they have to be back by May 15 because she will start taping for another new show, “The Good Teacher.” She will also go into physical training for the series where she will be involved in a number of fight routines.

    “It’s hard, I know, but I love what I’m doing. Saka mahirap namang hindi ako physically ready. I have super powers in The Good Teacher. This is what I have been telling everybody that I am going to do a show the children will enjoy. Eto na yun. I’m so excited because it has been years since I last did a show where I have fight scenes and I have super powers. And the good news is that, this is very different–more enjoyable to watch than my other super hero shows,” Yan assured.

    Before her trip Yan shared she also talked to her good friend Ai-Ai de las Alas. Of course, one of their topics was the Comedy Queen’s engagement to boyfriend Gerald Sibayan.

    “I’m so happy for kambal,” Yan and Ai’s term of endearment for each other, which is English means “twin.”

    “Siyempre I will fulfill my promise to her that I will take care of her wedding gown. Actually, I promised that to her long time ago. Hindi pa sila engaged ni Gerald. In one of our girlie talks, napag-usapan namin ang pagpapakasal and I told her that if ever she gets married, ako bahala sa gown. Eh nagkatotoo so, I’m giving her her wedding gown.”

    * * *

    It was an ordinary scene on “Ika-6 Na Utos” that turned into reality.

    Kapuso actress Rich Asuncion was taping with Sunshine Dizon, where the former had a line saying she wants to have a baby but didn’t know how since her character doesn’t even have a boyfriend.

    To Rich’s surprise, Sunshine said she would introduce her to someone, which wasn’t even in the script.

    Rich Asuncion and boyfriend Ben Murie

    “I got confused during the scene but before I could say a word, Marco (Alcaraz) came in followed by Kuya Gabby (Concepcion). Behind them was another man I couldn’t figure out because he was partly hidden.”

    The third guy was Ben Murie, Rich’s boyfriend who is a member of Philippine Volcanoes.

    “Pagdating niya sa harap ko, lumuhod siya at inilabas ang singsing, and he proposed! I started crying and he was also crying. He was talking to me but the only words I heard were, ‘Will you marry me?’

    “I just nodded and said yes in between sobs, and then we kissed with everyone cheering on the set.”

    Rich still couldn’t believe Ben pulled off a surprise like that.

    “Masyadong malayo sa personality niya. He is the type of man who hates cheesy stuff. He’s not even comfortable in celebrating our anniversary. I still don’t know how he was able to muster all the lakas ng loob,” Rich wondered.

    “It’s because I love her so much. I really planned for this. I know in my heart that I really love Rich and I cannot imagine my life without her. I am sure she’s the only woman I want so I said to myself, I’m going to propose to her. I talked to my friend Renz Fernandez about my plan and Renz talked to Sunshine (Dizon). It was Sunshine who coordinated everything and it really turned-out well.”

    Now that they are already engaged, Rich and Ben have not discussed their wedding plans yet. They say they decided not to pressure themselves about the ceremony.

    “We want to enjoy this moment first, the feeling of being engaged. The wedding, perhaps next year, but nothing is definite yet—no date yet, no venue but we already have an idea about the kind of wedding that we both want,” Ben shared.

    “A destination wedding is what we both want. Ayaw namin ng bongga. We just want a simple wedding, pwedeng beach wedding or sa isang island na maganda. But as Ben said, it’s our choice not to talk about it. We are still on a high over his proposal,” Rich enthused.

    * * *

    The taping of upcoming GMA series “Impostora” is on hold right now while awaiting a time slot. That doesn’t mean, however, that its lead star Kris Bernal will stay idle. She is now busy with guestings on many GMA shows. She is the lead in the pilot episode of Tadhana where she stars with Cherie Gil.

    The role, according to Kris, is so demanding with very intense scenes across Cherie who portrays her mean Arabic boss.

    “Kinakabahan nga ako na nahihiya kay Miss Cherie kasi alam ko naman how good she is as an actress. But she has a way of making you feel comfortable. I really appreciate her suggestions on how I should attack certain scenes. She is so helpful,” Kris said.

    After doing her sexy cover pictorial for “ FHM.” Kris had her share of bashing from netizens, and she admitted a lot of them were insulting and personal.

    “There are those who say pangit ako, photo-shopped daw yung pictures, kadiri and so on. Meron pang sobrang nakakasakit na comments. I admit that I am so affected because I really worked hard for this body. Hindi naman nila ko kilala so they don’t know the sacrifices that I had to endure just to get the body I want. Nasasaktan talaga ko,” confessed Kris with tears welling in her eyes.

    What puzzled Kris is that when she looked at the social media account of many of her bashers, they didn’t have friends or followers. Could it be that those accounts were created just to bash her? Although still hurting, Kris has decided to ignore the negative comments and move on, while thanking those who have been supportive in this new chapter in her career.

    * * *

    There’s a new Kapuso actor who is regarded as one of the most promising GMA talents today. He is Bruno Gabriel, the 20-year-old son of former actress Lani Lobangco. He was first seen in the afternoon series “Sinungaling Mong Puso” and now, he is the lead actor in the new weekly series “Love Cafe” where he stars with Jazz Ocampo, Aira Mariano and Benedict Campos.

    Bruno is so serious with his career that he prepared himself for going into showbiz for an entire year. He made sure to finish college as well in Ateneo, and is grateful for all the good breaks he has gotten since.

    “I really want to make good in acting. That’s why I study my scripts before I come to the set. I watch my scenes on TV and try to find out kung saan ba may kulang, where I still have to improve,” said the good looking six-footer.

    * * *

    SHORTS… “Celebrity Bluff” is making a comeback on prime time weekend TV. Eugene Domingo is still hosting the game show and she has a very popular actor-host in her company. They have actually taped their first episode.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? A young actor and young actress have called it quits after being together for a year.

    But the actor, who was still mending his broken heart got the surprise of his life when he learned that his ex-girlfriend is now with another actor fron another network. Talking about moving on so quickly!


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