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    ‘Prime Time Queen’ takes her princess to abuelo, meets her half siblings
    GMA Network’s Prime Time Queen Marian Rivera was glowing with excitement when she sat down to talk about her summer holiday early this May in Europe with husband Dingdong Dantes and daughter Zia. Besides attending the wedding of a good friend, the highlight of their vacation was the family’s visit to Rivera’s father, Francisco Javier Alonso, in Spain where she was born. There she also met anew with her extended family.

    It has been more than two years since the father and daughter were together when he attended what showbiz had dubbed “The Royal Wedding” between Prime Time King and Queen, Dantes and Rivera. As such, it was the first time 18-month-old Zia met her maternal grandfather.

    “Iba talaga ang lukso ng dugo, ano? Totoo pala yun. Zia never met Papa [Javier] before but when they did, it seemed like they had always known each other,” said the genuinely happy actress as she buckled down to work at the press conference for her latest TV show, “Tadhana.”

    Marian Rivera with father Francisco Javier Alfonso in Spain

    “Zia is such a sweet girl. When you ask her, “What is the name of your lolo?” She’ll say “Avi.” She knows his name. It was really a heartwarming treat to see them together,” she added.

    According to Rivera, since Zia is her father’s first grandchild, the pair were inseparable during their entire stay.

    “We bonded in Seville. We’d just walk around the entire time. Papa was the one carrying Zia. And I remember ang pang-uto niya kay Zia, bibili sila ng ice cream because she really loves ice cream,” she added dotingly.

    During the short visit, Rivera also finally met her half-siblings for the first time.

    “It was nice. I met my little siblings who can already pass for Zia’s siblings. The two girls were aged 12 and eight, and then the boy is just six years old.”

    “I cried a little when we said our goodbyes,” she confessed. “Sabi nga ng papa ko, ilang taon na naman kaya kami bago magkikita.”

    Meanwhile, Rivera was also game to answer the question if she and Dantes were able to sneak some alone time during their jampacked trip. She chuckled and said, “We had lot of time but then when you have your baby with you, that’s not going to be your priority. Our focus was on the entire family—for Zia to meet my father and also attend my friend’s wedding”

    The friend’s wedding is that of stylist and magazine editor Pam Quiñones’ in Italy where she wed boyfriend Chris Allison. It was well attended not just by the Danteses but also many celebrities, including fellow showbiz couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo.

    The Prime Time King and Queen Dingdong and Marian with daughter Zia

    “Hiniram nila si Zia. Sabi ni Ate Judy Ann, “O sige na Dong, Yan, mag gala muna kayo, akin na muna si Zia.’ I told her, “Ayoko, kayo na lang dalawa para may time kayo. Nakakatuwa talaga yung dalawang mag-asawa na yun, sobrang down to earth,” Rivera shared.

    According to her, whenever Santos held Zia, she said she missed her youngest daughter Luna. The Agon­cillos’ trip to Italy was their first time they were able to travel with the Danteses without having to work.

    “Sabi nga niya mag-get together daw kami kasi, yung personality ni Luna and ni Zia iisa lang. I told her we’d love that,” she said.

    With all of the family pictures the Dantes couple shared in their social media accounts, many were inspired by their togetherness, bringing up the hashtag “family goals” among their fans.

    To this, Rivera said, “What is more important is not what they see in the picture. It’s about the story behind them—the fun memories we make whenever we’re together. We post all those picture because we just wanted to share them with the people who have always been there for us and supporting us. We’re just grateful to them and if seeing our family moments make them happy, then we’re also happy to do it.” Rivera ended.

    The actress’ newest TV series premiered Saturday on GMA Network. Titled “Tadhana,” she is the show’s narrator for true-to-life stories of OFWs, now airing weekly.


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