Maricel Laxa: ‘Living well starts with personal care’


“IF you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others,” said Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan—a celebrity, health advocate, public speaker, radio host, and an athlete all in one, who headed the launch of the latest Strepsils Warm variant, an addition to the brand’s wide selection of flavors that help soothe itchiness and sore throat.

At a roundtable discussion on January 29 at the M Café in Makati City, Maricel shared her personal and throat care experience together with Mellow 94.7FM radio disc jockey, Tracy Abad. Joined by otolaryngologist and ear, nose and throat expert, Dr. Ceasar Mejia, the discussion centered around leading a healthy lifestyle and early prevention of discomforts such as an itchy and sore throat.

Living in a busy city where pollutants are matched with unpredictable weather conditions, Maricel encourages individuals to “make time for fitness and wellness.” Leading an active life, she shared some of her secrets into keeping up without getting sick.

“I make sure I get enough rest. I drink a lot of water and fluids and I refrain from training [exercising]too much. We [family]have races that we have to do and we have to keep ourselves relaxed in terms of pushing ourselves, not too much,” Maricel shared in an interview with The Manila Times.

“I make sure that by 10 p.m. I’m already in bed and by 10:30 p.m. I’m conked out, and then I wake up at around 5:30 a.m.—that’s religious. I delegate things to my household, then I end the day with my children wherein I oversee them before going to bed, but I do as much as I can during the day with a schedule,” she added.

She revealed that earlier this year, her husband, Anthony Pangilinan, received his MBA and the couple had to fly in to China for the graduation ceremony. This was when her recent throat problem started surfacing.

“Since the pollution level there [in China]is immense, I developed a sore throat and almost lost my voice. But I’ve been trying to get as much rest since we got back, and I’m staying away from polluted areas. Fluids really play a big role,” Maricel continued, adding that her radio talk show aggravates her sore throat and thus, she refrains from over-speaking as well.

With a keen awareness to living well and staying healthy, the actress-turned host is able to continue to maintain her daily obligations that center around four aspects in her life—“personal, relational, professional, and spiritual.”

For those who claim that “they have no time” for fitness and wellness, Maricel is quick to argue by asking the rhetorical question, “Do you have time for sickness?”

“If you don’t make time for fitness and wellness, you’re going to make time for sickness. Sickness is just a symptom that you have not taken care of yourself,” she declared.

“If you love yourself, you will have the ability to love others,” she insisted.

As for DJ Tracy, she shared, “I always try to maximize what I can do. I take a preventive and ready action to lead my busy life without the discomfort of sickness and added stress.”

Dr. Mejia, who has worked with patients like Maricel and Tracy, who have to talk for a living, shared several tips on how to prevent sickness and sore throat.

“Take your vitamins, eat healthy, and drink lots of fluids—when you lubricate your throat there is less friction and irritation,” he prescribed. “It’s not helpful to abuse your body, if you are constantly feeling discomfort and getting sick, then you need a lifestyle change. Start by taking small steps.”


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