• Marikina joins Metro quake drill


    Government offices and communities in Marikina City will join a simultaneous quake drill in Metro Manila today in preparation for possible big temblors that may shake Metro Manila.

    All offices of the city government of Marikina, the legislative building, all 16 barangay units, several homeowners associations, religious institutions, commercial establishments, and medical facilities will be joining the drills.

    The exercise, to start at 8:30 a.m., will follow a flow of Alarm, Response, Evacuate, Headcount, and Evaluate which are typical of earthquake drill formats.

    Marikeños are expected to follow the “Duck, Cover, and Hold” routine while sirens blare after which they will go to the nearest open space briskly walking in a calm manner. Designated drill officials will go through the headcounts.

    The drill aims to promote better communication among barangays, the local government unit and the local disaster risk reduction and management office.

    Unlike previous drills, there will be no bridge collapse scenarios or Water Search and Rescue (WASAR) operation. Instead, the city will focus on communication where information from the city disaster risk reduction management office will be relayed to the barangays.

    “Preparation is the key. We have undergone through several earthquake drills in the past, and we aim to perfect the art of evacuating and keeping everyone safe in an earthquake.

    The West Valley Fault Line runs over a portion of our city and we need to do everything we can to prepare for a major quake,” Mayor Del De Guzman said.

    Tailored by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), the quake drill aims to prepare Filipinos for earthquakes, considering that the Philippines is located in a tectonically active area called the Pacific Ring of Fire.


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