• Marites Allen turns a new leaf


    Feng shui master inks book deal with ABS-CBN Publishing for wider reach

    Whenever the calendar turns a new leaf or Chinese New Year approaches, Marites Allen undoubtedly has little time to take a breather. Considered as one of the strongest names in Philippine feng shui, Allen has been sought after for people who want to attract luck and fortune for the upcoming year.

    As such, it can be argued that like wearing red, eating whole fish and serving 12 dozens of round fruits in the table—Chinese traditions that Filipinos have also adopted—listening to Allen’s forecast is now part of the New Year tradition. And so thus buying her horoscope books.

    Feng shui master Marites Allen is excited to guide her readers toward a prosperous 2018 via detailed horoscope books PHOTO BY MICAH SEBASTIAN

    For three years now, Allen has been churning out complete book guides according to the 12 Chinese zodiac, which is determined by the birth year of the person. And while other books of this genre are released in one go,
    Allen chooses the longer route by dedicating one book per zodiac to make sure that her advices are specific.

    “It’s never been easy, there’s a lot of inspiration and frustration. There are moments that I ask myself why am I doing this,” Allen, who does 14 to 15 book titles annually, told The Sunday Times Magazine in a tête-à-tête.

    But then again, it will only take one testimonial or thank you message from her satisfied customers for the feng shui master to continue.

    Wider reach

    The year 2018 will be extra special for Allen and for her forecast books with a partnership with ABS-CBN Publishing.

    Signing the deal on September 27, Allen divulged that with the new publisher on board, she would be able to reach a wider audience.

    “For the past editions, we were able to reach 40 selected books stores but now that I have partnership with ABS-CBN Publishing, we are looking at 300 to 700 locations nationwide,” Allen related.

    “Feng shui is for everybody, it does not need to be for the rich people only. I am doing my best and trying hard so that with this collaboration we can reach even those place where we don’t have presence,” she added.
    Allen then excitedly shared that she has boosted her books with new features for her readers, beginning with her more detailed almanac.

    “What we had before were these plain colored almanacs containing indicators like what are suitable and unsuitable things to do for the day or for a certain hours. For 2018, my almanac will feature so many icons that will indicate a good time to move house, renovate, travel, have a baby, file a lawsuit and even to cut your hair—things that my followers have continuously asked me in the pass.”

    Allen added that the do’s and don’t’s on some of the most auspicious time of the year like
    Chinese New Year and even ghost month will also be indicated.

    In the end, Allen acknowledged that some people may not believe in what she does but the feng shui master chooses to focus on people who do believe in her.

    “Feng shui is just really there. There are people who wouldn’t believe it but so what, I am more concerned on those who believe. I think we have to be seriously aware, whether one believes or not, that feng shui is just there. It has been there for nearly 5,000 years and if there’s no truth to it, it would have just faded away.”


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