Mark Bautista writes about ‘intimate bromance’


To mark his 15th anniversary in the show business, singer-actor turned Broadway star Mark Bautista is releasing an autobiography titled Beyond The Mark—but this isn’t the big news. One very specific chapter is already taking a life of its own.

On Wednesday, entertainment website reported they received screen grabs of several pages from the chapter “Friendshift,” where Bautista reportedly reveals an intimate relationship with a man. Without indicating who sent them the material [no publisher was mentioned], the website went on to say the 34-year-old actor wrote about “a guy friend” with whom he had a “bromance”—the slang for “brotherly” and “romance,” but defined by the Urban dictionary as “the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

The singer is currently based in the US after breaking into Broadway FACEBOOK PHOTO further related from the screen shot pages that this close relationship between Bautista and his guy friend indeed became complicated in two instances when they gave in to the temptation of intimacy. After the second time, they made a pact never to go that way again—until another fateful night.

By then, Bautista reportedly wrote that his guy friend was already in a relationship with a woman. At a party where they all saw each other, Bautista distanced himself from his friend but ended up drinking the night away when the girlfriend went ahead.

“We then got so drunk that I ended up going home with him. I spent the night in his house and we became intimate,” quoted from the book.

The following day, the girlfriend discovered what happened, and Bautista wrote, “This started a huge drama between the three of us. It became a spectacle.” And while his guy friend and girlfriend broke up, Bautista clarified nothing “extreme” happened between them despite all the nasty rumors.

Publishing house VRJ Books uploads the cover of the autobiography on Instagram

“I kept my silence and allowed myself to be hurt by all the rumors,” the singer wrote, explaining he kept his side of the story to protect his guy friend and avoid making the situation worse.

Bautista, of course, did not name his guy friend and the girlfriend, but netizens already had a field day guessing who they were following the article. Hopefully, though, they read another passage lifted from the book that read: “I have a story to tell, and no matter what others might think, I’m happy that I can share this with pride (from overcoming my personal struggles), joy (from discovering my life’s purpose), and peace (from finding the true essence of fulfillment). For me, these are life’s great achievements. This has been my journey and my life, so far.”

Meanwhile, The Manila Times research identified VRJ Books—the publishing arm of Viva Entertainment—to be the publisher of Beyond the Mark. The publishing house’s official Instagram page further indicates that Bautista’s autobiography is already available in the market.

Bautista is currently in the US for the ongoing tour of the musical “Here Lies Love,” where he plays Ferdinand Marcos, and is due for a homecoming next week to perform as the special guest of singer Joanna Ampil for her 25th anniversary concert “Love Wins” at Maybank Theater. He is also expected to launch his autobiography during his stay in Manila.


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