• Mark Hunt vs Fabricio Werdum bout explodes today



    After Mark Hunt defeated Roy Nelson via an easy knock out in UFC 52 Fight Night on September 20, 2014, The Super Samoan Mark Hunt will now face Brazilian Fabricio Werdum in Arena Ciudad De Mexico in Mexico City on Saturday, November 15, 2014 (today in Manila). It was supposed to be Cain Velazquez’s big day, being a Mexican-American. This could have been his first MMA fight in Mexico, and also the UFC’s first ever MMA event in that country. Cain Velazquez was set to fight Fabricio Werdum in the Heavyweight class and the bout was supposed to be the perfect show to begin the expansion of UFC into Mexico.

    Velasquez suffered a right knee injury that caused his team alarm. It was thought of to be a mild training injury, but a fighter’s training on a high intensity level made the injury worse. Velazquez was forced to pull out of the game.

    Now with Mark Hunt as the replacement opponent for Werdum, personally, I feel that Mark Hunt’s chance of winning this fight against Werdum depends on that “lucky punch.” Hunt was forced to increase the level of his current fighting condition. After Hunt’s successful win against Roy Nelson, he was suppose to face Josh Barnett first. Had this plan happened, Hunt will have enough time to prepare for a ground fighter such as Fabricio Werdum. Condition wise, Werdum’s got a bigger gas tank than Hunt. Power wise, Hunt’s Jurassic strength is unmatched. Unless Mark Hunt gets to close the gap soon and connect those bulldozer hands to Werdum, this main event will be in favor of Werdum.

    I would be placing my bet on Mark Hunt not because I am sure of his victory but because I am the Super Samoan’s fan. I keep my fingers and my arms and legs crossed for this bout to end with Hunt’s hand up in the air.


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