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    Brand custodians must stay the brand. But we must never forget that if there is no profit, there is no business. To lose money maintaining the brand is out of the question. So what is branding and staying the brand all about, and what are the objectives?

    Today’s platforms reach beyond TV, radio or print, nor are they limited to below the line efforts like billboards, posters and events. Not to forget PR and crisis management. We now also enjoy the Internet, social media sites and smartphones. But how do we use all of these or any of them wisely? The networking model is another successful platform that generates awareness to yield a profit as they promote the brand. We must never forget—the brand has to deliver.

    You may be lucky enough to make a sale, but to sustain sales, your product has to deliver on the brand promise. Branding is all about the consistent delivery of the brand promise that generates the integrity that makes the brand. Simply put, it’s all about a product that performs. A product that makes it off the marketing shelf to the intended consumer has won half the battle. But a product that doesn’t consistently deliver on the promise will suffer. And the consumer will remember the failure; and the negative image is indelible.

    Word of mouth is the most significant endorsement that can pass from one consumer to another. It is used with consumer products like soaps that employ celebrities to promote their products. The strategy is for the celebrity to generate a specific integrity that can convince fans with a personal endorsement. Take for example our country’s world celebrity boxer. Anything he endorses is immediately identified as a winning product, generating interest and confidence with the targeted consumer.

    But if the celebrity endorses multiple product lines, will it work for all products? What sells must complement the consistent delivery of the brand promise. One without the other will diminish the brand. Advertising generates aspirations and creates a perception, which may be good or bad.

    Be careful. Use superbranding.


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